Starcodes horoscopes for May 7 – 13, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for May 7 – 13, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

There’s a whole lot of shaking going on. As Jupiter draws closer to Uranus transformation escalates in our personal lives and in the political and technological arena. We could feel this time coming in the fall of 2008 as Saturn first opposed Uranus; at that point change looked imminent, and the big shifts did begin, but that transformation appeared to be put on hold while we did some deeper foundational work, much to the frustration of many and the relief of some.

This momentum has resumed these last few months as Saturn and Uranus opposed again and unsettled the old ways, but now it really kicks into gear as change-master Uranus joins forces with expansive, abundant Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Now through next January this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction acts like graphite to lubricate a lock and open the doors.

These two conjunct every thirteen years or so and help us shift gears. They ran together in 1982-3 as the internet first came on line. Sometimes the changes begin with an advance in technology, like the internet, that triggers a social and financial shift in how we live and work.

But often the changes start with a problem; we learn to solve the problem or deal with its consequences and that process changes how we normally operate. We can expect the recent oil-drilling tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico to trigger major change in how we access and use fossil fuels, though it’ll take a while to see just how.

In our personal life, some small transformation or major change that’s been simmering behind the scenes soon picks up momentum. Our recent experiences have highlighted our vulnerabilities and we need to respond. The transformations may be triggered by a problem we need to solve, or our work may chance in response to new technology. We can embrace the change and integrate with it, or resist the change and feel less in control. While this transformation takes a year to fully roll out, this week we get clues to the new direction.

As the weekend begins, life is complicated, nothing is simple, and many things don’t work right the first time as Mercury dawdles in the tail end of its retrograde cycle. Our heart may be open and ready to communicate as Venus and Mars form a friendly sextile from outgoing signs of Gemini and Leo, but the process has glitches. The mood is generally helpful if feisty, a cooperative vibe helps us deal with the snafus though it may be hard to get a steady, continuous effort going.  People may be feeling hopeful but sensitive, possibly in reaction to allergens, pollution or stressors, and need extra care.

Let’s renew and restore this weekend, mend old relations and build new ones; we’ll need those lines of support open early next week as feisty Aries Moon squares Pluto and challenges us to put our all into our efforts. We talk less and do more, but can run headlong into tangles and snafus. It can help to get tired first, work out or put muscle into some clear-cut physical effort, because although we’re impatient, we can’t force other situations that aren’t quite ripe nor needs finesse instead of muscle.

For the rest of the week, repair the problems and prepare the fields. Our recent blockades begin to melt after Tuesday when Mercury turns direct, though tough new information may reveal a problem already underway, but previously invisible. We get a green light after a New Moon in Taurus late on Thursday. This Taurus Moon is one of the most fertile moments of the year: our efforts over the next few days will bear fruit. By Friday it’s time to plant seeds, send résumés, pitch proposals, or let someone know we like them. Plant what we really want to grow.

Friday, May 7: Let’s dream big as the Moon conjuncts Neptune this fortuitous morning, and then step forward. Find the path of least resistance, the easy way today.  Make new connections through old one this afternoon as Venus sextiles Mars; camaraderie heals tension and flirtation sparks in conducive surroundings. Our brains may be fuzzy but our artistic sensibilities can make good decisions. Energy levels fluctuate, rest often but keep moving. Sweetness tonight where we feel safe, but no one wants to be pushed out of their comfort zone.

Saturday, May 8: Keep it low key. Freedom may mean nothing left to loose, but we have a moment of freedom as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Uranus. Concentration is fleeting but imagination cranks high; if we don’t like where our mind wanders, because not all dreams are good, we can wake ourselves up. Cleaning is important for house, body, and environment. Water systems of all types need attention. Mid-afternoon awkward spot needs sensitivity not self-consciousness. Later on, we need to touch magic and may be tempted by our favorite vice, whether chocolate or harder stuff, but can alter our state with a healthier and more creative approach.

Sunday, May 9: An expansive, philosophical morning brings opportunities and new connections.  Get determined, not discouraged if waves of tiredness meet a tougher edge of reality midday. We may try to be nice and sociable but could feel strained. A nap might help. As the Moon conjuncts Uranus and then enters Aries tonight, our minds turn towards the future and tend to worry or feel urgent, and we can get edgy in response. Relax and make flexible plans instead.

Monday, May 10: We’re in a hurry, but like too many horses trying to get through the same gate, we run into one another and slow the process down. Instead, let’s take a deep breath and prioritize one thing at a time. Some odd interpersonal tensions may be more attraction than repulsion, even if they’re being difficult. We may need to trust someone we’d rather not to handle an uncomfortable situation. If evening brings crossed wires and missed signals, relax and stop pushing.

Tuesday, May 11: Cross-currents cause problems, so don’t be caught in psychic or meteorological wind as Mercury stations and turns direct under an Aries Moon. We’re impatient with progress, but still need to take one step at a time, the more urgent the situation, the slower and steadier needs to be the response. Line up action for tomorrow rather than press forward now.

Wednesday, May 12: Pressure softens and determination kicks in. Prepare the ground for new beginnings under the Taurus Moon. Let’s weed, turn the soil, and fertilize the field now and plant on Friday; however we want to live out that metaphor.  We midday, we know what’s missing as the Moon trines Pluto, and may obsess about what we want. Evening is sociable; feelings are too close to the surface to play it cool.

Thursday, May 13: Strong and different opinions can collide early as the Moon squares Mars early on; avoid obstreperous positions. We define the problem and can find more agreement about what to do this afternoon. Our hungers heighten; feel the real hunger, not the surface one. A beautiful New Moon in Taurus wakens our senses and marks a new beginning. What do we want to grow in the year ahead?

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