Starcodes Horoscopes for November 26 – December 2, 2010

Starcodes Horoscopes for November 26 – December 2, 2010

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by Heather Roan Robbins
Now through the first week of December is positive and warm, but with a sharp edge. We may feel really impatient about some facet of our life, and can use this to just get difficult or use it to fuel constructive changes.
This urgency is fueled by movement oriented-Mercury and action-packed Mars as they conjunct in Sagittarius and square expansive Jupiter and change-agent Uranus. Mercury then tags Pluto and retrogrades back to square them two more times over the Christmas holidays; it will get us coming and going, so there’s no point in postponing change, but we can pace ourselves and do it with care.
On a good day, this fiery Mars-Mercury vibe makes for some nice energy surges. It will inspire wild, outspoken holiday parties and offers a cheerful humor to help smooth transitions and inspires long walks. Last minute plans can fall into place and a refreshing honesty can break through stuffiness, opening the doorway to real intimacy and understanding.
It gives us enthusiastic fuel once we know where we’re going, but can make us cranky, anxious or irritable where we feel blocked. And it does not loan us the wisdom to know what to do, that’s for us to figure out. It may be time to get to the root of a situation or deal with something that has been long ignored, but let’s think through carefully before leaving, quitting, deciding to run for office, or other see making irreparable changes.
It’s easy to jump to conclusions under this aspect; Impulse control is low, with occasional sprinkles of generosity, so watch for compulsive spending even as we head into holiday shopping. Although these planets urge us to tell the truth at all times, we have to decide when this is constructive and avoid foot-in-mouth disease, saying just the wrong thing at the wrong time.
Because Mars is so energized by the square to Uranus and Jupiter, belligerence just keeps on rolling once we get on a rant. If our mouth starts to run off on its own, the best cure may be to walk out until it runs down, and then go back in to try a more considered approach. While it may be really tempting to just walk out on a tough situation and take a geographical cure, let’s do so only if we really need to.
These aspects are intense though and can breed personal and political unrest. Extra prayers for peace are needed. Support any efforts to defuse tension in any mounting conflict from the Korean peninsula to local election recounts. The holidays or other events may trigger old family scars, and someone we love might face an old psychological demon or physical difficulty. We may need to cut them some extra slack and give them extra room, but cannot let them cause more trouble in the process.
But there is also great potential to improve the situation with this action-oriented approach, particularly around issues of health care, climate change, food, and nurturance. The south node is in Cancer, which rules the stomach, and now opposes Pluto while the two asteroids of healing, Chiron and Hygeia, are activated by conjunctions with Venus and Neptune and trine one another; all together they can stimulate a healing crisis. Haiti’s cholera epidemic highlights the dangers around food and water born disease. The recent riots in response are also an example of how now anger can spike before everyone really understands the situation, but shows how anger can be a natural by-product of knowing the situation has to change. The planets ask both can we help, and how can we learn from this metaphor.
As the weekend begins we can dream our story line as Mercury sextiles Neptune, let’s imagine how things could be more wonderful and then make is so. It helps to be playful about a problem; it opens up the creativity and softens the opposition. Avoid “helpful suggestions” unless asked, and make the most of a temporary spirit of compromise. Just watch for a tendency to compete for attention.
Early next week we need to fight the good fight. We’re going to fight somewhere as Mars squares Jupiter and increases our pugnaciousness, so let’s direct it as a fight against oppressive situations, against a bad habit or pile of work, and not against one another. Health problems can arise if we’re not listening to our Mars, to our temper, will, and desires, and finding a healthy way to express them. It helps to be physically tired, a good work out or throughout cleaning of the house can take off the top layer of steam and help us make a more considered decisions. Think safety first; pray and work for peace.
During early to mid-week, Venus enters intense Scorpio, Mercury enters Capricorn and the mood gets serious, ready for a work push before the winter holidays. Conversations may make more sense but feel dense, tempers less spiky, but it may get harder to let go once we’ve engaged. It will be easier to knuckle down and reason out the tough stuff, but let’s not entrench in our opinions. We may find we return to an emotional landscape we visited in September when Venus last entered Scorpio, but now have a new perspective. Let’s make it better this time.
Friday, Nov 26: Details slip away and people vie for attention. Be generous and the mood echoes back. An operatic quality can heighten the profile of any ongoing story line, whether tragedy, comedy, or romance as the Leo Moon trines the Sun. This sane, interesting evening is great for socializing; groups take the pressure off individual relationships and give them room to breathe. If alone, it helps to really put ourselves in the center and listen to our needs the way we wish others might. It is a night to dream healing visions.
Saturday, Nov 27: Lovely sextiles between Neptune, Chiron and Mercury scatters fairy dust on the world this morning with intuitive and imaginative connections, if we’re subtle enough to listen. But that may require that we calm our obsession on some ongoing conundrum long enough to hear this healing and reconnecting message. Later we need a change of scene as Mercury squares Uranus, but let’s make this constructive effort. Watch comments, movements this afternoon, keep them thoughtful, and avoid a reactive barb that causes more damage than intended. It may be a good time to reorganize the home front or boldly go where we have not gone before.
Sunday, Nov 28: This is a catch up day; let’s not harass others about what they should do, temping though it is as the Moon enters Virgo, but smile and get on with the details that re-center our lives; chores, odds and ends, self-care. Take a moment to make the small changes that improve our capacity to make the big ones. Empathic afternoon, if evening gets irritable, it will pay to stand back rather than engage. A feisty spirit combines with focus on relationships for a volatile brew tonight, direct it well.
Monday, Nov 29: A twitchy mood can leave us looking for a fight this morning as Mars squares Jupiter and Venus re-enters Scorpio. We intensify. Notice and release any revenge fantasies. It will feel good to have a worthy opponent or challenge to sink our teeth into, and then we won’t sink them into one another. If some small habit just rubs the wrong way, let it go. Stomach, nerves may need soothing. Early evening irritates as the Moon squares Mars, later we can better analyses the situation.
Tuesday, Nov 30: Today is still focused, but we can work more smoothly with others towards a common goal. Later in the day it’s time to let go of the little stuff and do some strategic planning as Mercury enters Capricorn and begins to conjunct Pluto. If we feel a weight on our soul, it is not to depress us (though it may) but to remind us what matters.
Wednesday, Dec 1: Thoughtful constrained morning as the Moon conjuncts Saturn. Serious decisions are cooking, check in with all important players. Write congressmen. Endurance is needed this morning; midday positive negotiations are fruitful as Mercury sextiles Venus, so share something from the heart. Tonight is vague, lousy for practical work, but good for resting and checking in on our dreams to make sure we’re on track.
Thursday, Dec 2: Don’t poke someone who suddenly becomes reserved. Secretive and serious is not necessarily bad, but can be a way to pull in our energy and focus as the Moon enters Scorpio. If a fight starts, it intensifies quickly, so don’t go there. Strong feelings stir; old psychic splinters may be working their way up to the surface and need gentleness and healing space, not pointed forceps as Mars sextiles Neptune. Take a deep breath later, put it all aside and listen for quiet food for the soul humming underneath the static.

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