Starcodes horoscopes for November 20 – 26, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for November 20 – 26, 2009

By Heather Roan Robbins

So what are we thankful for? We may not be so sure as the weekend begins; we can see the cracks and flaws in our life all too clearly and probably have strong opinions about who should do what to fix the situation. But the mood changes this weekend, the far horizons seem closer and more tangible next week. Life may not get simpler, but we can find more appreciation for the simpler pleasures just in time for Thanksgiving.

But right now, it’s time to return to some old business and complete it; if we can’t finish the book at least complete the chapter.  As the weekend begins, the timing is strategic and the energy is competent, grumpy, and tough. The weight of the work ahead can sit heavily on our shoulders, whether we’re contemplating global disarmament or just housework needed before the holiday.

By Sunday we stop walking backwards and turn towards the road ahead.  A flippant arrogance really just signals a release of tensions; we want up and out from under any contriving energy or recent emotional pressures as Sun enters Sagittarius and Moon enters outgoing Aquarius. Global issues wake us up and remind us we are part of a larger whole, and may actually get more politics and less personal opinions in the news. As we move out of an introspective time it’s tempting to ship out our problems, to imagine that everything would be fine if it wasn’t for our neighbor the other political party, but that’s just a cheap excuse. Share the affection, but drop the grudges.

The people in our lives that we have taken for granted or neglected lately, now want some time. Children, dogs, and our inner child need attention and offer answers we weren’t expecting, old friends and relatives need a phone call.

Midweek, as we prepare for Thanksgiving, the mood is funny but sensitive, high-strung, reactive, a little energetically thin or fragile, but honest. We’ll tend to wear our feelings on our sleeve and will soak up every bit of appreciation offered. If we overload, it will help to take a few minutes to meditate, hide in fantasy book or take some other time out, and then jump back in the friendly chaos. Speak up and be clear, but watch those sentences that begin “frankly” as Mercury trines Mars, and forgive old people their tactless honesty, they may have a good point, but we all have to remember to be as compassionate as we are honest.

Listen to the news over the dinner-table, the winds of change will whisper in our gossip, and next year may look very different. Let any good moments bathe the heart and etch a memory. Sensitive feelings and restless aesthetics, unusual color combinations or compositions appeal, unusual people catch our eyes. It’s perfect for an emotional and sweet Thanksgiving, but we may want do a variation on tradition rather than follow the letter of grandma’s recipes. Keep it casual and loose and prioritize people way ahead of the centerpiece and sweet potatoes as Venus trines Uranus and squares Neptune.

Friday, Nov 20: Stay alert on this strategic day, and forgive the heavy atmosphere. Report in, it’s important be seen on deck, awake and aware and involved, present for the work ahead. Fresh information can make us more discouraged, more motivated, or both, depending upon our choices. Any action we put into motion to improve a situation will pick up speed and support and show results quickly. Later we feel more heartfelt, put more heart in our work, and work in the socializing as the Capricorn Moon sextiles Venus.

Saturday, Nov 21: We need to express ourselves in a solid and tactile form, our feelings pour into pour into our art, food, housework, hugs or laundry, but probably not our words, as Venus challenges Pluto and Saturn. Some emotional splinter may be working it way to the surface, making harder to stay in the moment; avoid the tendency to withdraw in a huff for safety, make it a healing experience.  The mood shifts radically later as the Sun enters Sagittarius while the Moon enters Aquarius, enough with the past, we need to lighten up tonight.

Sunday, Nov 22: The future feels closer. Concrete planning for the holiday week begins to fall into place; people that have been hiding out for weeks now return calls. The vibe is brash, fresh, sometimes obnoxious, and cheerfully opinionated. The news brings our attention to the needs of the collective good, whether family, country or species. The Moon approaches Jupiter in the early evening western sky; let its beauty pour in the heart tonight and open up our sense of the possible.

Monday, Nov 23: Argument or squared edges poke us this morning as the Moon opposes Mars, deadlines only make it worse. Accept surface friendliness, don’t try to get cozy or ask for favors until afternoon. Midday in bountiful; pitch the deal, share a vision, and follow up leads as the Moon conjunct Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune. Witness the flash of potential. Nation issues keep our awareness on the common vision.

Tuesday, Nov 24: Nerves, concerns, and excitement swell as the Moon enters Pisces and sextiles Pluto. But there’s no time to ride that rollercoaster, gentle, steady accomplishments stabilize and manifest. Some incident can tweak our heart’s scars, but is only an ache of the past, see the present for what it is instead.  Older friends or familiar responsibilities need attention, some gentle disciple is needed. Voices need to be respected if not agreed with as the Sun sextiles Saturn.

Wednesday, Nov, 25: Feelings may be tender and raw this scattered, hectic morning; if traveling, take a deep breath and take inventory before leaving, and keep an eye on the clock and weather. Early on, understanding takes effort but is worth it; afternoon excites, brings a fresh wind. We may be asked to take an emotional or aesthetic risk. Creative solutions work better than force, but don’t go too crazy with traditional recipes, as the audience will probably be both experimental and sentimental. Finesse the situation as Venus trines Uranus this evening. Socialize; not all the spice will be in the cooking.

Thursday, Nov 26: Morning is nervy, good for multitasking with an occasional dropped dish. Remember people are more important than place settings and have as much fun in the process as possible. Watch for a power trip or competitive edge early afternoon, don’t push the driving or scrap with a visiting relative. Dinnertime an inspiring Venus-Neptune trine can help us soften our heart and remember our gratitude, but can make our feeling unusually touchy. Be kind and skip the teasing over dinner. Later, as the Moon heads into energized Aries, opinions thicken but we can redirect rowdy people to clean the kitchen instead of argue with grandma. Let people take a break from family to be themselves tonight.

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