Starcodes horoscopes for May 22 – 28, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for May 22 – 28, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Summer vacation beckons; hopefully our papers are done and finals in for the end of the year, because our brains already have their bags packed with Mercury retrograde, square intuitive but confusing Neptune.

The Sun has entered mutable, verbal Gemini, so the conversation can flow even though our attention wanders like pollen to the four winds. Talking heads will blather away on the evening news. Our imagination works overtime; which is great if we’re writing our perfect short story, but our words can be misunderstood way too easil y. We can talk all afternoon and not find the right word, or realize we’ve been speaking at cross purposes.

Expect to hear from old friends or have to tackle old issues, or hear takes of old testimony on the evening news. We may find ourselves eating our words, taking back or back tracking on a statement we’d made earlier in response to new information or after glimpsing the ramification of our actions. If so, it’s not flip-flopping, it’s changing for good reason.

With our thinking this fuzzy, if we want to get our point across or get something specific done, we have to track it carefully; follow through the paperwork and makes sure the message we sent jives with what was received.

Even though we’re spacey and not at our most efficient, that doesn’t mean we’re patience, the Aries Venus and Mars push us to get on with it and tap our feet when others run late. The ambient emotional torque has run hot for weeks with Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries, and tempers still catch fire easily. We tend to lean into whatever we’re doing; we nap with gusto, work hard, laugh loud and blow our cool with fireworks.

If we accidentally set someone off this week, it may be best shield ourselves and let them blow up; we need to hear their complaint but not take it personally. Like this year’s intense spring storms, these moods can do damage if we don’t protect ourselves, but can clear as fast as they arise. We can explain ourselves more clearly in the sunlight after the lightening moves on. Conversely, if we’re the crackling cloud, let’s find a safe place to discharge, and then come back to talk it out.

Underneath this logistically interesting time, a quiet or tough healing may be going in our soul and in the community; we’re called to review the past and repair some old hurt as expansive Jupiter, intuitive Neptune and healing Chiron conjunct. Like our country now controversially reviewing its responsibilities as to the application of torture, we may have old memories dredged up that need to be processed before they can be laid to rest. We also may get a chance to pass on something we learned the hard way, or to learn from an elder expert; learning that occurs in strange circumstances will stick with us for a long time.

This aspect can make any old escapist habits tug at us. We may also hear news about water problems, the effects of too much or too little on crops and other elements of our life. Neptune also speaks of a certain physical permeab ility as well as a psychic one. It is a time to watch our immune systems and listen for important health news.

Friday, May 22 we’re asked to look back and retrospect on what worked and what didn’t these last few months, look at it with a bit of philosophical distance as the Taurus Moon trines Pluto midday. Notice a lazy, sociable streak with a potential flash of social awkwardness or bad taste later as the Sun challenges Venus. Tonight bond in unusual circumstances; over the pratfall or in awe of the wonders of nature.

Saturday, May 23 let’s make our life more solid, secure, sensual embodied as the Taurus Moon conjuncts Mercury. The flaws in our plan are made clear by a Sun-Pluto challenge; although we can’t see the whole picture now, this glimpse can help see what to do next. Intuitive afternoon; evening can bring dangerous miscalculations if we push while the Moon squares Jupiter and Neptune, but can be dreamy, spacey and creative if kept low key.

Sunday May 24 is talkative, if aimless as the Moon joins the Sun in Gemini early and then makes few aspects all day. We can talk our heads off, so the day is great for a picnic with strangers, meeting new in-laws or other social needs where the flow and vibe of the conversation is more important than the content.

Monday, May 25 morning is all about the connections and the memories. Enjoy the holiday, get out a nd deal with strangers as well as friends. Just take everything said with a grain of salt, as it is half baked, and may express more nerves than it does reality. We need room to breathe, literally as well as figurative, and may need less pollen about the lungs as respiratory system activates. Travel plans are complicated, even a trip to the store does not go off as planned, but may have a serendipitous meeting in the process. Keep the agenda light and take up opportunities presented. Evening is magical as the Moon trine Neptune.

Tuesday, May 26 can be emotionally rocky, so play it safe and cozy and cut everyone some slack as the Moon enters Cancer. It is a fertile day to plant or fertile is either garden, or nurture any plans. Morning has tough moments as the Moon opposes Pluto, but the circumstances can create an opportunity to let go of an old resentment and shift enthusiasm to something that will grow better, as Mars sextiles Jupiter and Neptune. Around dinnertime our timing can be way off, but if we’re patient the evening can be soft and sweet, if not so realistic.

Wednesday, May 27 weird dreams can silt up the psyche; we’re raw, open, and so soft permeable that we may act unusually guarded as Jupiter conjuncts Neptune. Just don’t poke us. Some charitable act may call our attention, we know we are connected to one another and when our fellow human hurt, we hurt, so it’s ourselves we’re helping. Good changes midafternoon. If late evening gets cranky, go to sleep before anyone gets hurt.

Thursday, May 28 brings a burst of self expression or20self indulgence as the Moon enters Leo. Attention getting devises can be ingenious, but in the long run, consideration gets more love. True stubbornness may require a bit of reverse psychology. Project get complicated when every one has great ideas that no one listens to, egos but and the details fall through the cracks. But the performing arts or any free form mode of expression can sing.

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