Starcodes horoscopes for November 18 – 24, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for November 18 – 24, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

Organize. We have work to do. This next month, dotted though it is with holiday preparations, may be the most industrious and competence month of the year, so let’s make good use of it. Good, solid work can be healthy personal therapy, but it may not make us our most emotionally intimate and cuddly self.

With Mars now in collective Aquarius we’ll be thinking about where our community is headed, this Mars keeps our hearts farsighted, focused on public or shared goals. We can get attached to our philosophies but may not be in a particularly introspective or intimate position.

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Emotional Venus in Capricorn approaches a conjunction with Pluto and can leave us depressed if we feel useless, but loans us courage and determination if we’re working towards a clear goal. Our friendships build on processing the world together. Our love life can still flourish if we find joy and work on projects together, and keep our more intimate, introspective expectations minimal. Otherwise, we might be disappointed.

There will be a lot of “truth” slung about with Mercury now in outspoken but not introspective Sagittarius, where it encourages us to be honest, direct and sensible, but also but potentially tactless. What we see as truth may only be a partial picture, or may be our assumptions. Keep talking, it is great therapy to share our truth under Mercury in Sagittarius, and to listen to truths that may feel foreign to us. But let’s do so with compassion, and keep looking below simple truths for the next layer beneath.

This searching for the truth beneath the truth will be particularly important as the weekend begins. We may not be not thinking too clearly and may feel emotional and vulnerable as thoughtful Mercury squares sensitive Neptune, and Venus sextiles Neptune, all under a deep-feeling Cancer Moon. The Moon heads into more extroverted, outgoing Leo through the weekend. We may begin to let go of some of the tension of the last few months and ramble, gossip, share notes, laugh or pray together, and remember something key about who we are, and where we want to go in the future.

Neptune has been retrograde for months, and while Neptune retrograde can support spiritual retreat, it can make it hard to figure out what’s really going on. As the week progresses some confusion or misrepresentations may clear out, new facts come visible. It may be ugly, or both better and worse than we think, but we need facts to build.

On Monday, the energizing Sun joins thoughtful Mercury in Sagittarius and begins the holiday season. The Sagittarius line-up can help us remember what we are grateful for, even when things look bleak, and to find the joy in the moment that helps us be fully alive, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Sagittarius is the sign of the long journey, the global perspective.

Midweek we may have too many pots boiling on the stove, our interests are spread far and wide, but a Mercury-Saturn conjunction can add seriousness and help us hold on. We just have to be careful what we hold on to. Our brains perseverate, while this encourages us to finish reports, it can also make us worry deep into the night. If we don’t like what we’re thinking about, let’s give that dog a bone, give our brains something else to chew upon.

And though we’re working to achieve our goals, we may feel those goals tested as Jupiter squares Pluto, highlighting a wrangling for power, tenacity and survival skills. We have the potential to make great changes in the weeks ahead but need patience to get the timing right.

Friday, November 18: People may feel cranky, tired of making adjustments under a self-protective Cancer Moon. We need to talk out our feelings but can project them on others inappropriately as Mercury squares Neptune. Watch for spilling liquids and fact-check all assumptions. Sociably relax tonight, but deflect an arrogant edge.

Moon square Uranus 5:09 AM, Mercury square Neptune 9:03 AM, Moon trine Sun 3:02 PM, Moon enters Leo 8:14 PM.

Saturday, November 19: We’d love some magic today as Venus sextiles Neptune, we need to feel our heart and know there are people around who love us and care about what we care about. We may feel unusually warmhearted and adventurous, and meander spontaneously into intriguing gatherings. Keep the schedule loose and engage heart-opening or vista-expanding opportunities. Odd truths will be coming out over the next few days as Neptune turns direct, our spiritual life may begin to feed us in a substantial way. Just watch escapist habits and a craving to get away from it all. Participate in good magic.

Moon opposed Mars 9:48 AM, Moon trine Mercury 3:59 PM, Venus sextile Neptune 4:03 PM, Neptune turns direct 9:37 PM. Moon sextile Jupiter 10:44 PM.

Sunday, November 20: Revel in connections and instigate ways to make the future better as the Moon in Leo forms a grand trine with Saturn (stability) and Uranus (transformation). Be the source of change, rather than wait for another to instigate, whether about politics, or household chores. Take a break from routine and make creative plans today.

Moon trine Saturn 1:36 AM, Moon trine Uranus 10:07 AM.

Monday, November 21: We’re called back to work, but it can be hard to concentrate with new plans and reactions popping like popcorn. We may feel distracted by too much information, and that can make us nervous under an industrious Virgo Moon, and that can bring out a critical or cranky streak. Afternoon the mood evens out and some pressure releases. Prioritize and stay on track, the more productively busy we are, the better we will feel.

Moon square Sun 1:33 AM, Moon enters Virgo 2:33 AM, Sun enters Sagittarius to 20 2 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 8:07 PM.

Tuesday, November 22: Move and shake. Lines of communication open up as Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Many factors bounce off one another, a nervy, worried edge can bring out stress humor. but we can make things happen. Depression can hover at the edges because we take things so seriously; Look for lines of hope, follow up opportunities.

Moon trine Venus 1:35 AM, Moon square Mercury 7:31 AM, Moon trine Pluto 8:37 AM, Moon square Saturn 10:41 AM, Mercury sextile Jupiter 11:19 AM.

Wednesday, November 23: Make decisions as Mercury conjunct Saturn. We may feel nervous in the morning but have the wherewithal to crunch numbers and catch up on emails. Busy work can be therapy. This afternoon a Libra Moon stirs a debate on what is fair, equitable, and legal.

Mercury conjunct Saturn 11:43 AM, Moon enters Libra 12:41 PM, Moon sextile Sun 4:55 PM.

Thursday, November 24: We may see evidence of life’s bigger problems, new plot twists and strange power trips, as Pluto squares Jupiter. Make progress this morning with strong and steady pressure, find whatever is worth gratitude and remember it all. Be extra kind to one another tonight.

Moon trine Mars 11:39 AM, Jupiter square Pluto 4 PM, Moon square Venus 7:22 PM, Moon square Pluto 8:17 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 8:20 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 10:52 PM.

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