Starcodes horoscopes for May 26 – June 1, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for May 26 – June 1, 2017

By Heather Roan Robbins

Welcome to Memorial Day weekend, and as expected on a versatile Gemini Sun holiday, this weekend now has a multiplicity of meanings and ways to celebrate. We’re called to remember those who gave their all in military service as well as celebrate weddings and graduations, take advantage of blowout sales and tackle our summer-preparation home chores. Gemini is the master of the multitask, we may be able to concentrate best when we have several pots cooking, but let’s not get spread too thin.

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This holiday weekend comes at a really good time for many people. Last week Saturn trine Uranus, an aspect that can relieve pressure by creating changes, but can really unsettle ordinary routines, work, systems of power, authority structures. Our security can feel challenged, and work may have unusual exciting or been a real pain lately.

This unsettled quality to our work needs more attention this week as Mars opposes Saturn, an aspect which can leave us frustrated because we can’t always do what we want to do until we crank through our work and responsibility. It can also bring some tough lessons home to roost if we have let our responsibilities slide or have misused our personal authority. Which might bring interesting consequences in our current political scene.

Now these changes to our Saturnine systems can be good news if the old patterns aren’t working for us. But people who are insecure in their authority may be unusually anxious, particularly if they are new at the job or feel out of control. This nervousness can lead to bad management, and that will take grace to contain and heal.

For all of us who are in any sort of position of authority, let’s see if we can pour out authentic reassurance and be grateful for what works to reassure the troops. If emotional patterns or sore points stir up, it furthers to practice good self-care and retrain our nervous system. If the person above us is acting out because they’re feeling insecure, we may need to lead upwards; instead of reacting and getting our feelings hurt from their brittleness, find some way to encourage collaboration. And possibly most important, if we have time off this weekend, let’s really put those work problems aside and take a deep breath, so we can return next week with more resilience.

This weekend will be busy enough with other things; we may need to multi-task up a storm with the Sun, Moon, and Mars all in Gemini. On Friday and into Saturday the mood is nervy, verbal, funny but easily worried. Venus in Aries helps us do what needs to be done, but keeps the heat simmering on all our emotional responses, both the highs and the lows, so we may say more than we intend. Or just spill national secrets.

The mood becomes less buzzy and more cozy as the Moon enters sensitive, domestic, if self-protective Cancer on Saturday. A friendly sextile between Mercury and imaginative Neptune encourages a nice splash in the water and empathic conversation, but it can also leave us feeling like we need some time out of ordinary reality. Enjoy a break, but watch out for inebriated drivers.

On Sunday and Monday those household chores beckon as willful Mars opposes responsible Saturn. If we can’t do what we really want to do, let’s make the best of what we end up doing instead. Monday may be the best time for a community picnic as the Moon heads into sociable Leo.

Midweek that capacity to multi-task may be put to the test, we can be really busy but buzz from task to task without much opportunity to complete them. We may be tempted to speak with more indignation and surprise than we really feel, so let’s keep it real and see if we can find the facts amid any hubbub. Mercury trines Pluto on Wednesday and truth comes out, lost objects can be found and information exchanged. And that new information may help us make important decisions.

Friday, May 26: Yesterday’s New Moon in Gemini continues to vibrate and impart a funny, flirtatious, repartee but suggests we have thousands of unfinished conversations and projects that need tending to ASAP. Let’s prioritize and follow through. Morning flows fairly smoothly, if a nit nervy and scattered, with a few unexpected errands. Tonight, the energy is articulate but brittle as the Moon conjuncts irritable Mars and opposes serious Saturn. Morning flows fairly smoothly, tonight brings flare-up of impatience or edgy humor as the Moon conjuncts Mars and then opposes Saturn. Let’s engage the great and potentially deep conversation, but be careful with feelings in our witticisms and not take it too personally if other people’s nerves make them brittle.

Moon trine Jupiter 3:26 AM, Moon square Neptune 4:24 PM, Moon sextile Venus 1:49 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 8:20 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 10:52 PM.

Saturday, May 27: This morning it pays to rattle around and have conversations, as the mood is generally extroverted and talkative. We turn inwards or more introverted this afternoon, the mood shifts towards long walks, picnics with those we know well, house projects, and domestic policy. If familiar irritants stir up, habits that we are allergic to, we can practice better self-care this time as Mercury semi-squares Chiron and quincunx Jupiter. Good food furthers.

Moon sextile Uranus 12:18 AM, Moon enters Cancer 5:24 AM, Mercury semi-square Chiron 11:21 PM, Mercury quincunx Jupiter1:17 PM.

Sunday, May 28: Keep the agenda low this morning; sit with spirit and memories, and a nice glass of iced tea, as Mercury sextiles dreamy Neptune. Swim or sweat, let water work its magic. Feelings stir strongly midday as the Moon opposes Pluto and we sensitize to partings, both temporary and permanent. Honor memories of the past, but don’t project these feeling onto the future.

Mercury sextile Neptune 1:03 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 2:56 AM, Moon trine Neptune 4:07 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 4:27 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 12:05 PM, Moon square Venus 5:02 PM.

Monday, May 29: Responsibilities come due, the chores catch up with us this morning. The mood becomes more festive and sociable this evening as the Moon enters Leo, perfect for gatherings. Ego issues can complicate if we try to collaborate on a project later in the day because everyone thinks they have the right idea, but will improve with patience and mutual appreciation.

Mars opposed Saturn 12:54 AM, Moon square Uranus 12:58 AM, Moon enters Leo 6:11 AM, Moon sextile Sun 9:17 PM.

Tuesday, May 30: Keep an eye on changing circumstances; events move fast, news and opportunity flicker by as active Mars sextiles unsettled Uranus. Impatience and irritation may provoke potentially productive action, but we have to stay in the driver seat. Consequences come home to roost. Results of long efforts may begin to show results.

Moon sextiles Jupiter for 50 6 AM, Moon square Mercury 12:47 PM, Mars sextiles Uranus 8:39 PM, Moon trine Venus 11:53 PM.

Wednesday, May 31: Our minds can work over time, we may think too much and have trouble staying in our hearts as Mercury trines investigative Pluto while the Moon enters Mercurial Virgo. Go deep, get profound, but don’t worry as a recreational sport. Catalog personal successes and strong points with kindness so the Virgo self-consciousness doesn’t become unproductive. Look for interesting investigative results; find missing things, buried answers, and fresh truths.

Moon trine Saturn 2:22 AM, Moon trine Uranus 4:50 AM, Moon sextile Mars 5:14 AM, Mercury trine Pluto 6:02 AM, Moon enters Virgo 10:15 AM.

Thursday, June 1: Be ready to meet new people, ready to let go of stuff, thoughts, people of the past and strike out in new territory as Venus approaches a conjunction with Uranus. Old problems may beckon but we can stay on target. Sure, we value loyalty from the past and the beauty of old things as Venus also trine Saturn, but may really not be interested in what no longer works.

Moon square Sun 6:42 AM, Venus trine Saturn 9:23 AM. Moon opposed Neptune 12:14 PM, Moon trine Pluto 9:09 PM.

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