Starcodes horoscopes for November 13 – 19, 2015

Starcodes horoscopes for November 13 – 19, 2015

free weekly horoscopesBy Heather Roan Robbins

Get up before sunrise (or stay up late) and see Venus and Mars waltzing together so near to Jupiter close to the Eastern horizon. Take this opportunity to commune with our nearby planetary neighbors, feel connected to the solar system and let their beauty flow into the heart. Venus and Mars are the planets that signify our emotional, social, and creative nature and are now dancing together in Libra, the sign of romance, love, beauty and social justice. That may not be what we have, but we long for this ideal.

Although this is generally a focused and hard-working month with Sun and Mercury in intense and scrappy Scorpio, both are sextile expansive Jupiter this weekend and loan us a more optimistic, idealistic undercurrent. They remind us that friendships can blossom and small groups of dedicated people can actually make a difference. But because we feel this ideal is possible, hovering just over the horizon, the world’s discordant unfairness can really grate on our heart.

We are encouraged to be friendly and comfortable, and create beauty around us wherever we go by Venus and Mars in Libra, sextile Saturn and quincunx Neptune. They may also inspire us to take up a cause for the beauty way, a cause to make our world more beautiful because we treat each other in a more balanced and egalitarian way. We may find it unusually satisfying to work for our causes and confront in the social-political arena, unusually wonderful to work together with friends or family in an act of kindness or compassion, but can be unusually adverse to confrontation close at home.

Venus and Mars together in Libra can heat up both our romantic thoughts and our personal expectations. And here we have to be careful so as not to set ourselves up for disappointment. We may feel a little bit more soft emotionally open or needy, but with Mercury now in inward-looking, emotional risk-aversive Scorpio, it can be tricky to express this vulnerability. We may expect another person to apologize or make the overture, but they’re waiting for us to do the same, and both parties can end up disappointed unless someone has the guts to reach out. Be brave.

But if someone’s expectations are truly unwanted, we need to be very clear about our boundaries, because Mercury in Scorpio can also inflame obsessions. These expectations could be romantic, or it could be the financial dunning from favored charities and political organizations that can leave one feeling overextended. Be considerate, though, because that Scorpio line-up also stimulate passive aggression or meanness if we feel disrespected.

Take this clarification out a step farther and assess the interpersonal expectations in any ongoing relationships, like family, working partnerships or spiritual groups. We may not want to process uncomfortable details right now, but really don’t need feel judged by unspoken criteria and experience the mysterious disappointments that can creep up otherwise.

The weekend begins under a friendly, outspoken Sagittarius Moon, a great time to run into old friends or strike up a laughing conversation with a stranger and make a new one. We can have unusually open and substantial conversations about difficult topics, though may find small talk hard. Over the weekend let’s laugh more and work less, or take the work outside and refill our wells so our health stays strong in this industrious month. Early next week we can feel some tension between our work and our need to socialize, between pragmatism and beauty. But we don’t need to take the stress out on each other.

The Moon enters stubborn and political Aquarius midweek as the Sun conjuncts Mercury. We may seem open, but can be inordinately stubborn. Watch for passive aggressive behavior when we’d like to be more diplomatic than we really are. Use this pleasant, diplomatic ability not to avoid the tough stuff this week, but to deal with it with kindness, integrity, and insight.

Friday, November 13: Pointed, irreverent, and idealistic; the mood of this day can seem deceptively simple, but we work on so many layers. Enjoy a friendly camaraderie wherever possible as Venus sextiles Saturn and Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Be the person others can count on, help them see a silver lining even in a dark cloud. Don’t be too Pollyanna-like, as Scorpio cynicism lurks around the edges, but encourage people to believe in potential. Connect with old friends or with something that has stood the test time. Grow those sweet connections that weave a community together with kind perception.

Mercury sextile Hygeia 8:36 AM, Venus sextile Saturn 10:11 AM, Mercury sextile Jupiter11:17 AM, Moon trine Uranus 5:22 PM, Moon square Jupiter 8:18 PM

Saturday, November 14: This morning we may feel how overextended we’ve been, and need to unwind in to recharge. More than rest, we need to play, to do what brings us joy as Jupiter conjuncts Hygeia, and underlines our body-mind connection. Tonight grows more formal as the Moon enters Capricorn, we can get more serious, even grim or impatient as the Moon square Mars: but can still choose to enjoy the evening if we roll with events and prioritize experience and not perfection. Tradition, history, old school approaches further.

Jupiter conjunct Hygeia 10:44 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 5:21 PM, Venus quincunx Neptune 6:32 PM Moon, Moon square Mars 7:50 PM.

Sunday, November 15: Our chores start knocking on the doors of our conscience. Notice but don’t get stressed out; let the morning be restful, but by midday, use a desire to organize to discuss upcoming plans for the holidays or for life as we know it. We need to process, and some of our concerns are floating to the surface to be dealt with, but we don’t have to get wound up to do so. Communication can snag in long-term relationships of any sort as Mercury quincunx the asteroid Juno and Neptune sesqui-quadrates Juno. We may think we’ve heard one another, but can get so focused on our concerns that we get a little controlling or compulsive and don’t really listen. Practice great relationship skills, it will actually save time in the long run.

Moon sextile Neptune 6:25 AM, Moon square Venus 7:32 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Juno10:41 AM, Neptune sesqui-quadrate Juno 4:59 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 6:37 PM.

Monday, November 16: Organize and team-build the same time; we can feel both driven by our goals under an industrious Capricorn Moon but also are able to work out some interpersonal quirks. If people have a slightly frantic look in their eyes, find out what’s pressing upon them and use that to hook them into the conversation. If people feel supported in their deepest challenges, they will support right back. The mood can be a bit grim and focused though with an underlying friendly vibe, a very productive day to get teams organized and everybody on the same page for upcoming work.

Moon square Uranus 1:07 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 4:05 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 12:58 PM, Moon sextile Sun 1:52 PM.

Tuesday, November 17: Our thought translates into action easily as Mercury conjuncts the Sun while a congenial, political Aquarius Moon trines both Venus and Mars. Both consciousness and unconsciousness are busy expressing today, but may be saying different things; notice any difference between what a person says and what they do to get a picture of the integration or tension within. The day may bring political savvy but interpersonal awkwardness, as if we can see the big picture but can’t quite see those close to us. Although it’s not a warm and fuzzy day, potentially productive teamwork can help us put in proposals or contact political representatives. Be charming but watch a tendency to use charisma to manipulate for personal gains tonight, it will erode trust.

Moon enters Aquarius 12:24 AM, Mercury semi-square Venus 4:36 AM, Moon square Mars 5:22 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 7:52 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:10 AM, Moon trine Venus 6:58 PM, Sun semi-square Venus 9:52 PM.

Wednesday, November 18: It may feel easier to work solo, but we get farther if we can bring our team along. Frank and confident honesty clarifies some misperceptions as Neptune turns direct after months retrograde; some illusion or uncertainty may begin to clear up. But people can dig their heels in if opposed or if their philosophies are confronted. Watch for stalling storm systems or other odd weather, and stalling philosophies. A situation may arise where we are challenged to walk our talk; our philosophy may not feel particularly practical or comfortable to live by, but it is important to either be true to what we believe, or change our philosophy to be more authentic.

Moon sextile Uranus 6:54 AM, Neptune stationary direct 9:30 AM, Sun square Moon12:27 PM.

Thursday, November 19: Listen to dreams and other auspices today as Mercury sextiles the North node and the Moon enters intuitive Pisces. We can curl up and drift in our imaginings today, but may feel too sensitive to deal with everything else. Don’t even think of guilt tripping or trying to manipulate with feelings because it will backfire. Notice a strong urge to cut out anything that hurts. Be very respectful of feelings, give people the space in the privacy they need. Radical acts of kindness and compassion need to be our art form.

Moon square Mercury 1:19 AM, Moon enters Pisces 5:21 AM, Moon square Saturn 4:08 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 5:26 PM, Mercury semi-square Pluto 5:28 PM.

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