Starcodes horoscopes for November 27 – Dec. 3, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for November 27 – Dec. 3, 2009

By Heather Roan Robbins

We need psychic space this outspoken holiday weekend; let’s be as compassionate as we are honest. We don’t need a hard time from our friends and family, the world has been doing a fine job of that, thanks very much; we need a break.

Don’t try to contain the family in small spaces under this outspoken and independent Aries Moon. The mood is great for a pickup football game or other energetic group projects if the family is so inclined, but if we try too much togetherness, friction will produce sparks. We need to be ourselves, so drop the agenda and the great advice; instead, start something fun and invite others, but don’t insist. Be willing to see people where they are, as that is real intimacy.

It is easier to reconnect with one another Saturday night and Sunday; a Taurus Moon brings a cozier note. Talkative Mercury sextiles expansive Jupiter, helps us communicate and step closer to accepting that each one of us has a right to their own destiny.

The Taurus Moon also brings in an acquisitive streak; kids leave with leftovers and maybe a few favorite things. Bargain shopping for Christmas can get fierce. We’ll also tend to debate policy intensely, whether over family politics or health care reform. Change is in progress and needs all our attention but none of our arrogance; if the debate gets too thick, let’s take a deep breath and celebrate any recent improvements together to unlock our understanding.

Mid-week, Venus enters the sign of the traveler, Sagittarius, under a Full Moon in Gemini, as the planet of the unexpected, Uranus turns direct after several months retrograded. We get a temporary case of attention deficit disorder and may need to juggle many things at once. This Full Moon can change our minds or make us what shake off our shackles and run, whether we just take a personal day out or change our life. People are ready to try something new, let’s be the ones who open the door.

As Uranus turns direct we may get news or have an important discussion about a shocking or exciting change or plot which has been in the works but now becomes apparent. Our attention may be drawn to international issues.

Every Full Moon highlights some apparent polarity on our lives; this Full Moon asks us if we want to do something in our life, or just talk about it. Do we want to think globally (Sagittarian), or locally (Gemini). And every Full Moon asks us to look beyond this apparent duality to find a synthesis. In this case, we may be asked to think globally and act locally, or talk about action that needs to be taken and then follow through. This Full Moon want motion, but whether we just spin our wheels or get into gear and get ourselves out of some rut is up to us. If we feel like we’re spinning around or wasting time, it helps to pull back and put our actions in the context of the bigger picture and really assess where we want to go. The road to enlightenment can start with our next step.

Friday, Nov 27: Overnight, chewing over rich food and challenging comments under an Aries Moon, Pluto, and Saturn t-square can make a rough morning, but it burns off quickly into a creative day. Volatile energy can a fuel funny, expressive action-packed time if we have freedom of expression, but can rumble quickly if we try to cramp someone’s style. Shopping in tight quarters will tick us off. Opinions are thick in the air; some people are looking for a good debate, though it doesn’t have to become a fight unless we get too serious. The vibe is generally humorous and enthusiastic, but impatience can make us careless.

Saturday, Nov 28: This dynamite day demands radical acceptance. The Aries Moon mood is spontaneous and confident; competent efforts in short bursts, but low on patience. We need to laugh at ourselves and accept others exactly as they are. This momentum can charges through boundaries, but watch it; criticism, guilt-tripping or being ordered about will not be tolerated, and this could put a dent in many family conversations. Keep the sugar level down for the kids to avoid manic tempers and give them a place to run. Ask elders about their history to redirect them away from contentious topics.

Sunday Nov 29: The Taurus Moon stabilizes our temperament and helps us put one foot in front of the other as Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Communications improve even if opinions are still fixed, so agree to disagree and hug before parting. The Moon trines Pluto and lets real feelings flow, though maybe we’d rather not talk about it. Express comfort in more tactile ways; tuck in leftovers to go home with relatives. It’s a good traveling day, if not a fast one. Travel early, late afternoon is more difficult and accident-prone as Mars sesqui-squares Pluto; steady efforts win.

Monday, Nov 30: Be kind, as post-holiday reentry can be tough. Things aren’t where we left them; unsettling news or interrupted communications can make the situation ambiguous as Mercury squares Uranus. A shock may help us wake up. Nervous worries and outrageous comments should be taken as smoke, not fire; the situation may change tomorrow. But while everything’s up in the air, let’s help the winds shift in a good direction.

Tuesday, Dec 1:  Kids get silly, mind open up and the scenery changes as the Moon enters Gemini; Venus enters Sagittarius and Mercury sextiles Neptune. Invitations and messages, new negotiations are on the table; keep talking and consider all possibilities. Thinking is staccato, sound bites and haiku. Quick ingenuity and brisk mental tasks succeed, but don’t expect rigorous logic. Our nerves don’t want to shut up tonight, so let’s gather and talk rather toss and turn.

Wednesday, Dec 2: The Full Moon in Gemini early this morning may fry our nerves and leave us tired and wired, but can really blast open lines of communication. We may have too many choices or feel spread too thin; everything is a work in progress. Keep the conversation going, just don’t wear on our patience. Enjoy the flirtatious buzz and storytelling panache, but do check the facts.  Look for a potential breakthrough in long distance or international communications.

Thursday, Dec 3: Stay involved, some doors close so others can open as the Moon enters Cancer and opposes Pluto midday. Notice a wave of melancholia as feelings catch up to us, rush through us, but move quickly if we feel comfort. Our concentration returns this afternoon in time to deal with some tough structural and administrative challenges. Grumpiness is ambient, not personal, but can hurt.

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