Starcodes horoscopes for November 12 – 18, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for November 12 – 18, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week’s mood is honest, curious, motivated, with potentially shocking truths but generally agreeable undertones. We have work to do as Mars and Mercury conjunct in straight-shooting Sagittarius and both sextile hard-working Saturn.

Without stress, the mood defaults to pleasant camaraderie provided by Venus in sociable Libra and Mars in forward-thinking Sagittarius, but we may tend to hang with people we agree with and avoid people we don’t, unless we’re looking for a rumble. Venus in Libra likes everyone to get along. Mars conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius offers an honesty that’s perfectly happy to cut through the crap whatever the cost; it means to get real, not to hurt, though it can bring an absolutely tactless, pugnacious, even mischievous compulsion to “tell the truth” as we see it that minute. When these planets work together we can find tactful ways to seek the truth together, remembering that truth is many-faceted and complex. When this Mars runs on its own, we may think we have a monopoly on the truth. While it can be essential to hold people accountable and break open some personal or political mythology, before we speak let’s ask if our compulsive honesty is  really useful or are we just answering an internal itch to cause trouble.

Sagittarius likes to move; with Mars and Mercury in active, impatient, earth-connected Sagittarius, it can be great medicine to get out and hike in the woods or go see some far reaching non-human vista. Even to feed the pigeons or walk the dog connects us with a non-human awareness and so broadens our own. This impatience can shake things up in the work world, since people want to push the river and make things happen, let’s make sure our voice is in there and we are involved in the changes.

This momentum may cramp our social life unless we can work in sociable surroundings. With Venus and Mars friendly, flirtatious, but easily distracted signs, we may have trouble finding the time we need to connect and cannot take it personally if our beloveds are distracted. We all have work to do. It’s a good week to straighten out a misunderstanding or technical snafu, deal with some intransigent legal or bureaucratic tangle.

History talks to us as the weekend begins; art shows historical overtones, old friends remind us of a missing piece, and political debate compares the past to the present. We can learn from the past without reliving it, but may need a reminder. All this week pay attention when working with sharp objects when in a hurry, no running with a knife to cut the morning bagel.

Towards the end of we week the world speeds up, but our clarity of focus fuzzes out as the Moon enters impatient Aries while the Sun squares confusing Neptune. If the weather is bad or situation foggy or confusing, we need to slow down rather than give into impatience, we’ll get there faster and safer. If we can cooperate, we can get a lot accomplished this week, but this is not an easy task, it will feel like herding cats, each one cheerfully off in their own direction with their own agenda. Pressure backfires; it won’t help to try and control the kids or coworkers, but we can inspire them, challenge them to achieve, or inspire them towards something that helps us feel larger than we are. Auspicious changes as the Sun trines Jupiter and Uranus, take advantage of accidental opportunities.

Friday, Nov 12: Some will tend to spend too much time defining the problem for which others will have no patience. Good collaborative decisions this morning under the Aquarius Moon, if you can get harness people to tackle the same problem together and get out of their own way. Around dinner time, check in with beloveds and see how they’re doing, and reconnect no matter how busy; some may be tired and need familiar comforts, others may want to debate or wrestle with a serious approach.

Saturday, Nov 13: What ideal grabs us? What dream knocks on our door and needs action? Big vision or small dream, the Moon-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius wants to know. Passing weird feelings in the morning, midday we can work on skew lines or cross-purposes, each in their own orbit as Sun and Moon square, but can return to share a common dream tonight if we call ourselves together. We need a magical reality tonight, so make beautiful magic.

Sunday, Nov 14: Relationships need extra gentle care as our emotional sensitivities lose insulation while the Pisces Moon heightens our senses.  Make adjustments as the Mars-Mercury conjunction tightens and makes it almost compulsive to tell untactful truths. Duck if someone starts a sentence “Frankly”.  This combination can be a blessing for self-reflection and spiritual perspective, we can gently perceive our situation and way of being with unusual clarity, and we just don’t need anyone else to point it out for us. Tender morning, sleepy but creative midday; if attitude kicks in as differences are highlighted later, celebrate them rather than abrade the tenderness.

Monday, Nov 15: Proceed with sensitivity and finesse, but proceed. Let life be a tai chi exercise; dance with the day and move the energy, then watch blockades melt as Mars sextiles Saturn and the Sun trines Jupiter. Form and action follow function; gentle practical efforts are medicine for moody edges. Brainstorm creative solution to practical problems later. Humorous acceptance of our quirks breathes fresh air into emotions tender places.

Tuesday, Nov 16: If we fall off center it is hard (but possible) to get back on track, because our woes wait in the soul-swamp nearby. But if we stay centered, and extend ourselves with real consideration of the others and eye out for opportunity, this can be a serendipitous time as the Moon conjuncts and the Sun trines Jupiter and Uranus. Generosity and optimism fill up but leave us feeling fed up with past restraints. Feed curiosity.

Wednesday, Nov 17: Patience thins and the pace picks up as the Moon enters Aries; a new sense of urgency enters. Polite talk may be annoying but is necessary to smooth the road this morning as Mercury semi-squares Venus. If relationships feel bumpy, as if there is no time to give a restless heart its due, say less and put ahead on their heart a moment of real connection smoothes the path. At work do not keep anyone waiting, communications improve as the day darkens and Mercury sextiles Saturn. We can get to the point and make sane decision, but still want to push the pace.

Thursday, Nov 18: This is a magical, imaginative and spontaneous day, but think through any decisions made; we have low impulse control under confusing circumstances as the Sun trines enthusiastic Jupiter and Uranus, but squares fog-making Neptune. Look for unknown facts hiding just off stage that could change the decision.  If someone is avoiding and looks like they want to bolt, give them a long leash and do not corner; the wild animal in us needs room.

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