Starcodes horoscopes for May 21 – 27, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for May 21 – 27, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week sparkles with brooding undertones deep beneath. The Sun just entered Gemini to initiates the spring season of changes; most years, under the summering weather and Gemini’s articulate breeziness, we can relax and forget the deeper stuff, but not this year.  Real concerns cannot be postponed as Venus enters Cancer and opposes Pluto deepens our feelings while a politically-stubborn Jupiter Saturn opposition spotlights the era’s bigger political issues.

Gemini proffers a light touch and a frothy communications style that can lubricate the hellos and goodbyes we need to make as kids transition out of school. The breezy Gemini conversation style can help us job hunt or nurture new acquaintances into friendship as well as ease the exchange with odd relatives at a picnic. Gemini’s immediacy and quick thinking help us make temporary plans, look for a summer job or write a short article.

Even though Gemini invites us to flit about, Venus in Cancer opposed Pluto always aware of the potential for loss; even when life is light and summery, poignancy hovers.  An ephemeral columbine glistens in fleeting sunlight or lovely moment with departing friends lingers bittersweet. The stock market, always an emotional, non-logical response, will oscillate.

For the next few weeks we can feel overwhelmed and need more time alone or with familiar people, or nesting in our home, whether we see that as house, country or planet. Sometimes we might want to numb our or watch a game, maybe garden for a while, do something that doesn’t demand us to feel. A break can help us stay in there and deal with the heartfelt landscape.

This week, as the Sun squares Chiron we have some real work to do. Like the dispersed oil bubbling up from the depths in the Gulf of Mexico, some event may have tagged, or even ripped open, a fundamental reality in our life and asked us to deal with the consequences.

It can be a healthy event, like the end of school, or something sudden, or a slow seep; we may have known about the problem for a while and now need to deal with it. We may feel this as a void, something missing. Pluto always tells us what we have is not enough; we can feel it as something takes away, or as something not yet attained. In the end, Pluto seems to want us to stop looking for answers in the ephemeral world and feel the answer in our connection to one another and to the infinite, however we perceive that. Anything less can feel insufficient.

This vastness can tweak our insecurities or nudge our loneliness. If we need reassurances from those near and dear, it’s important to deal directly and not get controlling or play jealousy games; there just isn’t room right now, and these will undermine rather than reassure. Nor can we dump our existential loneliness on our personal relationship, no relationship is that big, and all will wear down if we ask them to be so. Let’s just be real and hold hands.

The weekend begins nervy and smart if critically edgy, psychologically connected health issues and allergens can make us feel dumb or cranky just when we want to scintillate, so let’s cut everyone some slack. We do need to process recent events but watch the snippy comments under stress.  Big problems may be hard to tackle, but we can find ingenious solutions for small ones, so let’s take it one step at a time.

Early next week we’re asked what is fair and what is beautiful; the greater our challenge, the more we need to look for the beauty way and reach for balance, respect and reciprocity under the Libra Moon and as Jupiter opposes Saturn. This opposition is a political and cultural aspect that affects us for months but peaks this week. Jupiter holds the archetypal pole of expansive generosity and Saturn of contractive self-responsibility, and a healthy culture needs both, the tension between holds us centered like a well-staked tent pole and prevents the distortion of both extremes.  When these two clash, liberal and conservative impulses appear extreme and lock horns. We can w this play out in the headlines but choose to imagine what a balanced world would feel like.

Toward the end of the week a Full Moon in Sagittarius bring in a wild note and helps us pull back and see the bigger picture. The natural world calls to us; let’s engage with tree and bird, with our education and with philosophy, all the Sagittarian ways of expanding our world.

Friday, May 21: If an old problem rears its head, we need to draw from past experience and remember we already know how to deal with it. Communication flows early on. Midday if we don’t get cranky or distracted by inconsequentials we can bring closure to many small projects and eloquently explain our process.  Tonight the vibe is smart, self-conscious, nervy but easily tired as a long week catches up with us.

Saturday, May 22: Conflicting priorities push and pull, so we need to make our own. Morning wanders, avoid helpful suggestions that sound like criticism. Something needs to be cleaned up before dinner, whether yard or misunderstanding. Dinner can get serious, even pompous as the Virgo Moon conjuncts Saturn. A more lyrical edge is appreciated later as the Moon opposes Uranus, but carefully think through sudden changes in plans.

Sunday, May 23: Stamina is strong, but opinions differ. It can be lonely to be right, so notice the signals when people want to stop debating and start connecting.  Let’s deepen the conversation rather than get smug, make it a real exploration even if we have to set the precedent and listen first. Boundaries soften and stories come from the heart as the Moon heads into Libra and Venus opposes Pluto tonight.

Monday, May 24: Morning is disjointed unless we synchronize gears before forging ahead. Later, reach out and make new contacts in an open and non-pushy way. Let’s be ready to have the universe tap our shoulder and ask us to walk our talk, take action on something we profess as the Libra Moon trine Neptune and sextiles Mars. Kindness fertilizes the work.

Tuesday, May 25: On this edgier, stormier day, some emotional backlog can bite us if we don’t give room for our soul to catch up. It helps to pour the inner world into dreams, arts, and process. Literal backlog can increase plumbing problems, moisture or pollution seepage. Warmer moods this afternoon open up lines of communications, but our heart and mind can clash this evening as the Moon opposes Mercury. Listen to murky feelings, but remember they aren’t the whole story.

Wednesday, May 26: If we feel discontent or insufficient for our challenges, it may be just a soul-tiredness. Honor the feelings but doubt the story they’re telling. Solve one problem at a time and don’t look too far into the future, nor ask others to predict what they can do. Just be. Look underneath for missing things and the source of the problem.

Thursday, May 27: Look at yesterday’s problems afresh; the garden is so much brighter, problems more manageable on this full Moon in Sagittarius. Faith is challenged. We need world-beat, a global response and bigger view. Explore beyond the familiar to find the answer but remember we bring our issues with us. We need freedom, but there is no need to abandon home and beloveds to expand our world.  Dancing, walking, moving feeds the soul and shifts our perspective.

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