Starcodes horoscopes for November 24 – 30, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for November 24 – 30, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

We’re done with one holiday and barreling on to the next, all while the world churns. The beginning of December has the astrological potential to be pretty tumultuous, so let’s get on good terms with one another and get organized for the winter holidays as soon as possible. Mercury retrogrades from December 3- December 22. Even now, as Mercury runs through its shadow (the part of the zodiac it is about to back through), transportation and communication already takes more time and attention

But we can savor this community-oriented postprandial weekend first. The Moon is in friendly and collective Aquarius through Saturday where it encourages us to work in groups and have family dinners and football games. Bond in camaraderie but don’t expect anyone to get too close and personal. An ambient competitive edge can make televised sports interesting, but could bring a touchy note to family board games as Mars approaches an opposition to Uranus at the end of the week. It cranks up intensity whenever an argument or battle starts, at home or between countries. Remember the point of family activities is to create happy memories. We all win or no one wins.

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Shared activities can build a mutual empathy that helps us handle deep conversation later on Saturday and Sunday as Mercury conjuncts serious Saturn. Because the Sun, Moon, and Venus are all now in stubborn fixed signs, we won’t change anybody’s view with a frontal assault, but we can open their minds by bearing witness to our side of the story, our personal truth.

On Sunday, the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and tenderize our hearts, and this can leave our feelings more easily hurt. Be careful of those last-minute comments to one another. It will further to get some time alone or with intimates to let the nerves and digestion settle. Regroup for the week ahead. Let people feel a little raw and delicate on Monday; don’t push them.

The Moon enters impatient, motivated Aries on Tuesday, which can help us crank up for a last work push before Mercury retrogrades, or can just make us cranky. Watch international hotspots.  Discomfort can motivate us to get competent, but we’ll need to work judiciously around people who are quick to defend or attack. Let’s make those lists and check them twice, get prepared now but keep our plans flexible through the winter solstice.

Friday, November 24: This day after Thanksgiving is good for any group activity, family games football. Focus on building pleasant collective memories together. Though most conversation won’t get too personal, take advantage of any opening to discuss and heal some common memory as Mercury squares Chiron and semi-squares Jupiter. There’s a competitive edge that will leak into the on the game boards and in the dreaded black Friday shopping that can take all the fun out of it; there is no point in having a bad time because we’re competing to have a good time. The energy can wind up for good or ill this evening as Mercury moves into a trine with Uranus overnight.

Mercury square Chiron 7:53 AM, Moon square Jupiter 8:55 AM, Sun semi-square Pluto 10:36 AM, Mercury semi-square Jupiter 7:45 PM.

Saturday, November 25: See life differently, break routine, laugh at something that brought tears a few days before as Mercury trines Uranus this morning We can see life differently, break routine, and laugh at something that made us cry only few days before as Mercury trines Uranus this morning. Don’t insist others change their mind, this is a personal process. Do consider unexpected possibilities or and find ways to laugh. Good changes are b possible through afternoon and evening if we take advantage of those opportunities.

Mercury trine Uranus 3:56 AM, Moon trine Mars 8:05 AM, Moon square Venus 11:11 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 3:34 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 4:32 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 7:36 PM.

Sunday, November 26It’s time to take care our of our introverted needs or we’ll feel overextended and easily exhausted as the Moon enters perceptive, permeable Pisces. Take an opportunity to repair some distance amongst intimates this afternoon as affectionate Venus trines Chiron. Tonight, honor the need to become a puddle with no expectations or demands as the Moon conjuncts intuitive, escapist Neptune. Tonight, we really may need to puddle out with no expectations or demands as the Moon conjuncts Neptune.

Moon enters Pisces 1:03 AM, Moon square Sun 10:02 AM, Venus trine Chiron 2:21 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:51 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 11:06 PM.

Monday, November 27: Let’s pace ourselves, because while may be still feeling that soft and wandering Pisces Moon, it’s time to tackle a creative challenge with a fresh perspective; as Venus quincunx Uranus we notice what we need to change. The first pass of Mercury conjunct Saturn helps us focus the target of our work for the next six weeks, though we though the plans will need to be adjusted and finessed along the way. Look out for serious pronouncements and reactive decisions.

Venus quincunx Uranus 4:48 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 10:54 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 11:11 PM, Mercury conjunct Saturn 11:56 PM.

Tuesday, November 28: Feel the friction and choose to do the right thing anyway as the Moon squares Saturn and Mercury then enters Aries this morning. A little rocket fuel of disagreement can get us going, or can start a conflagration, so use it carefully. A desire to work independently can leave us unconsciously forgetting to communicate what we’re doing to beloveds and coworkers, and if this leaves them without the information they need to make decisions, they will be ticked off. Keep talking and honor people’s need for self-direction.

Moon trine Venus 2:41 AM, Moon square Saturn 4:55 AM, Moon square Mercury 5:08 AM, Moon enters Aries 9:30 AM, Moon trine Sun 10:21 PM.

Wednesday, November 29: Much has been set in motion in the last few days. We can now see where this momentum is heading, and either respond, make adjustments, or follow through.

Take personal responsibility for work and happiness. Own it. While this can be uncomfortable, personal responsibility gives us the reins and lets us steer what happens next.

Moon square Pluto 4:53 PM.

Thursday, November 30: Our macho side, our temper and passion, can either show its toxic side, or we can make an effort to heal that toxic edge in the culture as Mars quincunx Chiron. We have an allergy to passive-aggressive behavior, but can still find those places in ourselves where we either did not set clean boundaries or overshot the mark. As the waxing Moon trines Mercury and Saturn and then enters Taurus this afternoon, Find the balance point, the appropriate healthy, firm, but not ballistic, response between.

Mars quincunx Chiron 1:26 AM, Moon opposed Mars 4:12 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 5:16 AM, Moon trine Saturn 9:49 AM, Moon trine Mercury 11:37 AM, Moon enters Taurus 1:38 PM.

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