Starcodes horoscopes for October 1 – 7, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for October 1 – 7, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Strong currents pulse though the emotional realm this week, but we can direct the energy. We can ride it down to our depths, work through a pile, or just lay low. Although a lot is cooking beneath the surface, it’s generally a positive, focused, rather private time, but we can tap into a deep underground ocean of emotions as the two significators of feeling, Venus and Mars, conjunct in intense Scorpio while an unsettling opposition between Mercury and Uranus stirs the psychic pot. It’s an ingenious combination and one that can solve as many problems as it creates, but we have to watch where the mind goes, and practice impulse control.

If our tender feelings are poked we’ll tend to pull back, withdraw. This would be fine, but because trust is also an issue right now, that can leave our friends feeling abandoned and that will irritate their prickly edges. It helps to be clear about our signals, and ask, rather than assume, what’s up if our beloveds seem withdrawn or twitchy.

As Mercury opposes Uranus it can act like a clutch on our thinking, help us let go of an unproductive gear or push us to adapt or experiment until we find fresh answers. It can also interrupt ordinary transportation and communications systems, so drive with care and consider waiting to buy electrical equipment. But occasionally it means we let go of ordinary thinking and hook on to some obsessive or dumb idea, or get really crazy, so think twice about any sudden change of mind.

Venus and Mars conjunct in Scorpio intensify the passions but don’t always make them easy to reach; some people will just avoid going there or channel it into their stamp collecting. Others can have a fine and musky time once they get into the right mood. But since this emotional riptide along with poor impulse control can lead a few to sudden and terrible responses, it pays to diffuse rather than feed confrontations, and get out of there if the situation seems too weird. We have seen a recent surge in strange shootings and suicides expressing these aspects, but we don’t have to go there.

Friday begins sensitive and self-protective, so take time to decompress and nurture. Over the weekend a Leo Moon encourages us to extend ourselves and shine on the people we love under. Although it may be tempting to get melodramatic, look for emotional expression in artistic and creative way and skip personal soap operas.

Early next week we see the flaws in the plan, though it’s a productive and constructive time if we can work past self-doubts and keep focused on what works. If we feel discouraged or self-critical, it will help to notice the feeling and not identify with it, say “there goes a cloud of discouragement” and then find some simple, doable task to accomplish successfully and get back on track. We can get overwhelmed of we look at the big picture and how much needs to be done, but can get far if we find one detail that contributes, or one kind act, and then another and another.

The week ends with a beautiful New Moon in Libra, conjunct Saturn and square Pluto, an important time to review the past, then negotiate and find solutions for the future. Look for changes in personnel, international treaties or declarations and big moves in the game of political chess. Look for subtle and not so subtle power plays, and consider the response carefully.

On a personal note we may find ourselves talking about the past and how it influences this moment in our lives, particularly remembering teachers touch learning situations, or people who wielded power in our lives for better or worse, and can notice that we now embody that power ourselves.

Friday, Oct 23: The vibe is self-protective and a bit squirrely this morning as Mercury challenges Mars under a defensive and internal Cancer Moon. We are protective of our time; deadlines can make us cranky. Technical problems trip us especially when we’re in a hurry, so let’s pace ourselves and not step on toes. Tonight we need to process but may need to spill things we don’t really mean to clear room for what we do as Mercury aspects Mars, Neptune and Jupiter.

Saturday, Oct 2: Drop recent petty differences and be generous with attention to others. It is easy to get on a high horse and fight, but better it be in sports or for a good cause than over ego issues as Mars challenges Jupiter and Mercury opposes Uranus. Mechanical poltergeists need ingenuity, not force. We are challenged to change minds, and maybe it should be our own, but we need to consider carefully the ramifications of any sudden decision before proceeding. Take a break from the depths tonight, no one can really hear anyway; get out and about under a Leo Moon, and just steer clear of those with a belligerent gleam in their eyes.

Sunday, Oct 3: Early morning sweetness can leave nice dream, but our needs collide easily midday unless we take turns and honestly care. Beauty, romance, intensity, we want it all; avoid obsessive or prickly narcissism under pressure. Be passionate in the best of ways and find the most generous place in the heart as Venus conjuncts Mars.

Monday, Oct 4: Grumpy and sleepy morning, get over the hump as a growling Mars/Uranus aspect gives irritated attitude while Neptune confuses us. Practice impulse control. Notice what’s really bothering that may have been suppressed before, yet now needs fixing. If the afternoon stalls out, focus on people not accomplishment. Tonight we can collect ourselves and analyze the situation, but need to watch a cranky and doubtful streak as the Moon enters Virgo and trines thoughtful Pluto.

Tuesday, Oct 5: Work on the basic building blocks and details and let the whole come into form slowly. We can feel lonely or get depressed if we focus on what’s missing or lost under an early, tough Mercury-Pluto square. If we stumble on a serious problem, it needs to be addressed; we should not give up though we may have to take a different route. Later in the day our allies circle back, we can find the solution if we work together and give supportive feedback.

Wednesday, Oct 6: Although it’s tempting to exaggerate our moves this morning, let’s not overshoot the mark as the Moon opposes Jupiter and Uranus. Restlessness encourages creative leeway but requires we try many different ways before settling on an answer. We’re touchy, so coaching points need to be positive. Interactions are edgy this afternoon but people are cooperative tonight.

Thursday, Oct 7: Be nice; we develop an allergy to unfairness on this practical and intuitive day.

Negotiate, balance, and come to understand under a New Moon in Libra conjunct Saturn.  It’s a good time to make and sign agreements that are responsible to all parties, teach another’s perspective, or make aesthetic decisions.

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