Starcodes horoscopes for May 5 – 11, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for May 5 – 11, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Changes, reversal, adjustments, and explorations, this week could be exciting. And if it’s not, we may be tempted to start trouble and make it so as Mercury, is finally direct and moving forward, building up steam in restless Aries, and then conjuncts the asteroid Eris and Uranus as Mars semi-squares them all this weekend.

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The clutch is in, and we are changing gears. Recent political and personal turmoil and excitement created while Mercury stationed at this tricky point, going back and forth over Uranus and Eris, named after the goddess of discord, can wear on our nerves. The current is unexpected and exciting, erratic and electric; as Uranus charges up our nervous systems we can both feel buzzy enough to delay sleep, and never quite feel rested, as if our engines are running too hot.

We can call up the energy for emergencies or for an exciting moment though, but respond well to urgencies. Routine is hard to relax into- we may just have to find way to trick ourselves into finding the thrill in our daily life to kick us into efficiency.

A Virgo Moon helps us clean up our act and our work as the week ends, but that, along with a semi-square between Mars and Uranus over the weekend can leave some of us cranky and painfully aware of unfinished edges and recent mistakes. Mechanical difficulties can spur our ingenuity. We may have to run twice as far to accomplish normal things unless we stop and take a moment to return to our center and assess what would be the most efficient way forward. Emotionally, we can alternate between being proud of our rugged individualism and independence, and wondering why people don’t give us more help. (Hint, it may be our attitude).

With the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Libra, both Venus-ruled signs, it can be a cuddly weekend. It helps our potentially neurologically fried nervous system to take a moment in the Sun and soothe ourselves with healthy creature comforts. This friendly overtone lasts through Monday, so let’s extends ourselves now and make the connections we need. The Moon heads into Scorpio late Monday night and waxes full on Wednesday, one of the most broody and moody full Moons of the year.

On Tuesday, the Sun trines Pluto planet of death, rebirth, power struggles and empowerment as Mercury conjuncts Uranus, planet of change. We can expect some shifts in direction energy and momentum beginning to build, and the effect may shock us, one way or another. Which direction these changes take us is very much a wildcard and up to all of us. Let’s use this intensity wisely. Make it also a meditation to transcend resentments, research the depths, and nourish our roots.

Thursday brings more upbeat Sagittarius Moon helps us move on. Mars squares Neptune which may take away some certainty of the future, but also helps us drop the resentments and move past any recent stalemate. Mercury trine Saturn bringing fresh concentration sanity, and can do ability. For a bringing back momentum and competence if we choose to engage.

Friday, May 5: The Virgo Moon forms a grand trine with the Sun and Pluto and asks if we’re doing enough. Work flows when the answer to that is yes. Morning confusion leaves us fuzzy-headed as the Moon opposes Neptune, but turns into a productive if nervy afternoon. Though we can get so hyper focused on what needs to be done that we are cavalier with others’ feelings unless we consciously keep our hearts open. Efficient if surgical decisions can be made. Tonight, conversation rocks, but edginess makes it hard to wind down.

Sun quincunx Jupiter 1:59 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 5:27 AM, Moon trine Sun 8:14 AM, Moon trine Pluto 3:56 PM.

Saturday, May 6: We can feel old this morning and need extra rest as the Moon squares Saturn but it may be hard to sleep in as Mercury conjuncts Uranus and nudges us to get on with life. Chores flow easier this morning, we need time for connection and creativity, to respond to a spontaneous suggestion this afternoon. Edgy tempers can be sweet until rubbed the wrong way, then sharp spikes of temper and sudden jerkiness can precipitate minor accidents. Watch a passive-aggressive undertone. We need excitement but in a way that is safe, fair, and alive.

Moon square Saturn 6:41 AM, Moon enters Libra 12:20 PM, Mars semi-square Uranus 7:53 PM, Moon opposed Venus 9:21 PM.

Sunday, May 7: Take any opportunity to prepare recently rest up relationships are nervous system. And take an opportunity to create space in the heart in the world around the problem as the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra this afternoon. Regain equilibrium. Reach out to a larger community and create more emotional stability.

Moon trine Mars 9:56 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 5:01 PM.

Monday, May 8: It’s a tricky day, decisions can toggle back and forth as the Libra Moon opposes Mercury and Uranus. Don’t buy into a false sense of urgency and be forced to make a move before it’s right, but do pay attention to sudden opportunities or real emergencies. The landscape continues to shift and change over the next few days. Watch where the mind goes tonight as the Moon enters Scorpio; our soul wants to look under rocks and into caves. We need to do the deep work, but not get stuck in those dark corners.

Moon square Pluto 1:56 AM, Moon opposed Venus 1:41 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 2:47 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 4:58 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 11:01 PM.

Tuesday, May 9: Stay in touch with ongoing conundrums and questions as decisions ripen. This is a pivot point, and consequence become manifest as the Sun trines Pluto while Mercury conjuncts Uranus exact. Decisions that have been going back and forth for two months now may now take a decisive step. What was stuck can may become unstuck. We can speak in judiciously, and comments made can shock us into action.

Sun trine Pluto 12:23 PM, Moon semi-square Saturn 10:39 PM, Mercury conjunct Uranus 11:19 PM.

Wednesday, May 10: Legend has it that Buddha was born under a tempestuous Full Moon in Scorpio, like today, and so he understood how suffering is instigated when we desire or crave something other than what we have. We get a review lesson today. Our feelings need to flow, rather than swirl into a maelstrom. We can hurt with longing for different politics, events, circumstances than what we have. Jealousy, resentment, fury, passion, depth, all simmer in the sub-ether. Or we can redirect the Scorpio Moon focus into a search for solutions, and find gratitude for what’s worthy in our life. So let’s use this focus wisely.

Moon trine Neptune 2:39 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 1:28 PM, Moon opposed Sun 3:42 PM.

Thursday, May 11: Our nervous system can either relax, unwind, or feel tired this morning, as we crash off the full Moon and our motivation softens as Mars squares Neptune, but spirits lift as the Moon enters Sagittarius midday. This afternoon we begin to see how the dust settles enough for us to see farther on down the road and begin to make pragmatic long-term plans as Mercury trine Saturn.

Moon trine Chiron 6:30 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 10:59 AM, Mars squares Neptune 11:51 AM, Mercury trine Saturn 2:14 PM.

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