Starcodes horoscopes for May 15 – 21, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for May 15 – 21, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Fight with a sense of humor, fight for a cause we believe in, fight against the soggy fields or dysfunctional basement, or the economic upheaval; just don’t waste time, energy and nerve-endings fight each other with mental Mercury retrograde in stubborn, earthy Taurus and Venus and Mars in feisty Aries. No matter how tempting or how high the stress levels, it pays to direct this fire carefully and constructively. Philosophical differences combine with soul fire and cheerful stubbornness; we can enjoy the debate, but just don’t expect it to get anywhere.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus is not a time of quick thinking or lightening fast reflexes; we plod, we garden, we reminisce with ease, but forget what we’re just doing. If we hurry, we may botch things up. Speak too fast and be misunderstood. Mercury in Taurus is turtle-like, slow and steady.

This would be easier if the emotional engines of Venus and Mars weren’t now in fiery Aries, shortening our attention span and our fuse. Aries gives us that now-or-never feeling, an urgency that wants action now and adds fire to any emotional direction. Our moods can be like a California forest fire, taking off with a spark and a puff of wind. Too bad our thoughts can’t quite keep up at the moment. These Aries planets can also make it harder for some of us to rest and sleep, just when Mercury in Taurus would like a nice long nap.

With this Venus and Mars we’ll tend to react to any emotional slight with a burst of independence, just as Mercury retrograde can make those slight proliferate accidentally. So let’s make sure we heard what we thought we did, before we pack our boxes and move across country.

Underneath this week’s personal paradox we may begin to see a hopeful shift on the world screen. Saturn, the planet of structure, authority and the working world, which has been retrograde since Jan 1, now turns direct. Saturn has retrograded back to where it was last October before the election. We have been deconstructing old methods of business and old systems of governing since it began its retrograde cycle, and as it opposed Uranus twice. As Saturn turns direct, we may feel some even deeper economic earthquakes, then begin to rebuild. This will be more noticeable after Mercury turns direct on May 30, and we have another few years’ rollercoaster as we adjust and refine the process, but this marks the astrological beginning of the upswing.

This weekend is sociable and potentially inspired, if a bit mentally soggy; great for graduation or a party, not so good if we’re trying to be peaceful and efficient. Early in the week the mood swing inwards; we may want to avoid crowds and need time with our nearest and dearest. Feelings are strong, but our brains are in neutral, we could all use some serious down time.

Mid-week the Moon joins Venus and Mars in Aries and action, our need for exercise and our need for a good fight gain momentum, just as the Sun and Mercury square confusing Neptune and leave our brains in a deeper fog. We can get into a huge fight over anything that smacks of deceit, but can also argue over a simple misunderstanding or moment of personal weakness, not that it will do any good. Or we can tackle a personal challenge with renewed vigor.

Watch out for accidents around liquids, oils, and pollutants, or caused by alcohol or other escapist substances. It’s a good time to take action on any creative prospects, or to explore a new place person or idea, as long as our schedule is loose, and we remember we cannot see the whole picture at the moment. It will help if we can call in that Taurus-turtle and let slow and easy win the race.

Friday, May 15 is great for graduations, celebrations, and gatherings under a communal Aquarian Moon. Just watch the topics discussed and find a way to divert difficult relatives rather than take them head on. Have patience midday. Don’t resist change around dinnertime, enjoy the sociable imaginative evening.

Saturday, May 16 morning feels expansive and generous with a tendency to over spend or promise too much as the Sun squares Jupiter and sextiles Uranus, though some investment needs to be made to produce the change we want. Afternoon looses momentum and organization. Evening brings a spacey camaraderie; share the dream.

Sunday, May 17, overnight inspiring aspects may leave us lost in the dream world as the Sun squares Jupiter and Neptune, and Moon enters sensitive Pisces. Harsh reality can grate on the nerves, but a creative outlet can take the pressure off our love life. Be inspired; don’t even try to be practical today.

Monday, May 18 slowness helps; let go of the ordinary schedule and look within and underneath for needed information as the Sun conjuncts Mercury. If emotions feel too blob-like, it helps to sort our brains as we sort our shelves. Some will get obsessive about detail to avoid feeling chaotic as the Moon opposes Saturn later. Sleep early tonight.

Tuesday, May 19 we may long for some aspect of our dream that’s been just out of our reach. Though we’re still mushy in the morning, the wind has shifted and energy level improves. Energy and attitude picks up like a stiffening wind as the Moon enters Aries later, we’re not interested in compromise. Once we’re in motion, we can do whatever needs doing; if we want, but not if we’re told to do so.

Wednesday, May 20 may be a difficult and complicated day, let’s do our best to keep it simple. It’s a great day to build a wall or weed a garden, get physical and tackle a project with clearly defined goals and quick rewards. Write fiction, just don’t live it unknowingly. Our imagination can conjure up expectations and assumptions that test relationships unless we chose the truth as Mercury squares Neptune. But the weeds won’t mind.

Thursday, May 21, the Sun is now in Gemini and Moon conjunct Venus; we’re just as impractical but our hearts may be warmer and more optimistic than yesterday as Mercury squares Jupiter. We’re just full of good ideas, and some may actually work if we stay honest and test as we go.

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