Starcodes horoscopes for November 4 – 10, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for November 4 – 10, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

This is a week to reorganize.  After this confounded election we’ll be able to see what’s really important to our life and get on with our work in this magical time after the election and before the holidays kick in.  Those colorful distractions dissipate momentarily and the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio now give us focus. It’s not that we forget the past, some of us will still want to brew on retribution, but now Mercury forms a healing trine to Chiron and asks us, even begs us, to take our old wounds and use them and use the understanding and compassion we garnered to improve our present situation.

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On Friday and early Saturday the Moon approaches Pluto in Capricorn and can bring up recent discouragement or nudge us to worry if we’re enough or doing enough. Election fervor can press on us with a fear for the future. But laced through this motivating discouragement is a new spark.

We may even feel moments of hope for the future as Venus in Sagittarius forms an exciting trine to Uranus this weekend.  This trine brings an exciting sense of possibility, and makes us discontent with what is ugly, unfair, or dishonest. It can also make us be concerned that anything hidden is wrong; we may distrust secrecy just as Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio makes us prone privacy, which is a paradox. But in general this aspects speaks of changes instigated by women, our hearts, our arts, and the Anima in the culture.

This restlessness, this desire to leave what is okay and search for something better, can get us in trouble romantically but it can also help us believe that we need to be part of the solution, it’s not just up to other people. With the creative curiosity of the Venus-Uranus, we may want to try on a new look, rearrange the furniture, paint with a new medium, or try on a new diplomatic approach and a different role for women in the culture.

That Moon in Capricorn through Saturday brings us back to our personal work and keeps us industrious. Mars spends the last few days in Capricorn for the cycle over the weekend, so let’s use that Capricornian project-management focus to take care of personal business. But also leave room for a breath of serendipity.

The Sun sextiles Pluto on Monday and asks to both tend our long-term goals and get a better picture as to what’s been going on around the world. Mars enters Aquarius on Tuesday to return our attention towards the community, to what our family, tribe or team needs, balance with a resurgence of our personal feelings as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces.

Friday, November 4: Stay focused and on target this morning; even though it may feel like there’s too much to do, strike while the iron is hot. In the desire to stay on track, watch out for controlling behavior, particularly in the early afternoon; only tell people what to do if there’s a clear chain of command as people are manipulation resistant. The drive begins to collapse by the end of the workday on Friday, we need human connection to remind us who else we are besides our work tonight.

All times MDT: Moon sextile Neptune 3:34 PM, Moon square Jupiter 8:55 PM, Moon sextile Sun 11:17 PM.

Saturday, November 5: Some emotional swings today as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and intensifies our hopes and fears. It can bring some emotional situation to a head as Venus trines Uranus and asks us to open our heart and seek the beauty way, seek healthy balance and new emotional and creative possibilities. To support a relationship, work together first, then take the beloved off to explore new territory.

Venus trine Uranus 12:23 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 3:25 AM, Moon se tile Mercury 11:06 AM, Moon square Uranus 3:48 PM.

Sunday, November 6: Kick back, reconnect, build community as the Moon enters communal Aquarius. We may have a strange approach-avoidance conflict around relationships, love people in the abstract but not be so certain of the persons near-by. Put the burden down and look at the world from a collaborative perspective. Rethink the approach.

Standard time begins, all times MST. Moon conjunct Mars 2:56 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 6:55 AM.

Monday, November 7: Poignancy or loneliness as well as an awareness of the deeper issues in life lingers as the Sun sextiles Pluto today, and nudges us to make the most out of ourselves. We may feel a loneliness for particular people and ways of emotional intimacy, but not really want to get too close to the people around us at the moment.

Sun sextile Pluto 1:24 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:38 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:28 AM.

Tuesday, November 8: Make calls and outreach this morning while people are still feeling sociable, we grow more sensitive, raw and emotional as the Moon enters Pisces midday and may be touchy and therefore needing extra insulation this afternoon. Whatever the outcome of the election- feelings run really high.

Moon square Mercury 2:57 AM, Moon sextile Venus 6:54 AM, Moon enters Pisces 2:45 PM, Mars enters Aquarius 10:51 PM.

Wednesday, November 9: It may be more comfortable to reach out to distant friends or strangers and take a break from family and intimate in intimates. We just need a break, something new. But it’s easy to take other person people’s restlessness as a personal rejection, as we both and that really isn’t the point. Expect mixed messages within and without and in explore that the ambiguity and the need to balance both intimacy and freedom, relationship and politics.

Moon conjuncts Neptune 7:14 AM, Moon conjuncts Saturn 5:49 PM, Moon sextiles Pluto 5:57 PM, Moon sextile Sun 10:51 PM.

Thursday, November 10: A sensitive morning, we can use detailed work to help us shift through extraneous free-floating emotions. The mood grows more socially awkward and antsy this afternoon as the Moon squares Venus and enters Aries, and we can perceive a shift in the course of fate. Tonight, new ideas percolate but old tempers boil quickly.

Moon trine Mercury 2:16 PM, Moon square Venus 4:16 p.m., Moon enters Aries 6:44 PM, Moon sextile Mars 9:06 PM.

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