Starcodes horoscopes for November 13 – 19, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for November 13 – 19, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Luck is hidden in the mirrors of our soul; got anything scary that needs to be stared down? Friday the 13th, followed by the New Moon in Scorpio, is a good time to do it. Friday is Venus’s day, 13 are the number of Moon cycles a year, and so this day requests we work with our anima, our compassionate and creative nature.

This next week we’ll need luck, love and a whole lot of compassion. Any debate or ongoing controversy intensifies this week as martial Mars forms a belligerent, motivating, competitive opposition to Jupiter though mid-December and both square the Scorpio Sun. The square makes it tempting to objectify the enemy; however we define them, make them the repository of everything we’re fighting, and feel everything would be so much simpler if they’d just evaporate. Venus, Mercury and Sun in Scorpio can make it challenging for us to forgive or forget; in the name of self-protection grudges stick in our craw unless we choose to keep the heart open. And then we have to own how complicated truly is the situation.

This square can also give us the endurance to pour into whatever we need to complete. But it will decrease the likelihood of bi-partisan support or even a minor concession that the other side might have a point, unless this becomes so obviously self-serving that a few brave souls get tired of the logjam and reach across simultaneously.

Though we don’t have to be so stubborn and trapped by pride in our private life, tempting as it can seem. It’s a great time to be playfully seductive and nourish love, as long as we’re in our own territory because jealousy is not a thing to play with right now, it can be a beast. Charm, insight and mystery (Scorpio gifts) will do far more than a pushy will or behind the scenes machinations, (Scorpio tricks), in everything from work negotiations to dog training.

In relationships, the mood can be intense and musky once we break through a veneer of self-containment, but that can take a little persuasion. It helps to find an excuse to be near one another until the body signals break through. Overt emotional intimacy with strangers can be painful at the moment, so don’t start meetings with “tell us your name and why you’re here”, let people unfold on their own terms.

This weekend, the New Moon in Scorpio brings us inside, into the deepest rivers of our soul; whether this is through loving, meditation, a mystery to solve, concentration, or a brooding obsession is up to us. Old memories stir; old pain can become a whirlpool and pull us under unless we choose to step back. Something we love may need to be released, but let’s avoid the temptation to release too much to avoid discomfort. Mortality whispers and trivialities melt away. A challenge to our security or our assumptions can help us see our real work for the next year as Saturn perfects its square to Pluto. We see that we cannot return to a comfortable way things were before; the world is changing too much. Instead we need to forge ahead over the net few years through some rocky and unknown territory to find a new form that works better.

Luckily, to help us turn this around and move the energy, thoughtful Mercury enters more relaxed and exploratory Sagittarius and sextiles a stabilizing Saturn; this helps us loosen up and look on the bright side. It encourages curiosity and a philosophic perspective but can make us run off at the mouth. Truth pours forth; what we’ve just been making strange asides about, we now just spit out whole. But we need to ask is it true and it is productive before we open our mouth, because in the name of free speech, we may forget that every word has an effect.

Early next week, new information pours in, keep ears and eyes open and sift it all out later. Make overtures now and keep interactions fresh and direct. Log-jams begin to loosen but it may be hard to sink the deal, so open options rather than close them off, and tie up loose ends later. Be secure enough to listen to wild ideas from near ones; they’re not leaving you, they are opening their world. Get enthusiasm building now for the holidays, but keep it collaborative and don’t squelch it with opinions.

Midweek, we need to play nice, stay open-minded dig in our heels rather than be pushed around. People can square off and push back just to feel the resistance, and not because they really disagree as the Moon enters potentially manipulative Capricorn as Venus starts a t-square with belligerent Mars and Jupiter. We can get discouraged because things are not how we want them and can get difficult because people won’t cooperate with our much better ideas. This can escalate into a major fight if we run with it, so when in doubt, let’s shush and walk away, and think of a more tactful and effective approach. Turn this manipulative energy into competence instead. Keep the wrestling recreational at home an enjoy making up after a fight.

By the end of the week, it’s important to be in right relations with our soul and the people around us as the energy takes root and gets even more entrenched. Let’s root in a good place.

Friday, Nov 13: Let’s make our own luck. Good reflexes in the morning bring faster responses to our queries. Most casual interactions are sociable and positive while bigger political and theoretical arguments entrench. Lightweight forgiveness, deep grudges; find something better with concentration. Late afternoon brings a sense of relief as the Moon trines Jupiter. Ask a favor now or hold it until midweek. Socialize tonight, but do not joke at another’s expense.

Saturday, Nov 14: Get sociable errands done early, talk over new ideas, innovate and experiment as the Sun trines Uranus loans a questioning mind during an opinionated month. Move the furniture; give vent to a creative discontent this morning, by mid-afternoon let people off the leash as the clouds darken inside if not out when the Moon enters Scorpio. A broody, mysterious, strategic, musky evening, keep social demands optional and let everyone be where they truly are.

Sunday, Nov 15: Brings a complicated, magical day, objective reality is something far above the waves we only see with a periscope as the Sun squares Neptune and we dive through our own subjective inner world. We are swamped with misinformation, misunderstandings are all too easy but discretion is not as Mercury enters Sagittarius. Jump to no conclusions. Music and the arts call us in, any meditation or inner retreat furthers.

Monday, Nov 16: Hang in for a rough and moody ride, foundations are rocked, work is challenged and we can’t quite see where we’re going, people are distracted by their personal life or by short term problems that need attention now; stay relevant. Most people will prefer to be left alone, but though with fresh ghosts may need company as Saturn square Pluto under the Scorpio New Moon. Gather facts now, organize later. Mercury sextile Saturn gives us real dialogue and rational steps to take tonight.

Tuesday, Nov 17: Action follows word as the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Mercury. The agenda is clear but different for each person, just do it. Don’t run away from home, but do step towards a better life. Quick thinking, intuitive; keep it short and keep it a dialogue, Philosophical differences are defined but we can make progress on more practical points. Follow hits on where to go and who to call.

Wednesday, Nov 18: Get the flow going and take advantage of opportunities as the Sagittarius Moon makes positive aspects to Jupiter, Mars and Neptune. Outspoken is good if filtered through compassion, listen of the honesty coming through rather than be shocked by the commentary. Do not mistake impatience or a cursory look for truth. Evening brings contrary restlessness; change made just to be ornery as the Moon squares Uranus, but softens into a great night for dreaming.

Thursday, Nov 19: If we don’t get stuck in a conflict, and that is a big if, we can make things happen, can tackle tough work with determination. Venus and Mars square off in fixed signs and can make sparks fly. Take on short term challenges, we need a sense of accomplishment; without one we tend to project problems upon others as the Moon enters determined Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto, squares Saturn. Authority is challenged; the reasons seem good but are not the real motivation. Oppressive situations intensify but will not be tolerated. Even nice people can get difficult, so keep it recreational and know when to bow out of the fight.

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