Starcodes horoscopes for November 6 – 12, 2015

Starcodes horoscopes for November 6 – 12, 2015

by Heather Roan Robbins

Now, after the buzz of Halloween, after our ancestors have been honored and as falling leaves expose the bare bones of trees whistling now in the cooling winds, the Moon wanes into a new Moon in profound and broody Scorpio. Aurora borealis dance in the northern skies. Last week the sun shot a coronal mass ejection towards Earth, leaving us potentially feeling a little fried and amplifying all the transits we experience here on earth.

This may not be the week to ask for favors or for a raise, but it may be time to make a real transformation, nothing petty now. The Sun and Mercury are now in intense, inward-focused, self- reliant Scorpio and this sharpens our focus and asks us to investigate. Look under rocks. But it doesn’t leave us feeling particularly outgoing or generous, unless we really see a need, and see a person doing their best. This Scorpionic streak can also bring out a pointed stinger-like wit to speak uncomfortable truth in a non-confrontational but surgical way.

If it is time to get in a grant proposal or job application, know that our offerings and request will be better received if we’re very specific, and we show our due diligence. If we need cooperation from a person or organization, let’s find out what’s important to them and find a way that the project can further their goals. Then they can hear. But the real work of the week may be done within ourselves; it’s a week for intensive surgery; let go, pare down, refocus.

After an industrious if edgy Friday, the weekend energy blossoms into a more forgiving and egalitarian vibe, if a little wary. In this busy and active month, a moment off, a moment of beauty can really feed the soul under the weekend’s aesthetic, egalitarian Libra Moon

Early next week we can get edgy with ourselves and others because we have a new more urgent awareness of crunching time; the clock is ticking away and can make us irritable if we feel off-track. Lists help us organize and feel like we’re getting somewhere, but keep expectations realistic and notice the tendency to overload that list which will only make it hard to finish and therefore easier to feel disappointed.

The mood deepens midweek, and we need to keep it productive, let go of shame and blame, don’t be distracted by resentment, use the dark of the Moon in Scorpio to go deep and get very honest with oneself, as honest about the positive as about the questionable, as honest about hopes and fears as about quirks.

As the dark Moon joins the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, we may want to focus so intently that we see the people around us with ordinary emotional expectations (even our beloveds) as in our way. We need to remember that our real goal is not just achieving any one particular mountaintop, but becoming whole souls in a rounded, well-balanced life.

Around the new Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday we can ferret out real truths in the culture and in our own soul. First we need to be honest with ourselves, and then more honest with others on Thursday as the Moon enters honest, direct Sagittarius, and Mars enters egalitarian Libra.

We then hit a turning point and begin to look towards new solutions by the end of the week.

Friday, November 6: Let’s get to work and get out of our way, we may face some inertia in the morning, but we’ll be much more comfortable once we are making progress towards our dreams. Mercury trine Neptune gives us inspiration and imagination, though can also make us a little spacey and daydreaming if we’re not doing what we want to do, but an industrious Virgo Moon helps us manifest when we’re on track. Irritability, discomfort, and an unusually pointed critical edge are signs that our actions and our dreams have too much distance between them. Be kind around and irritable patch at dinner time, it’s hard to wrap things up and bring them to completion. After a cranky unwinding time early in the evening late, tonight can be more heart-centered and beautiful as Venus conjuncts the North node.

Mercury trine Neptune 6:38 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 7:03 AM, Moon semi-square Mercury 5:33 PM, Venus conjunct North node 11:13 PM,

Saturday, November 7: Maybe the dogs want out early this morning. A restless interaction can impel us out of bed and out to rake leaves early on, but if we sleep through this, the Moon enters Libra and we soften midmorning. Look for ways to make life more whole, more rounded, more complete today. Let it be a gentle, improving day with good connections tonight. Just be careful of one another’s boundaries, as people are open but need their space.

Moon conjunct Mars 1:23 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 5:47 AM, Moon enters Libra 8:14 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 6:11 PM.

Sunday, November 8: Venus enters Libra, the sign of the fair and the beautiful, and we are more willing to work and egalitarian way. Morning has sweetness. Midday we may feel the wistful dissatisfaction of work yet to be done or a longing for more perfect world. If feeling discouraged, look for the crumbs of hope, and help them grow. If we get antsy tonight, may help to map out changes we need to make in the week ahead. Or we may need to download and share our dissatisfaction with, but not at, one another.

Venus enters Libra 8:30 AM, Moon squares Pluto 11:39 AM: Moon opposes Uranus 7:42 PM.

Monday, November 9: Let’s take a look at our health regime and fine tune it for the deepening autumn as the Sun trines health-centered Chiron and quincunx Uranus. Stress can fray our edges but people may be pen to changes that reduce the stress. Pay attention to legislation around health issues, keep the goal of healthy habits and relationships, healthy dynamics within the organization. Connect with contacts early in the day, later, we pull inwards, sharpen our focus but may focus on the shadows as the waning Moon enters Scorpio and Mars conjuncts the North node.

Sun trine Chiron 1:06 PM: Moon semis sextile Mars 5:33 PM: Sun quincunx Uranus 8:15 PM: Moon enters Scorpio 9:02 PM: Mars conjuncts North node 9:05 PM.

Tuesday, November 10: Deal with ghosts, bad memories, unpaid bills. Be gentle with one another’s psyches and thoughtful with what monsters we stir up in the depths. Obsess productively. Yes somethings need to be cut out, but don’t overdo it; what is the minimum necessary change surgical change that needs to be made. Ferret out another layer of information, and don’t give up. On this dark of the Moon in Scorpio concentration is easy where we know what we’re doing, but we can get easily discouraged and see all the problems in the way if we don’t.

Mercury sextile Pluto 5:13 AM, Mercury semi-square Mars 6:27 AM, Moon trine Neptune 11:06 AM, Sun sextile Jupiter 7:16 PM, Moon sextile Pluto11:58 PM.

Wednesday, November 11: This could be day of reckoning. Or it could be just a Moody day to curl up with a good book and a cup tea. Our mood or an event may ask us to burrow down and strip off the superfluous layers and come to a new understanding of an event, our work, or ourselves on this new moon in Scorpio. We may also find new evidence of the gift or culpability of others. We just need to sort out the difference between opinion and truth, both so strong today. In calm moments we may find it relaxing to can concentrate easily on our work, but if our passions of love or hate get engaged they can become tsunamis. Avoid situations that trigger possessiveness, jealousy, or revenge fantasies. Let strong feelings flow through, and do not attach to the stories.

Moon semi-square Mars 1:01 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury to 40 9 AM, Moon semi-square Venus 9:23 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 9:41 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 11:47 AM.

Thursday, November 12: Fresh honesty helps us get real about our options, and more open to other people’s journeys as the Moon enters exploratory Sagittarius and Mars enters more egalitarian Libra. A note of fresh optimism helps us explore but distracts us easily; we may really long to take a hike, kicked through fallen leaves, or otherwise dance with nature instead buckle down to work. The hyper focus or depression-tinged moments earlier this week have readied us for change. Don’t take it personally if people are unusually frank and tactless. If they are, it’s not about the person in front of them, nor have they necessarily been hiding anything, more that some new perception has bubbled up from within.

Moon sextile Mars 7:54 AM, enters Sagittarius 8:13 AM, Mercury trine Chiron 9:47 AM, Mercury quincunx Uranus 1:35 PM, Mars enters Libra 2:40 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 6:46 PM, Moon square Neptune 9:47 PM.

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