Starcodes horoscopes for November 27 – December 3, 2015

Starcodes horoscopes for November 27 – December 3, 2015

by Heather Roan Robbins

After the Thanksgiving feasts and the last guests wobble away, we are left with leftovers, family and some soul work to do. December looks to be a tricky month astrologically, so let’s take a moment to pause on this inward-turning weekend and re-center before we dive in.

Over the weekend an introspective Cancer Moon highlights our sense of security or insecurity and underlines our family relationships. Feel the need to be at home and cozy, and offer compassion for those that don’t have this luxury.

Our beloveds may be feeling tender and therefore strangely defensive. Some chunk of family wounding has an opportunity to turn around and make a healing progress as Chiron turns direct, but that may occur because an old problem rears its head again. Because many people notice their place of unspoken tenderness, they can also be strangely crabby or defensive around the edges. Every time we see a prickly edge, we know we’re skating near some emotional vulnerability.

Venus and Mars run together in Libra this week and keep the level of emotional fervor high. Venus is comfortable in its own sign and supports friendly interaction, compassionate acts, and artistic endeavors. Mars, on the other hand, is uncomfortable in Libra and leaves us prone to convoluted or uncomfortable dealings with confrontation, yet easily ticked off by Libran issues of social justice and balance. We need to deal with conflict in a straightforward and diplomatic manner, no matter what scale we’re working on.

Throughout the weekend it furthers to be kind and mature one in with one another, rather than giving into some short-term but counterproductive self-protection; we can spar with dueling defenses, but this will not further, so find another way. If old issues get triggered, it may help to step aside and admit our frustrations to ourselves, eat that extra dose of cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, and get back in there to make healthy memories.

On Sunday and early next week, we may be tested on our philosophies and wonder what is the right and responsible way to go forward as the Sun conjuncts Saturn and both square Neptune. Insecurities about our world at large can leak into our interactions so people can be difficult with each other and pretend it’s rational. Or we can consciously choose gratitude and not take anything for granted.

The backdrop for all this year’s transits is a major Saturn–Neptune square which can leave us flooded or haunted with uncertainty; it peaks this week and twice next summer. Saturn conjunct Neptune the year the Berlin wall came down and the Exxon Valdez broke open; this combination dissolves boundaries and containers, for better or for worse. By next autumn we may find riverbanks adjusted, the world’s population rearranged, and have a clearer sense of our own healthy boundaries.

Friday, November 27: Deal with the flurry of phone calls and communication this morning, check in with one another early on. People may want to step into their emotional cocoon as the Moon enters Cancer midday. Our introverted sides resurface. Our digestion can get delicate, and simple comfort foods further. Although we may be reluctant, let’s be prepared to make some emotional adjustments to our situation. Let every interaction be an opportunity for healing as Chiron turns direct, but do so by example and kindness rather than insisting on processing the past; people don’t want to be talked into anything or have their tender innards poked.

Moon enters Cancer 12:26 PM, Moon square nodes 8:02 AM, Mercury semi-squares Juno10:10 PM, Chiron stationary direct.

Saturday, November 28: Strange emotional undercurrents layered with memories of the past can inspire introversion and make this a tricky day as Venus forms challenging aspects to both Neptune and Saturn. It’s easy to project our discomfort with larger issues into interpersonal grit and get miffed. It may be challenging to let go of expectations and let beloveds get a minute alone, but it will further. Take it easy and give people room within, time to withdraw or share their strange moods without having to explain them. We all need to catch up with ourselves, but much of the action will be internal.

Moon trine Neptune at 12:37 AM, Venus sesquiquadrate, Neptune 1:04 AM, Moon square Mars 4:33 AM, Venus semi-square Saturn 5:52 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 12:48 PM, Moon square Uranus 5:57 PM,

Sunday, November 29: Recalcitrant water can create sloppy conditions. We drift, dream, or feel permeable, protective, and potentially prayer- filled as the Sun conjuncts Saturn and squares Neptune. The one thing we can’t do is see very far ahead. Although we have access to endurance, fuzzy thinking or depression can leave us feeling old or as if we should be working harder. Because misunderstandings occur easily today, speak clearly but keep the conversation to the moment and avoid generalizations. Evening picks up both enthusiasm and contentiousness as the Moon enters Leo; we need to be utterly ourselves.

Moon sextile Jupiter 1:03 AM, Moon square Venus 5:45 AM, Sun square Neptune 7:49 AM, Mercury semis sextile Pluto 11:35 AM, Sun conjunct Saturn 5:18 PM, Moon enters Leo 5:47 PM, Mars squares Pallas Athena 11:11 PM.

Monday, November 30: Make contacts to seed projects for the coming month; stir the pot, it’s a good day to reach out and make things happen as the Leo Moon trines the Sun and Saturn. We want to overstate our case but don’t have to, just tell the story clearly. Some people who have not felt heard may act out, so make an effort to formally stop and hear their whole story before trouble starts.

Moon semi-square Jupiter 4:51 AM, Moon trines Saturn 7:47 AM, Moon trines Sun 8:54 AM, Moon sextile Mars 1:46 PM,

Tuesday, December 1: A grand trine with in fire signs between the Moon, Uranus, and Mercury can kick our creative process into high gear. Feel the impatience, surf on its waves and keep moving forward; if things flow easily, take the opportunity not to kick back but to make progress. Once their rolling, events move quickly, and can turn on a dime. Be open to a fresh perspective, notice radical ideas and potentially good changes of mind as Mercury trines Uranus. Look for a fresh release of information, or get press for an important subject. Later in the day we can have a collision of needs, because we all feel the need to be nurtured and appreciated for what we’re doing. Take turns and put each person in the center from moment.

Moon trine Mercury 12:39 AM, Moon trine Uranus 1:27 AM, Mercury trine Uranus 6:59 AM,Mercury square Chiron 9 AM, Sun sextile Ceres 3:51 PM, Moon semi-square Mars8:08 PM, Moon sextile Venus 8:09 PM.

Wednesday, December 2: We can get edgy or feel stretched too thin as the Moon enters nervy Virgo and opposes Neptune and squares Saturn. It’s easiest to start running around because we have too many little things to deal with, but then make mistakes or lose details in the process; the more urgent our work, the more centered we need to be.  Priorities can shift during the day as new information comes in. The mood softens after dinner, we grow more grateful for each other support.

Moon enters Virgo 3:09 AM, Venus semi-sextile North node 10:52 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 5:12 PM, Moon squares Saturn 6:40 PM, Venus conjunct Juno 11:44 PM.

Thursday, December 3: What liberates us? The Moon conjunct Jupiter in the early morning sky wants to know. Short-term positive aspects can help ease the workload and let us handle the many pot simmering on the stove. People do not receive criticism easily so keep it short and very specific. December’s challenging aspects begin to pull on us, and we see what’s coming up over the next few weeks. The asteroid Vesta enters Aries, increases our self-reliance and our tendency to burn up our friendships in the name of our work. Keep a good work – life balance.

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