Starcodes Horoscopes for November 5 – 11, 2010

Starcodes Horoscopes for November 5 – 11, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

As the golden leaves fall they expose the tree’s bare bones. This week we need to let the words fall away and look at the bare bones of how we communicate. After a deeply introspective, retrospective beginning to the weekend, next week offers pointed but potentially healing truth as Mercury enters honest and unvarnished Sagittarius.

We need to tell our story and hear theirs. The dust may fly as stories come out, so we’ll need to ask tough questions to get past spin and hear the facts. We also need take a long look at how we communicate to see where we may have misrepresented ourselves or our opinions, or just not made the effort to speak in terms others can understand. Let’ see where we can improve our skills. Develop real dialogue; it’s not about trading hits and being right but actually growing understanding on both sides. And just when we want to drive our point home, we may need to stop and listen first, set a precedent and show others how it’s done.

Mercury first finishes its tour of Scorpio where it’s been stirring the depths of our psyche since Oct 21; for many it’s been dredging up old memories and monsters that lurk in the corners of our psyche. Mercury in Scorpio lends us unusual insight around objective questions but on more subjective issues can leave our thinking colored by strong emotional triggers. Sometimes those monsters don’t like to be poked.

If depression hits like a wave, hold on to the mast and know it will break soon. Mercury in Scorpio can taps on the root chakra, on survival issues, so sharp here at winter’s edge. A talk about simple household expense can elicit fears of growing old poor, or a litany of every financial misstep of the last ten years, but these will just distort the facts at hand. If we see headline stories that remind us of the fragility of life, may it awaken our compassion and gratitude in response.

Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio takes us deep, deep within, back to the roots of some emotional situation and offers the opportunity for a new beginning. We may need to face our cravings or release a person, place, idea, or thing; shed, like a leaf, something which was so much a part of life in the last cycle, but needs to be composted to fertilize the next.

The whole weekend can feel surreal as Mercury squares intuitive-obfuscating Neptune just as Mercury trines Uranus and instigates change. We want change but can’t see where we’re going, so maybe we make impractical changes. Saturn also challenges Mercury, which although it may slow us down and leave us feeling old, can help us catch potential mistakes before they happen.

This line up leaves a magical note throughout the week, creative, intuitive and restless, which can be channeled into fresh opportunity, if we add common sense, as Mercury enters active, honest and mobile Sagittarius on Monday and requires that we change how we communicate. We can take it literally and revamp a website or buy a new phone. Or we can look into how we use our mind and how we share our understanding. If we don’t feel heard, let’s get creative, not loud. People will hear less through linear reasoning than they will through metaphor and symbol. Tell a story and speak to their hearts.

Information can change the game but now comes in unusual forms; listen. Listen to the competition, to the idiot down the hall or cranky uncle that usually gets written off.  Maybe they still don’t have a point but offer some new insight along the way. We don’t just communicate with words, so notice messages in body language and action. Some will snap “no!’ and nod yes. If words and actions don’t match, we need to ask why, and investigate until we see the whole picture.

Friday, Nov 5: The mood is full and deep, but so focused that we’ll hate interruptions. O hearts are easily tweaked and unusually volatile, so it can feel good to hide in work, throw ourselves into a project and block the rest of the world out. We need to take responsibility for our tenderness rather than lean it on another person, as that will only pokes our primal relationship demons. Friendships prospers, romance may feel tested; creative work sings, practical work delayed. Tonight we want deep and real connections to people or art-forms, or would rather sit home with a book; light social banter is strained.

Saturday, Nov 6: A deep New Moon in Scorpio this morning activates our inner world, but the outer world can feel confusing, awash. Midday brings a new restlessness, ready to make a move, but with a delay in the message or event as Mercury squares Neptune, trines Uranus and semi-squares Saturn. Watch for nefarious bamboozlement and transportation peculiarities. Take responsibilities seriously, but know that we can only see a few feet in front at the moment. Breathe through a failure of imagination late afternoon, and know a more creative solution can be found tonight.

Sunday, Nov 7: The mood shifts and speeds up as the Moon enters Sagittarius and conjuncts Mars. We feel movement, sharp honesty with laughter. Life becomes and action movie. Meanness is not truth. Let the heart disengage and we become witty but destructive; keep the heart engaged and healing truth can be naked as long as it is incisive and loving. Important dialogue can un-jam old blockages and get the flow going.

Monday, Nov 8: Hidden information pours out on this fast-paced and generally upbeat if short-fused day. Truth flows, truth we wish had come out before. Don’t ask anyone to pull punches, but do ask them to be kind in the process. Last minute travel or adventure plans produce results. We are more open to people from outside of our close-knit circles and may feel fed up with the familiar as Mercury heads into Sagittarius. Generous but unsettled night, we want to expand our world but don’t want to be pushed as Moon squares Uranus and Jupiter.

Tuesday, Nov 9: Checks schedules and make changes this morning while we’re feeling flexible, as willfulness builds momentum while the day progresses. Serious deadlines or challenges need our efforts, professionalism and competence really matter. Don’t get grim, do get real. Trust builds as we work together, we won’t forget those who fail us now.

Wednesday, Nov 10: A generalized feeling that something’s wrong can motivate us to resolve dangling problems. Get at real issues but watch a tendency to micromanage or control; be honest about anxiety instead. We can magnify molehills until they’re mountains as the Sun semi-squares Pluto, don’t read this short-term generalized discontent into otherwise happy relationships.

Thursday, Nov 11: On this competent, accomplished day, we may need to deal with some responsibility we’ve been avoiding as the Capricorn Moon sextiles Uranus this morning. Help others through a socially-awkward moment this afternoon as the Moon squares Venus; laugh at it later as the Moon enters sociable Aquarius tonight.

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