Starcodes horoscopes for November 10 – 16, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for November 10 – 16, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Karma comes home to roost this week. The catalyst will be a helpful trine between Saturn, the planet of security, structure, and status quo, and Uranus, the planet of change and invention. This is the third and last pass of a series (created as the planets retrograded in and out of exact trine on Dec 24, 2016, May 19, 2017, and now) and can bring resolution to work that began a year ago.

Now this aspect can produce some really wonderful changes, but we need to focus on where we’re going and not just on what we resent in the past, which can be too easy to do with the sun, Venus, and Jupiter all now in broody Scorpio.

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If we’ve planted seeds of trauma or inequity, they could now turn around and bite us. If we’ve sown work possibilities or seeds of compassion, they can begin to sprout and grow all this month, but particularly the over this weekend as a Moon in Leo forms a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus. All this week an outspoken candor can be both amusing and help us improve the situation as secrets come out. Mercury in frank and honest Sagittarius can ease our stress through insensitive quips and mischievous humor as well as expose the truth. Nighttime comics will have lots of fresh material.

This Saturn-Uranus trine encourages us to balance a healthy sense of responsibility with innovation; the parts of our life and our culture which have become stuck can be revived with some careful surgery and reinvigoration. Wherever we feel stuck, the answer will not be to stay safe, nor will it be to jump off a cliff, but find a way to, sanely but dynamically, evolve. This goes for any political party as well as our personal lives. We can waste our time on retribution rather than creation, but this time begs for constructive leadership so we use this exciting sense of potential to create a healthier future.

Friday unfolds under an outgoing Leo Moon and can bring some real grandstanding moments in the press, though most of us will just feel the urge to indulge ourselves. We want less talk and more action on Saturday, and will appreciate working together or getting a chance to work on our creative ideas. We’d really like others to notice our efforts and appreciate as the Moon moves into industrious Virgo and forms a lovely sextile to Venus and Jupiter. But if defenses start to prickle, look for an emotional need underneath that’s hard to talk about, and see how it can be met.

Love is in the air, but so is a strong possessive streak as Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio on Monday. Jupiter expands whatever it touches; Venus talks about love, creative process, and the feminine role in the culture. Jupiter spends a year and a sign, when it entered Scorpio a few weeks ago we started to see a cultural revolution based on a new Jupiterian openness about sexual misconduct and coercion, one with the potential to free Venusian types: women, creative folk, and those in the arts.

Now all that honesty can be obfuscated by confusion, delusions we don’t want to let go as Mercury and Neptune square over the weekend. make it hard for us to perceive clearly; we can waft around in a rather spacey mood, or get lost in our assumptions or obsessions.  We may be as honest as we know how, but we have to be honest with ourselves first. On any emotionally loaded topic, it it’s important that we ascertain the facts.

Relationships gain importance as we week progresses, and reflect what we’ve put into to them so far as Venus trines intuitive and creative Neptune but semi-square Saturn. Instead of judging each other by the vagaries of the moment, let’s remember one another as a multidimensional being who changes over time and over many circumstances, and choose to be encouraged all the growth we can see.

Friday, November 10: Deal with some interesting contradictions today, we can feel pulled in several directions and end up just sitting still, unless we can time it just right and develop our life as the outgoing Leo Moon squares the inward-looking Scorpio Sun. Big changes are afoot Emotions run strong, intense but luckily we have pretty good sense of humor through the process. Unusually frank comments can be a stress relief midday. Our stubbornness, strength, and need to be seen increases tonight.

Moon sextile Mars 1:34 AM, Moon square Sun 1:36 PM.

Saturday, November 11: So vote for the changes you want to see in both the world and at home with your action as Saturn, Moon, and Uranus form a grand trine this morning. The Moon then enters industrious Virgo but forms creative aspects; we bond by working together, by caring about one another’s health, by exploring culture together with heart and mind.

Moon trine Saturn 1:54 AM, Moon trine Uranus 1:55 AM, Saturn trine Uranus 2:44 AM, Moon enters Virgo 9:41 AM, Moon sextile Venus 8:07 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter10:25 PM.

Sunday, November 12: Moods can be all over the place today, so keep the schedule light and listen to how everyone’s feeling before making firm plans. We’ll appreciate the acceptance and freedom to roll with our moods. And we may have lots of good ideas and opinions, but let’s live them out ourselves rather than make suggestions to others, as everyone can be a little touchy around criticism and will tend to hear good suggestions as a complaint.

Moon square Mercury 2:31 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 6:23 AM, Moon trine Pluto 5:04 PM, Moon sextile Sun 11:55 PM.

Monday, November 13: There is a strong emotional torque this morning; we can feel intensely in all directions. A Venus-Jupiter conjunction can amp up our passions but also our emotional resentment wherever we feel lonely. A square between Mercury and Neptune can both infuse our imagination, but also make it easy to lost in our illusions. Show some love, share affection, but poor angst into the creative process. Afternoon softens as the Moon enters Libra, evening is a wonderful time to socialize and improve mutual understanding.

Venus conjunct’s Jupiter 1:15 AM, Moon opposed Chiron 6:17 AM, Moon square Saturn 8:45 AM, Mercury square Neptune 3:47 PM, Moon enters Libra 2:46 PM.

Tuesday, November 14: Moring is potentially friendly, though we may feel the need to speak out and bond over honesty. No one wants a conflict but everyone wants to be honest, and some opinions are not flexible. No one wants a conflict, but we may feel the need to speak out and bond over our frank opinions. Become more diplomatic later in the day, and stay honest rather than devolve into a more passive aggressive approach as the moon conjuncts Mars.

Moon sextile Mercury 4:37 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 8:08 PM.

Wednesday, November 15: Some hollow place can ache this morning, making it hard to hear one another’s needs. An unexpected event can push us to be flexible or make changes when we’d rather not. Roll with the change in plans this afternoon (or plans for change); don’t start off with “no”, do assess new possibilities as the Moon opposes Uranus and sextiles Saturn.

Moon square Pluto 1:12 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 4:36 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 5:50 PM.

Thursday, November 16: It furthers to have something to focus upon as our obsessive streak ramps up while the Moon enters Scorpio and Venus semi-squares Saturn. New investigations unearth fresh information. We may need to look some tough reality straight on, but need to watch that our imagination does not fixate on the worst corners. People with clear goals can be focused and satisfied, people without may feel their tails twitch and find the world irritating

Moon enters Scorpio 1:18 AM, Venus semi-squares Saturn 2:16 AM, Sun trine Neptune 8:20 AM, Sun trine Chiron 8:48 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 5:02 PM, Moon trine Neptune 11:32.

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