Starcodes horoscopes for May 28 – June 3, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for May 28 – June 3, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Water and weather, electricity and uncertainty; we wonder what to do but may feel an urgent need to do something this week. Uranus has just entered Aries and throws our patience out the window for the next eight years. We’re in a rush to modernize and rush to find a mechanical answer. We’ll feel a new urgency to express ourselves and may not take the time to do it right the first time.

The background vibe of the stars is good, if restless, but this is big astrological news, though its effects will be more long-term than immediate. After this week business will begin to slowly move forward as our confusion first deepens, then clears about our direction as Saturn turns direct after months retrograde while Neptune turns retrograde.

The technical and ecological emergency created by the gushing oil in the Gulf of Mexico needs no patience, but it does need us to stop flailing around and do it right, it demands the Aries-Uranus genius but not it’s rushed accidents. Because of the timing of this event, as electrical Uranus enters the sign of revolution while Neptune, the planet associated with water, oil, and addiction, turns retrograde, this may be the blow that breaks the Neptunian trance of the fossil-fuel economy.  This experience is a turning point, a terrible sacrificial catalyst for the mechanical, engineering and power-source revolution that Uranus Aries will bring over the next 8 years. We need to follow up and not let this horrendous sacrifice be in vain.

In the background of these era-change aspects, the Sun in offers a basically sociable mood while Mercury in Taurus encourages a sensual, pragmatic and stubborn communications style. Venus in Cancer lets us feel our tender places, even if we don’t always want to show them.

Some personal or public event has reminded us of the ephemeral and changing nature of life as Venus recently opposed Pluto. Dark and powerful stuff bubbles up from the underworld (so Plutonian, we couldn’t get a more literal iteration of this aspect) and destroys the Venusian life force of the delicate gulf ecosystem in full breeding glory.  We may have felt our own dark stuff  bubbling up from the underworld into our dreams and waking life and feel a bit raw and tender emotionally, reevaluating our priorities in the face of recent circumstances.

But the good side of an aspect is always medicine for its challenging side. What will help us both personally and in this ecological crisis is Venus’ creative and compassionate approach.  We need to wash every oil-soaked bird, coordinate globally for all possible solutions, and find a way to express that level of compassionate action in our own personal life.

Luckily we’re not just feeling sensitive, Mars in Leo keeps us out there and connected, and it lets our outrage roar.   This week— as active, macho Mars opposes Neptune, planet of water, oil, things that flow, spirituality and addictions– the heroic action and engineering skills of Mars as its best contain the cure to Neptune’s poisoned addiction, as black crude is surely our national heroin. We may all be getting ready to let go of an old anger, ambition, or old stubborn resistance (Mars) and set new goals for the summer.  Our country may be getting ready to release now irrelevant policies around fossil fuel production, ruled by Neptune, and gays in the military, ruled by Mars.

But first, we may feel fuzzy-brained over this Memorial Day weekend. This Mars-Neptune opposition dissolves old motivations and asks us to rest before we begin again. We may feel unmotivated for the moment, between the acts. Once we let go of the old form, this aspect challenges us to get out of any passive rut and let go of any dearly-held illusion blocking our path, and put some muscle into our dreams and spiritual practice.

The weekend is more about work than about play, which helps the ongoing relief efforts in the Gulf. We can also work at our play and have a great time in a serious game or hunt for antiques.

As the weekend begins, Mercury semi-squares Saturn and can increase the expectations but decrease our ability to communities them with grace as. It will us get down, dirty and structural, Build a wall or climb a hill. Small achievable goals make everyone happy.

If only we know what we want to do, as Mars opposes Neptune can take the steam out of our sail even under an ambitious Capricorn Moon, we may set out with a big to-do list and space out after the first few items, or make it a “Honey do” list for our spouse, neighborhood, or government to tackle instead.  It will be so much more empowering if we can kick back for a bit, then make it a “Honey, let me do it” list.

Next week Saturn turns direct after many months retrograde and can open up our work world. But this weekend, on a more subtle level and just in time for Memorial Day, it offers a chance to review our life with our father figures, whether those are biological and cultural, remember their helpful gifts and the messages and remember the passed-down limitations that need to be overcome. We can take one more step to compost them all and let the result fertilize our roots for stronger work ahead.

Friday, May 28: Energy buzzes from too much information and ideas with too little sorting. Our attention is just not on the work at hand, so keep exchanges short and to the point, and postpone work until next week; right now the holiday and the Sagittarius Moon beckon us outdoors. Responses are passionate and somewhat irritated as Venus semi-squares Mars; if we’re not mean, a quarrel can break the ice later on. Tonight’s limitations need creative acceptance, not an argument with Mercury sesqui-square Saturn. Open heart and mind.

Saturday, May 29: Drink more water, it may help with brain-sludge this weekend; let the mind rinse out as well, clear it of that which has been stockpiled within.  We need to unwind. Later, as the Moon heads into Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto, we need to honor the day; memorialize those that have passed or tackle more serious work.  Deep conversation flows this afternoon, but opinions fling around dinnertime.

Sunday, May 30: Let it be the journey not the destination, the process is the point. Doubts and questions are important; if afterwards we stay on the same path, we’ll do so with more solidness and less fantasy. Watch for electric mishaps later as Mercury semi-squares Uranus. We’re ready to change our minds and talk over options, but anxiety can provoke unwise comments. Breathe before speaking.

Monday, May 30: Morning bring fuzzy-thinking if potentially intimate feelings as Venus sequi-squares a retrograding Neptune. Some tenderhearted need lurks under our competent facades. Realism isn’t the point; we need to fill up our reservoirs. Enjoy the company and listen to the souls’ need before tackling the to-do list. We need time out, but water, rest and retreat will be easier on the system than injudicious use of escapist substances, even if it is a Neptunian bad habit and Memorial Day tradition. Watch for drunk drivers later.

Tuesday, June 1: People are sociable and inefficient, friendly but not intimate. So much effort can be saved if we reassess the landscape, rebuild teams; reconnect with work before we get busy. Prepare to move forward tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 2: Business is better, some bloc is removed and people seem more willing to look ahead.  But relationship are challenged as Venus squares Chiron; old emotional splinters work their way towards the surface, so share about the future but tread lightly about where we’ve been. Communications snags mid-afternoon can leave us moody tonight unless we try and bridge the gap.

Thursday, June 3: Breezy relationships may mask unconscious interpersonal struggles. Troubling news needs investigation. Listen even when it’s hard; try to shush anyone and expect rebellion, as even the dogs want to bark.  Attempts at politeness can obfuscate what we really need to say midday as the Moon conjuncts Neptune; let’s be diplomatic but clear.  Symbolic expression and story may be more effective than logic to get our point across.

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