Starcodes horoscopes for November 19 – 25, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for November 19 – 25, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

It’s time to learn our Sagittarius lessons as Mercury, Mars, and after Monday, the Sun gallop in this mutable fire-sign. Sagittarius is restless, gregarious and has the capacity to see the brighter side, it loans us the capacity to be generous and grateful. So it’s no coincidence that the most traveled holiday of the year, Thanksgiving, occurs under its watch. Followed by mad gift shopping, charitable donations and wild holiday parties where people often make fools of themselves.

Sagittarius also encourages unusual outspoken honesty, so it’s also the season for brutally frank comments from grand mom, philosophical wrangling at the workplace and over the family dinner table. Previously-avoided facts and opinions now pour into the headlines and out of even normally quiet relatives.

A Full Moon in stubborn Taurus over the weekend lets us know what we want, but we can entrench when opposed under the Taurus Moon. This is tricky, as Mercury and Mars conjunct and encourage mental assertion or aggression. Our outspoken inclinations can clash with their tender feelings, so we need to speak directly but kindly. Sagittarius Mars likes movement, it may help to take a long walk to talk it out and so let a friendly sextile between Mars and Venus help us work together.  If we have a stubborn work issue, it helps to take a hike, drive or play sports with coworkers while working through the knots.

If we have do have to travel this holiday, the beginning of the week is best. On Wednesday and Thursday the Cancer Moon call us home to familiar faces and comfort foods. Watch the tendency to say too much combined with a tender defensiveness as Mercury and Mars close in on a square to Uranus and Jupiter towards the end of the week. This can make Thanksgiving interesting, wide ranging debate is wonderful but we need to keep it warmhearted.

These aspects will feed the conversation mightily. Some people will want to talk and talk, whether in metaphysical pontification or just to blab away, but we all should check to make sure the audience can listen first. Most listeners want us to just get to the point. If someone wants to debate on a topic too tender to joke about, we need to let them know right up front, and give them a safer target. Or smile and walk away. Older people will have less patience, so don’t take their raw comments personally.

With these tricky Mercury aspects this week, it will further to travel in the mind and soul, but travel as little as possible in the body. If physical travel is necessary, as it will be for so many this holiday, take the time, humor, and awareness to prioritize safely and cooperation. Pay extra attention at the hubs, intersections, and other places where energy converges from many directions. Go over the checklist before leaving home, or be willing to laugh and circle back a few times for the missing odds and ends.

This week is not just over the river and through the woods, over the holiday the Sun trines Uranus and wants us to consider proactive personal and humanitarian changes. Consider the ironic and pointed conundrum created as Haiti suffers from the starvation of cholera while Americans eat to a bursting point. Venus conjuncts the asteroid Hygeia, asteroid of mind-body connections, just as Neptune conjuncts the asteroid Chiron, symbol of the lessons we learn and can share which come from our own healing, these two conjunctions form a trine in air signs and now ask us to consider: How do our relationships affect our health? How do beauty, balance and self-worth affect our health? How do these imbalances affect the health of our environment? The planets want to know.

Friday, Nov 19: Relationships need attention; offer praise where they’re working, patience and communication where they’re not as the Moon opposes Venus while the Sun trines Uranus. Cheerful directedness wants to deal with conflict quickly and cleanly but can be met with a passive-aggressive response unless we listen first and give people a chance to share their side of the story. Ask lots of questions, but keep the rude edge of doubt out of the voice if a real answer is wanted. Tonight, look for cozy camaraderie or a good debate.

Saturday, Nov 20: It’s way too easy to fight today as a minor Sun-Saturn challenge brings up limitations while Mercury-Mars conjunction rails at these limitations and the Taurus Moon enhances our stubbornness. Keep chips off the shoulder and handle opposition with awareness. Midday, a solitary journey or physical effort can help, our muscles may know more than our words. The mood lightens after supper as Moon sextiles expansive Jupiter and helps us laugh at day’s crankiness.

Sunday, Nov 21: Early, under the Full Moon in Taurus, let’s take a moment to clarify, not what we don’t want, but what we do, take responsibility for that and decide the next step. Mood shifts and conversations opens as the Moon enters Gemini midday; feel movement in stuck situations. Words now flow, but let’s make sure we actually mean what we say.

Monday, Nov 22: Attention goes out the window but our ability to juggle multiple factors improves as the Sun enters Sagittarius under the Gemini Moon. The time line speeds up and a slew of last minute details are suddenly revealed. Take the extra minute to coordinate and save time midday as the Moon trines Saturn. Don’t drop the ball on long-term work as short term urgencies distract. The busier we get, the more our heart has to stay connected to avoid accidentally hurt feelings. We need patience through a cranky, klutzy spell later tonight as the Moon opposes Mars.

Tuesday, Nov 23: Transportation issues need attention this morning. A sweet confusion can soften our feelings but make us lose track of time. Later, an influx of new information needs to be digested, observe now but postpone any unnecessary decisions: learn, talk and mull instead, an entirely new approach may arise from the compost. Travel flows, just pay attention, and don’t snag on cranky comments.

Wednesday, Nov 24: Morning brings memories of Thanksgiving past or opportunities missed, water under the bridge as the Moon opposes Pluto; let it be melancholy not morose, a reminder of what really matters. Technical difficulties and missing supplies complicate this afternoon as the Moon squares Saturn. Be helpful even when people are crabby because overload only makes it worse. We all could use a helping hand, just keep a distance until their feathers settle. Do the work now with patience but know results won’t be visible yet. General discontent does not predict the future.

Thursday, Nov 25: Travel is best before noon, but don’t hurry, keep safety first as Mercury squares Jupiter. Opinions are ripe but recreational, so take each statement as a person’s eccentricity rather than a serious attack. Optimism grows midday, a warm and funny afternoon with unexpected moments of serendipity as the Moon trines Uranus and Jupiter; all we’ll care about is comfortable communion, so don’t sweat the details. Let the heart be a hearth fire.

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