Starcodes horoscopes for May 29 – June 4, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for May 29 – June 4, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Have a party tonight.  No one is feeling particularly logical and many of us would like to act out and need a creative way to do so, or we’ll bluster at the dinner table as the extroverted Leo Moon trines Venus and Mars Aries. Emotions run hot; minds aren’t working clearly; if we say too much we’ll get in trouble, so we might as well dance.

Next week looks to be creative and fertile after an intelligent but illogical weekend as Mercury turns direct under prickly Virgo Moon.  Our material world needs attention– stuff like our health, our garden, summer wardrobe and responsibilities, and we may feel a strong urge to hurry up and get to it; but we can get stuck in the myth that no can do it right, we’ll have to do it all ourselves.  Until we try, that is, and realize it’s just a tough weekend.

It helps to find work that needs a critical mind but no precision, like weeding a garden; just make sure to clearly identify the sprouts from the weeds first. Solutions are just a few moments of patience away, and patience does get easier as Mars leaves Aries and heads into Taurus over the weekend.

Mercury has been retrograde for three weeks, compounding misunderstandings or miffed feelings just as Venus and Mars in Aries added fuel to any fire we started and added a craving for the apparent safety of independence anytime we felt vulnerable.  We dealt with reactionary and excited energy, and may not always have thought clearly or with all the facts.  This weekend the roots of the difficulties may come to light as Mercury turns direct and Mars enters less fiery, if more stubborn, Taurus.  Next week is time to kiss and make up, to heal any unnecessary rifts, catch up on our writing, and really get the summer started.

As next week blooms, let’s let our hearts fill up, spill out and enrich our lives. We can spill our hearts into loving action, like a fire in a relationship or get involved in some compassionate efforts, or spill into our creative work, whether our art form is our spring wardrobe, new website, music or fine arts. Just keep the hugs and arts supplies handy as several expansive aspect from Venus, the symbol of love and beauty, stimulate our emotional and creative capacity, just as a supportive trine between action-oriented Mars and empowering Pluto adds power and guts to our work.

It’s a lovely time to reach out beyond our usual circles and make new friends or take our tired selves and familiar loves out to explore and renew. Venus, now in fiery, extroverted Aries, sextiles expansive Jupiter and intuitive Neptune, and this warm and friendly energy can help us create new connections, whether we’re negotiating international politics or meeting new friends on our summer break.

But as these lovely Venus aspects turn up the volume on our social activity they can also turn up our romantic or interpersonal expectations and this can strain relationships and set us up for disappointment.

Venus in Aries doesn’t like disappointment and can nudge us to react by stepping away. If we’re in an unproductive relationship, place, or job, this may be the week to strike out and find greener pastures; it’s a great week to send out resume or strike up a new love.  But if our situation is basically sound but has just been through a rough patch lately, we need to stay in there and appreciate the moment. We have to sort between what we need to weed out of our life and what we need to appreciate.

Friday, May 29 hyperbole flies as the Leo Moon trines Venus and Mars in Aries. Challenging moment in the morning, watch what is said as egos bump when someone doesn’t get their way. Midday, emotional expression flows, though some overact their part. Have a party and sing to the Moon this magical night, we understand with our hearts but not our heads as the Moon opposes Jupiter and Neptune.

Saturday, May 30 can be difficult and discontent; nothing seems to go as planned, but a lot can get done if we keep the agenda loose and work with what is and not what we want. Misunderstandings or missing parts can make people edgy midday as Mercury turns direct, but problem can straighten out by sundown. Tonight may feel edgy but oddly formal; we need rest and nurturance, and an honest answer.

Sunday, May 31, serious morning, our bodies may feel creaky, responsibilities impinge as the Virgo Moon conjuncts Saturn; we’ll feel younger later. Mars enters Taurus, challenges Saturn, calms our temper but gives us more endurance, asks us to take care of business down here in the material world.  Self-control needed is for problem solving; a gentle heart is needed to straighten out mistakes and misunderstandings.

Monday, June 1 let’s stay light on our feet, ready to adjust to unexpected circumstances on this unsettled, potentially cranky morning. The moods soften quickly midday if we prioritize fairness as the Moon enters egalitarian Libra. Kindness and diplomacy will open the door.  Even if we’re impatient, let’s not take our dear ones for granted later this afternoon as the Moon squares Pluto.  A sad or moody breeze blows through our moods and reminds us of what we’ve let go, or what we could loose; let’s be there for one another. This evening our souls need beauty to be fed.  Please don’t push us, let us know we’re all in this together and the stars will shine in our eyes.

Tuesday, June 2 offers an opportunity to heal some recently frayed relationship. Morning shares a lazy streak; expect practical delays midday, but with harmonizing opportunities later. Let bygones be bygones and enter into a new dream as Venus forms a few lovely aspects this afternoon. Evening is sociable and lovely with potentially great conversation, or wildly escapist, which way we go is up to us.

Wednesday, June 3 follow through on yesterday’s opportunities as the friendly Libra Moon trines Jupiter and Neptune this morning, but be patient around awkward moment midday as the Moon opposes sociable Venus. The emotional winds pick up this afternoon; don’t take personally if a loved one gets distracted. We’ll tend to be less friendly but with better concentration later as the Moon enters focused and broody Scorpio. Look around for what needs fixing and deal with it. Tempers flare tonight as the Moon opposes Mars unless we take a deep breath and deal with, rather than react to, any irritant.

Thursday, June 4 brings a thoughtful, introspective morning. Turn any strong urge to change or purify onto the garden’s weeds or personal health, and not onto one another. Don’t lash out in the name of giving good advice. Our will power is unusually strong and needs to be used wisely and directed with love. Watch out for a few people who are tempted to shift the blame outwards and deny personal responsibility; in the long run, they’re disempowering themselves. But with a worthy challenge, today’s aspects can energize and add competence.

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