Starcodes horoscopes for November 6 – 12, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for November 6 – 12, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Listen for the haunted tones of a landscape preparing for winter as Mercury and the Sun in broody Scorpio are joined by Venus. This weekend the mood is testy and self-protective, stay out of the minefields and make people as cozy as possible under a Cancer Moon. If people seem like they just don’t want to understand, they’re probably deflecting a perceived threat If we ask them to pass the salt, we get ” Why, don’t you like my food?”, ” What’s wrong with how I pass the salt, I’m never good enough for you am I?”, “Fine! Here’s the salt! Next time get it yourself.”,  or even better, “Salt’s not good for me, can’t you transcend the need for salt?”.

With this line up in Scorpio, we have to choose carefully where to put the lazar beam of our attention, on our obsessions or on solutions.  We can enjoy it’s sarcastic dark edge though, our minds can riff on the dirty joke or morbid thought; whatever would be socially unacceptable but wildly amusing. Time alone  is not a luxury right now, it is a necessity, whether or not we enjoy  it, just notice a tendency to withdraw when feeling vulnerable. We can be ruthlessly honest, or just plain ruthless; if poked our defenses are magnificent prickly creatures more likely to use a sly dagger than a broadsword. Sometimes our most tactful move is silence, so don’t push if some answers a question with a mumbled “nothing” and walks away.

Under this Scorpio line-up curiosity sharpens, we want some answers to our mysteries. It’s great if we really want to know the truth, but it’s also easy to get stuck on our opinions and look for information to justify our position rather than look to see what’s really happening. Political commentary will reek of a good offense as the best defense.

As Mercury in pointed Scorpio goes through some difficult minor aspects this weekend our minds can start a low level gear-crunching grumbling;  it can make us depressed if we don’t have something to chew upon, but it encourages real research, tough editing or close-knit work. Trust that people’s dear hearts are there under the prickliness;  so  many of us are processing deeply and have serious thoughts on our heart.  Our healthy energy  may need support, so offer a bowl of soup instead of commentary.

All this introverted Scorpio energy is counterbalanced by a challenging square from Mars in extroverted Leo. Mars usually spends about two months in a sign, but by quirk of  retrograde hangs out in Leo for the next 6 months. Mars describes what ticks us off, what makes us passionate, and how we hold our boundaries, and in extravagant fixed-sign Leo increase our need for signs of respect and attention. It likes bravado and demands a dramatic gesture but then the Scorpio planets take it seriously and retaliate over even the dumbest thing. So be careful about getting righteous over the toothpaste or morning coffee. Ok, maybe just over the toothpaste.

Mars in Leo needs attention and gets easily miffed if we feel ignored or disrespected in any way, shape, or form. And Scorpio nudges us to get mean or withdraw when miffed. So sometimes our dear ones  need time alone right now, and sometimes they may sulk off when they really want more attention. We just have to be careful what behavior we encourage with attention and listen to the heart signals, not just the words.

We can feel that tension inside our selves just have to just act it out with others. Mars in Leo encourages us to get out there and strut our stuff just as the Scorpio planets call for privacy and retreat, we may feel pulled at this crossroad but probably need both. more time alone sprinkled with a few parties.

Opinions leaking all over the place early next week. Our immune systems may work overtime, watch for fevers, burns, or rattling of war. The flu problem and flue and the health care debate could both intensify as the Sun and Mercury square Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, the same aspects that bring new ideas and vision to the collective responsibility, the Jupiter/Chiron and Neptune conjunction , also can make us feel more permeable, permeable to intuition and permeable to germs.  Use this time to be permeable to joy, to spirit, to creativity and laughter. Be permeable to hope and health.

Mid-week a problem clarifies, and now that we really understand the problem, we can make the changes. The Virgo Moon helps us find, the problem, the Sun square Jupiter encourages us to fix it. Don’t take the easy answer by looking for a scapegoat, for someone who seems obviously wrong, because it’s merely a distraction to the problem underneath; instead, look for the roots and for an unexpected but effective solution under an ingenious Mercury trines Uranus and squares Neptune.

Towards the end of the week, relationship issues heat up, our hearts can burn or feel so intense that it is hard to stay as Venus challenges Uranus. If nothing is strong enough in our life now to hold our attention we can dredge up the shoebox of emotionally laden memories chew upon and get a charge. So be nice to the nearby one, leave the expectations at the door and just be warm and loving, now because the mood intensifies over the next few days.   We because he torque is strong, we may say less when we feel more.

Friday, Nov 6: Early crankiness can  make us unusually resentful of outside demands as the Moon enters Cancer and opposes Pluto. We feel sympathy but need to feel we’re taken care of first, responding to an ache where there used to be a friend or thing we now miss. Cozy food, comfort, quiet appreciation and unspoken assurances helps soften our quills,.   Our thinking is difficult, critical, needs something worthy to chew upon or debate just for safe intensity.

Saturday, Nov 7: A longing for our nest can keep us in bed this morning, we may need time to talk over recent events or not be available to the ones we love because we’re distracted. Engage important changes on the home front as the Moon trines mutating Uranus and expansive Jupiter as Venus enters transformative Scorpio, take responsibility for diet, circumstance or health. Troubled thinking can breed trouble speaking unless we look deeper; watch pointed comments later, ask what’s really needed.

Sunday, Nov 8: Windswept feelings, we may come out of our shell but can get caught between an eccentric, big heart, and a snarky, miffed ego if we don’t feel thoroughly appreciated.   Intense approach-avoidance conflicts as the Leo Moon nears Mars and both square the Sun and Jupiter. Pragmatic difficulties keep us humble.

Monday, Nov 9: The mood is competitive, stubborn, and self-centered; let’s make it I win-you win, instead of me-me. No one wants to lose so some won’t play the game. An experience reminds us that even though solitude sounds nice, our health and success depend on that of our community. If we can avoid a clash of wills, there’s real generosity underneath, but it clamps down the minute we think we’re being take advantage of.  A good day to let other know what do well, as long as we acknowledge their strengths in the process.

Tuesday, Nov 10: Let’s not let pressures, deadlines, or others opinions shut us down. A surgical approach can be healing; what do we need to stitch together or cut out? Sort information, propose a better alternative, but don’t expect a response until tomorrow. Watch a tendency to get obsessive and overdo or to nitpick at beloveds; avoid a tendency to complain and fault-find instead of be vulnerable and ask for needs directly.

Wednesday, Nov 11:Although not willing to give in and concede, we’re much more willing to accommodate new information and adjust; the mood grow inventive, curious, and contrary as Mercury trines, and the Moon opposes, Uranus. Towards the evening we can get sidetracked by a lie or our imagination, question the information combining or the conclusions drawn as Mercury squares Neptune.

Thursday, Nov 12: Early morning prickles, but a communications window opens midday. Afternoon feels more human as the Moon enters friendly Libra, but we’re reminded of our responsibilities and may have to curtail our natural instincts to be a grown up as the Moon conjuncts Saturn. We get an opportunity to grow trust if we come through, but need to see beyond the drag of duty to the joy underneath.

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