Starcodes horoscopes for May 8 – 14, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for May 8 – 14, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

It may be a dark and stormy night, inside if not out, as tonight’s Full Moon in broody Scorpio stirs our deepest moods and darkest corners. Venus and Mars are still in brash Aries, which lends us a generally brave and positive disposition, but can simplify and intensify our emotional and physical responses, as our body’s defenses may be as strong and as reactive as our emotional defenses. We can handle any real emergency with efficiency, but tend to turn ordinary events into an emergency, let alone something as honestly urgent as a new strain of flu or wildfire. Under duress, we may fall back into our more primitive responses; survive, fight, flight, or love.

Mercury just turned retrograde, and this complicates the situation as it can delay or confuse the information we have to work with. So we’re operating without clear facts, can take a mood quickly, and react with far more intensity than the situation demands. Even the natural elements are feeling the mood. With Venus and Mars both in fire signs, do be careful when you handle fire or combustibles; fire can get out of had as easily as our temper or our hearts these days, so handle all such volatile materials with care and respect. People will say the most stupid and contentious things the can when triggers, just watch the political rhetoric fly. If a fire, a mood, flu or a fight begins to break out, do what you can to deprive it of oxygen; listen to one another, but don’t feed the fight when tempers run hot, and leave if the conversation starts to feel unproductive.

All this week, life may seem unusually full, schedules crammed and our friends and family unusually interactive. Give us a day off and we’ll dive into our own life to renew in our spontaneity. Give us a real problem, and we’ll tackle it with courage and honesty. Give us a snafu or let us get bored, and we’ll tend to make a mountain out of a molehill. Under these circumstances, a real crisis could peak and call for extreme measures. But it will be extra important that we confirm our facts, get objective information, and find our calm center underneath before acting.

With all this buzz we may need extra time alone to find ourselves. When we do interact, things get spicy; our passions are as strong as our need to be intimate, the enthusiasm is there but cooperation is low, and we jump back quickly if our vulnerabilities feel abused or our needs disrespected. Impulse control is an issue; flash fight, a quick flare up or big hug are just a hair’s breath away. As communication gets tricky, and we’re sometimes too impatient or defensive to ask what the other really meant by that last comment, it’s so easy to go off half-cocked. Go on, take the dare and take the risk; keep those lines of communication open.

As the weekend begins, let’s dig deep, look into the roots of any matter, and direct this Scorpionic concentration away from obsession and towards creation. We learn from intensity, depth, and power and can perform surgery on the deadwood of our life. Be careful of the scorpion sting; react with care and with heart connected. Mid week, Mercury backs up into Gemini and our communications may improve, though our lines of communication, and our electrical equipment may develop poltergeist. Just when we want to hurry up, the most efficient approach will be to slow down and reorganize the plans.

Friday, May 8 the Scorpio Moon turns up the volume on what we want and what we don’t. Our minds go to serious challenges this morning, can look at the work case scenarios and may take overly-drastic measures as the Sun challenges Pluto. We may have to face a real problem squarely in the face to stop loss; honesty is essential. Constructive changes this afternoon if we keep it real; small talk does not cut it. Moody, rich-toned emotional evening under the Full Scorpio Moon, don’t poke the sleeping bears or territorial behavior, do dive into what really matters.

Saturday, May 9 brings a musky morning, speak with actions not words. Let people go their own way, as inner imperatives press our souls, and we will growl if pulled off track. Weeding or other contemplative puttering is good for the garden and the soul. Afternoon is more cooperative, even though signals cross easily. Evening a cloud lifts as the Moon enters Sagittarius; get out and dance in the streets.

Sunday, May 10 share and enjoy as the cheerful, active Sagittarius Moon trines Venus and Mars; laughter is great medicine, and so is time out in the natural world. Get out of the house; take mom on a picnic. Let humor touch on tough subjects, and don’t make anyone squirm with over-exposed honesty, we’re feeling open but still want our privacy respected. Travel back to a familiar place, greet long-distance connections. A fresh, philosophic perspective helps.

Monday, May 11 we just don’t feel like struggling; it seems like life should be so easy, we wonder why these rocks crop up in our field as Mars quincunx Saturn. Some old project needs attention, but if we put in the work, we see progress. Honesty needs to be tempered with kindness, and may shine best through a story or parable tonight as the Sagittarius Moon sextiles Neptune.

Tuesday, May 12 get back to work under a stern Capricorn mood; have patience, the delays may end up being favorable. Take a more structure or organized approach if the going gets rough, don’t try to force it, even though Mercury semi-squares Mars. Incisive thinking may be able to par down waste or edit bloated copy, but watch the snappy comebacks; what feels good into the short term may increase the difficulties in the long term. Tough news may come this afternoon, but is probably not the full picture.

Wednesday, May 13, life’s challenges take more finesse and control than we feel like giving, let’s take control of ourselves and our reactions (and maybe our closets) but not control of others as the Capricorn Moon trines Saturn. Watch a tendency to over regulate others and to rebel against any new regulations. Turn an argument into creative action this afternoon through your imagination, the answer will b just outside of the box, but easily ignored.

Thursday, May 14, if romantic or other interpersonal expectations cause tension, take a step back and neither push nor bite. Make progress elsewhere to remove the pressure, and then get back in there with an abundant heart as Venus semi-squares Jupiter. Although beauty is suddenly important, don’t spend money just for stress relief. If called upon to extend oneself in compassionate action, do so with a whole heart, but in a healthy way. Evening relaxes; let’s hang with gang and de-stress intimate connections as the Moon enters Aquarius.

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