Starcodes horoscopes for May 4 – 10, 2018

Starcodes horoscopes for May 4 – 10, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s enjoy the generally cozy comfort and pleasant social context of the Sun in Taurus combined with the easy-breezy casual conversation stimulated by the present Venus in Gemini. Underneath this surface comfort stirs a move to make big changes, both the desire to change things that desperately need changing, and change a few things just because. Mercury squares depressing Pluto on Monday, then sidles up to conjunct Uranus while Mars approaches a square to Uranus, the planet that acts as cosmic clutch and allows us to change gears, the following week. Let’s not waste this opportunity.

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Though the rhythm of these aspects can be uncomfortable: through early next week, the Plutonian aspects make us aware of what we have to let go of, where we feel stuck, what’s not working, and then the Uranian aspects kick in in the weeks ahead and instigate exciting if potentially uncomfortable, changes in response to our Plutonian feelings as Mercury approaches Uranus and Mars squares Uranus. We can see this pattern working out in Hawaii as the volcano eats up a corner of the island, we may not have something so drastic to wrestle with, but still have our own personal conundrum.

We may have to let go of a plan that’s not working or see what needs to be pruned in order to create room for new growth. Although we may need to look at dire possibilities square in the face and be realistic. Maybe we need to notice where we’re throwing good money after bad and stop it so we can use our energy more fruitfully. it will be important not to believe our darkest thoughts. We just have to get past the illusion that we’re stuck, and really explore our options.  Don’t give up but do get realistic; there’s a fine line between the two. Weigh all the options and keep the lines of communication open and ingenuity in place to invent a new approach.

And the concerns we are dealing with are not brand-new, about two months ago Mercury almost completed this square to Pluto but then retrograded, postponing the resolution. Issues that came up in mid-March but were not resolved then- now need to be taken to completion, decisions need to be made so that we can make adjustments and move on to something new.

Mercury is still in Aries throughout the week and can make us a little twitchy; while it helps us react fast, it also imparts a tendency to jump to conclusions or irritate quickly. This Mercury also exacerbates spring allergies, everything about our breathing and nervous system just inflames easily. Let’s be careful, get those power tools out and into action this weekend, but put safety first.

On Monday, Mercury perfects it square to Pluto and brings our mind to our trouble spots. Some old ghosts can bring up familiar depressing thoughts, but we don’t have to follow that depression cascade. Venus also squares Neptune on Monday and enhances our sense of aesthetics and imagination but can bring out and unrealistic streak or cause us to imagine our best and worst- case scenarios, particularly around relationships or creative projects. It can also bring up problems around too much or too little water, so stay hydrated and watch the flow of all liquids.

There are some intriguing changes coming over the next few weeks as those Uranus aspects kick in. Some of the tension that builds up towards the end of the week is not about the people around us, though it’s easy to read it there. Let go of unnecessary anxieties and look for what really needs to be changed.

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Friday, May 4: Make hay while the Sun shines, get work done while the competent Moon in Capricorn conjuncts serious Saturn and helps us keep our nose to the grind stone. Work concerns can weigh heavily on us, though they are probably not as dire as they seem now. Our sense of humor may be threadbare. This seriousness may be real, with a deadline or urgency pressing, or it may be perceived with just a heaviness and seriousness of mood. This is not an imaginative time, but we can accomplish. Tonight, that seriousness continues; keep social expectations low and let people be tired. That quiet support nurtures.

Moon conjunct Saturn 2:01 PM.

Saturday, May 5: Worry less and do more as Mercury quincunx Jupiter. This is a great day for personal chores, busyness is good therapy. Get the garden in, build the wall, get it done as the Capricorn Moon approaches Pluto and Mars. Some serious family or work conundrum may be coming to a head, maybe not time for the final decision but for an important phase of the conversation. It furthers to have something to do tonight rather than stare at the walls or nudge each other as the energy can become uncomfortable. Process deeply, get busy, or be quiet. Put the mind on to good things before sleep as it can be a restless night.

Moon trine Sun 1:52 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 4:16 AM, Mercury quincunx Jupiter 5:04 PM

Sunday, May 6: It furthers to find a community of like minds, let’s hang with people we like as we absorb easily from our social-emotional circumstances. It may be easier to talk to new people than old friends as Venus semi-squares Uranus. Be good to ongoing relationships but take the opportunity to make new connections. Honor aesthetic differences. Our artistic expression can need discipline and be a little frustrating, but also be good for the soul.

Moon conjunct Mars 12:19 AM, Moon square Uranus 7:48 AM, Sun sextile Neptune 7:56 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 8:48 AM, Venus semi-square Uranus 9:59 AM.

Monday, May 7: The Aquarius Moon helps us work more collegially and collaboratively, which is good because we’ll need all the support we can get. Mercury squares Pluto and decisions clarify that help us move forward, we just have to make sure that were making those decisions honestly and keep the lines of communication open. Notice we may not be particularly realistic, it’s good to be idealistic but keep there is a balance between what we want and what were afraid of and in the middle is probably the truth.

Mercury square Pluto 2:52 AM, Venus square Neptune 3:58 PM, Moon trine Venus 5:24 PM, Moon square Sun 8:08 PM, Moon square Jupiter 10:11 PM.

Tuesday, May 8: Lay a burden down.  It’s time to just drop something that crowds life and make more room as the Sun opposes Jupiter. Our freedom can be nothing left to lose, but don’t throw out things unnecessarily; instead edit, clear, release old grudges, release clutter of the heart as well as of the closet. Finish files and clear the desk. The Moon enters Pisces tonight and the water level of our emotions rises.

Moon sextile Mercury 6:50 AM, son opposed Jupiter 6:38 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 8:28 PM, Moon enters Pisces 9:10 PM.

Wednesday, May 9: Contact any friend who is in a truly tough place.  Even as underlying tension may be building and restlessness growing, our hearts soften today as the Pisces Moon approaches Neptune. It may be important to take time out to daydream, not just to get away from any ongoing problems but to go around the problem and looked at it from a different perspective, to imagine if we really wanted it all to be better what would that look like and hold that while we handle the other pieces. Meanwhile people are tender in the heart even though our tempers are twitchy. That the softness in the heart makes it important that we speak cleanly and kindly and not put this tension between us or it won’t be easily forgiven. Radical acts of kindness and romance further.

Venus quincunx Jupiter 12:36 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 2:22 PM.

Thursday, May 10: Pay attention to this morning’s dreams as the Moon conjuncts Neptune. They may be rather cryptic but can give an archetype to work with. Be gentle with one another and stay focused on real issues. Let people wind their way rather than be direct, this is a nonlinear day. Some social awkwardness midmorning to noon as the Moon squares Venus, but it eases out after lunch. We all need a bucket of patience and kindness, as nothing is simple. Many heart strings are tugged while handling ordinary work

Moon conjunct Neptune 4:27 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:25 AM, Moon square Venus 10:44 AM, Moon sextile Sun 11:58 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 2:13 PM.

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