Starcodes horoscopes for November 11 – 17, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for November 11 – 17, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

We conflagrate, our emotional reactions are spicy and volatile as the weekend begins with a contentious interaction between the Sun and moon, the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Aries, both in sparky Mars-ruled signs. Expect teeth-gnashing and venting from all political and personal corners.  The mood settles into a more determined groove, more ready to work towards our long -term goals, after Monday’s Full Moon in Taurus.

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Over this next week we may feel inspired to try and work together towards a better world, but may be so ready to wrangle about our philosophies that it’s challenging to find a common thread. Feisty Mars is now in collective, theoretical Aquarius. Venus enters determined Capricorn on Saturday and encourages us to reconnect with old friends, work, or communities that once fed us. Together they help us, loaded with opinions (both Aquarius and Capricorn are opinionated, political, Saturn-ruled signs) as we may be, to organize and build new working partnerships.

Venus in Capricorn makes us want to love our work, though we may feel somewhat emotionally constrained by it, and it encourages us to put craft and discipline into our creative process. But it can also bring out a social climbing side, a desire to collect friends, or focus on our community at the expense of our more intimate relationships.

On Saturday Mercury enters outspoken Sagittarius, and here it can lift our spirits as it encourages us to be honest, open-minded, shoot from the hip and tell it like we really see. Sagittarius is the sign of the traveler- we hear from people far away and may think of moving to Zimbabwe. Mercury in Sagittarius can also scatter our thinking and get let us look at too many different approaches and have trouble focusing in on one thing at a time. But that may be just what we need for to expand our horizons.

This freedom-loving Sagittarius Mercury can help balance out the intense Scorpio morbidity and possessiveness, and we will need that balance during Monday’s earthy, stubborn, territorial Taurus Full Moon. Full Moons shine a light on our paradox and oppositions, on our differences within and without—but we need to remember we are truly both sides of the coin. This Fixed Sign Full Moon tempts us to feel stuck in our other-ness, to entrench our polarization and self-protection.  Let’s ask instead how can we let it shine a light on the best of Taurus, on our ability to comfort and support one another, give each other safety.

We may feel a growing imagination and intuition but also feel fuzzyheaded or find it difficult to get our point across towards the end of the week as Mercury approaches a square to Neptune. Watch for water damage and check for misunderstandings or miscommunication if people’s reactions seem out of synch with our intentions.  This aspect builds up our imagination and our paranoia, makes it hard to see the difference between our hopes, fears, and intuition, so let us stay in the present moment, and work towards a better future, but not even pretend we can see what is going to happen next.

Friday, November 11: We may feel twitchy and easily-irritated if our to-do list is too long and our desire to get away from it all tickles the back of our mind. Under this unusually volatile Aries Moon it pays to avoid situations where one has to wait, or deal with people whose views we find inflammatory, and put a five second lead on our commentary. If we stay conscious, we can build healthy boundaries. If we are caught off-guard, our spiked response can be formidable. Deal with one issue at a time rather than hold them all together, don’t let anyone put more on the plate this afternoon than already exists. Re-center tonight; think about what’s most important and drop the rest as Venus enters Capricorn.

Moon opposed Jupiter 4:45 PM, Moon square Pluto 8:08 PM, Moon trine Saturn 8:20 PM, Venus enters Capricorn 9:54 PM.

Saturday, November 12: Mercury enters Sagittarius this morning and brings a fresh honesty, after an unsettling or busy early morning energy drifts with sporadic bursts midday but focus returns after the waxing Moon enters Taurus this evening. The Moon trine’s Venus and it can feel good to be embodied; feed the senses, but keep clean boundaries.

Moon conjunct Uranus 5:44 AM, Mercury enters Sagittarius 7:39 AM, Moon enters Taurus 7:23 PM, Moon trine Venus 9:13 PM,

Sunday, November 13:  A Stubborn Full Moon in Taurus this morning ramps up all of our human and biological needs and desires, ramps up our stubbornness, can polarize us, but can also help us plant our roots and appreciate the place we exist. Just don’t try to push or change anybody today. Enjoy a slow dance, move with the cycles midday, the energy may feel like a Sufi Zikr, spinning in place.

Moon square Mars 12:05 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 9:57 AM, Moon trine Pluto 6:45 PM.

Monday, November 14: We can get busy but have trouble actually accomplishing anything.  Our minds are energized but maybe our bodies are not. We can feel that post full Moon energy let-down. Action picks up and the conversation gains traction tonight as the Moon enters Gemini.

Moon opposed Sun 6:52 AM, Moon enters Gemini 6:22 PM.

Tuesday, November 15: This can be a busy day, so let’s pace ourselves, juggle all the simmering parts, and not lose track of what’s important. Early morning fuzziness can create confusion; spirit is strong but our organization can be weak. Midday we gear up, become more decisive, snippy, and engage the conversation though we can get easily distracted as Mercury sextiles Mars. We slow down and simmer this evening as the Moon opposed Saturn; a more serious conversation returns to familiar topics and old concerns. Do not buy into the depressive edge, put one foot after the other instead.

Moon opposed Mercury 12:54 AM, Moon’s trine Mars 1:24 AM, Moon square Neptune 8:52 AM, Mercury sextile Mars 10:22 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 4:34 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 7:33 PM.

Wednesday, November 16: Morning is busy, but again we may talk over more than we actually accomplish. Old memories arise and distract us, unfinished wisps of karma target us. We have to track ourselves carefully if we need to accomplish anything in particular or finish a project. Tonight, we need to return to something cozy and familiar, we need a sense of safety as the Moon enters Cancer.

Moon sextile Uranus 50 7 AM, Moon enters Cancer 5:56 PM.

Thursday, November 17: Don’t be surprised of moments of social awkwardness as the Cancer Moon opposes Venus, our inner determination or discomfort can make us less diplomatic. Check for misunderstandings before feelings get hurt, as people tend to take things personally today. Reassurance and a sense of connection furthers.

Moon opposed Venus for 10 AM, Moon trine Neptune 9:04 AM, Moon square Jupiter 5:50 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 7:39 PM.

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