Starcodes horoscopes for May 19 – 25, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for May 19 – 25, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Deep changes are afoot and the momentum is building. We have an opportunity to balance a healthy sense of responsibility with the ability to embrace change as Saturn, the planet of structure, security, and limitations, forms a trine with change-inducing Uranus. A trine is a collaborative aspect, and those supportive aspects offer an opportunity but don’t usually insist that we seize the potential of the moment. That is up to us.

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Now the headlines could get exiting this week as this aspect can change the landscape, both politically and geologically, by releasing tension where it has built up. Look for movement in the big game of chess, a slight if important re-alignment of boundaries and support. But most of us will feel this opportunity on a subtler level, and may find areas of life which have felt stuck or predictable may now begin to shift. So, let’s be ready to move with purpose and intention if a door opens.

We may feel a bit tender and touchy under a sensitive Pisces Moon as the weekend begins, and just want some stress-free time to renew. But we may still be nagged by a soul impatience to push forward anyway with Venus in restless Aries and Mars in nervy Gemini, who like to keep the weather stirred up, whether on the plains or in our hearts. Take every opportunity to refill the wells with the scent and feel of springtime, but stay awake enough to pursue opportunity.

The Sun joins Mars in Gemini on Saturday and Gemini gets the party started and keeps the journalists writing away. News spreads like wildfire. That twin Gemini multitasking, versatile, nervy, talkative energy can also help us finish final papers and part ways, and make any needed adjustments for the coming summer landscape.

The Moon enters Aries on Sunday and approaches a beautiful conjunction with Venus on Monday, together they turn up the volume on all impatience and emotional responses. Our tempers spike when we feel thwarted. We may feel resistant to the boring and ordinary, but ready to throw our energy into whatever grabs our heart and imagination.

After a busy and eventful Monday, Tuesday the Moon enters Taurus, and slows down the pace but and trenches are opinions. Keep the conversation going, but avoid entrenching statements and stay open to possibilities. Keep people talking if they feel they start to feel reactive.

The Sun forms a minor challenging aspect to Pluto on Wednesday, and Venus squares Pluto on Thursday. Together they leave our hearts all too aware of recent losses or disappointments, as well as endings that may be necessary before new beginnings, the doors that close before another open. Be careful not to generalize this and let go of what is worth fighting for. Don’t push people away unnecessarily. Take a moment to just sit still with feelings and let them flow. Then bring attention back to the positive changes under way this spring, and the last scent of lilac on the air.

Friday, May 19: The Pisces Moon sensitizes us while Saturn trines Uranus and asks profound questions about how we work with authority and what manifests our fundamental building blocks. We’re tired of bullies, however we see them, as mars quincunx Pluto and keeps us stirred up. On the other hand, Venus opposes Jupiter and brings a social emotional excitement that would rather be in love, creative, express directly or just have a good party. Relationships can spike extreme moods. Feel the mix, and choose where to tune in.

Saturn trine Uranus 12:14 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 3:37 AM, Mars quincunx Pluto 7:05 AM, Venus opposed Jupiter 8:11 AM, Sun sesqui-quadrate Jupiter 10:18 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 10:50 PM.

Saturday, May 20: Roam in the dream world, dance with the archetypes as Moon conjuncts imaginative Neptune this morning. Watch out for floods or uncooperative liquids. More practical elements need attention midday, and we can feel creative discontent with ourselves, wardrobes, garden, or politics. Or be called to be compassionate, even when it’s inconvenient. The Sun enters Gemini and enlivens the conversation. Tonight, the mood is emotionally labile but sparklingly articulate.

Sun semi-square Venus 10:36 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:04 AM, Moon semi-square Mercury 9:28 AM, Moon square Mars 10:28 AM, Sun enters Gemini 2:30 PM, Moon square Saturn 9:39 PM.

Sunday, May 21: It’s a pro-active, can-do, get-it-done day, though irritation and anxiety spike easily as the Moon enters directive Aries. Sitting still can be a problem at a graduation ceremony, it helps to be able to pace or move. An irritating Mercury-Mars semi-square can sharpen our tongues and increase accidents midafternoon. Nasty truths will come out. Let’s keep the shoulders loose and relaxed, filter that first response, and enjoy the enthusiasm. If we stomp off in a snit, let’s make it a good and safe hike.

Moon conjunct Chiron 12:56 AM, Moon enters Aries for 10 AM, Moon sextile Sun 5:11 AM, Mercury semi-square Mars 1:31 PM.

Monday, May 22: Objectivity can be scarce on the ground but opinions are rampant as a lot of emotional fuel pumps in. Don’t go haring off without checking your source and facts first. Most of us can put this into simple enthusiasm and productive action, though tempers spike quickly if we feel ordered or round or thwarted in our desires, but we can usually respect another’s independent will.

Moon opposed Jupiter 3:38 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 8:08 AM, Moon semi-square Sun 8:37 AM, Moon square Pluto 12:43 AM, Moon sextile Mars 4:35 PM.

Tuesday, May 23: Let’s be light on our feet and ready to adjust, because sudden changes can surprise us as the Moon conjunct erratic Uranus in Aries. The Moon enters durable and poetic Taurus midday, conjuncts Mercury tonight, and can slow down the pace. We can follow through and get work done instead of just having to put out fires. Tonight, comfort foods and supportive comments further.

Moon trine Saturn 12:14 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 12:59 AM, Moon enters Taurus 6:32 AM, Moon semi-square Mars 6:09 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 8:12 PM.

Wednesday, May 24: Wednesday, May 24: Reliability is important; the day starts out sweet and solid as the Taurus Moon conjuncts Mercury, though we need people to do what they say they were going to do. Tonight, brings a Plutonian edge; some will feel bittersweet melancholy, and others find an excuse to be difficult and try to throw their weight around.

Moon sextile Neptune 5:12 AM, Moon trine Pluto 1:08 PM, Sun sesqui-quadrate Pluto 9:15 PM.

Thursday, May 25: We can engage a rapid response to difficulties. Thoughtful moods linger underneath, but the surface tweets and buzzes. The Moon conjuncts the Sun in verbal, anxious Gemini this afternoon at 1:44 PM trailing a funny lightweight, sound-bite-focused buzz over some truly profound feelings as Venus squares Pluto and Mercury semi-square Saturn. Take care of important relationships and avoid a tendency to isolate. Cynicism can work as self-protection, as long is it doesn’t hurt more than it protects. Hang in there.

Moon sextile Chiron 3:33 AM, Moon enters Gemini 6:15 AM, Venus squares Pluto 10:21 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 1:44 PM, Mercury semi-square Saturn 5:55 PM.

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