Starcodes horoscopes for May 14 – 20, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for May 14 – 20, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Spring fever hits this week as Venus forms an exciting, enlivening of sometimes frustrating t-square with Jupiter, Uranus Saturn. Plants pollinate, ducklings wander in the road and people spark new connections. We are fed up with many options on the table and look for ideas outside the box.

We will need to deal with remnants of an old fear or a perceived limit that holds us in a non-productive path as Venus squares Saturn, but can see it more clearly and consider fresh alternatives as Venus also squares Jupiter and Uranus.

For those contemplating a big change in their life, it’s a great time to let go of old assumptions and visit a new location or try on a new job. The public will have less patience with the slow change of political rhetoric and ripens for more radical change, even if we can‘t agree on what that will look like. Expect some creative resistance as people get fed up with those non-productive paths.

We have a great weekend to talk it all out. This weekend, as the waxing Moon joins Venus in verbal Gemini, we consider our options, move things to and fro, and talk up a storm. Our neighbors need attention. We want to connect and wander. Wandering lets intuition and serendipity takes us down new paths, and this experimental, exploration, sociable mood can be a delight if we pay attention to the consequences of our actions.

This strong need to connect can make it hard on the lonely place in all of us, and particularly hard on those that aren’t comfortable with Gemini’s easy social repartee. It can wear thin the psyche’s edges for the next few weeks. If we’re feeling cut off, we can connect through action instead of words, and dive into some collective activity that supports our neighborhood. It helps to reach out to the quiet souls; still waters often run deep, we just need to look into the depths.

Monday brings a more self-protective mood; although the urge to connect is still strong, people are less confident and need more reassurance and safeguards as the Moon enters introverted Cancer just as a feisty Mars-Pluto challenge sands our nerves. This is a mechanically difficult but ingenious time, good for tackling any serious engineering problem, but we may need to pay extra attention to avoid domestic accidents. May it bring relief to the deepwater oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

But it is also a self-protective time. Let’s not criticize as stress-relief, nor lash out on dear ones if something goes wrong; we don’t need to say anything even if they left the box in the middle of the color or glass too close to the edge, the self-critical edge will be strong enough to take care of that work. People are willing to learn if we don’t hit them over the head with it, nor insisted they grovel. Leave their pride intact and solutions arise.

If some feel the best defense is a good offence, let’s not reward this by acting out and justifying their suspicion, nor by giving in. Instead, let’s listen and see if there was something we did awhile ago, probably in good faith, which actually was oblivious of their needs. Leave their pride intact, if we can get out of that win-loose scenario, we can solve the problem.

Underneath the pleasant springtime social buzz, loneliness or controlling love can become a real problem over the next few weeks as Venus comes to oppose Pluto. It turns up the volume on longing; we long for a better world, more love or something illicit or far away. A few of us will try to feel safer by controlling their beloved, but that will only backfire. We need to fertilize connection now with curiosity and appreciation instead of clamping down. The tabloids may be abuzz with hook-up and break ups, but our love life doesn’t have to end up in print.

We may find evidence of real loss towards the end of this week or in the next, and perceive some symbol of beauty or our heart’s safety in danger. We can feel the weight of tragedy, whether it is through a famous person or a pristine beach, and this loss needs to be shared. But let’s not invent a problem before it happens, and just let the wave of feeling pass through us without inventing a story before it actually happens. This weight also offers a chance to improve the future and potentially prevent sadness if we can keep our focus clear.

Friday, May 14: Morning is sleepy and sensuous as the Taurus Moon squares Neptune, midday the brain cells speed up as Moon enters Gemini. Make cold calls and float alternatives, but don’t expect any clear decisions yet; dialogue may be verbose and opinionated, but keep going, we’re more open-minded that we may sound. Around dinnertime a fleeting discontent beckons us out of the house. Conversation is lively but can be aimless tonight, good energy and the art of words are more important than content.

Saturday, May 15: Wandering, active day frayed with loose ends; connection supersedes progress. Bump into people at the farmer’s market and strike up a conversation. Bustle around to garage sales, and pick up more connections than objects. Wind, distracted mistakes, and idle gossip can be problematic; direct the talk toward beauty and away from gossip. A lovely flirtatious and creative Moon-Venus conjunction tonight inspires the noble art of conversation late into the night.

Sunday, May16: Responsibilities and personal freedom tussle this morning as we ask what do we owe to whom and when as the Gemini Moon squares Jupiter and Saturn. Reassess plans midday as the energy shifts when the Moon enters introverted Cancer this afternoon. If the limitation of some recent great idea becomes apparent, modify rather than abandon it. Rest and domesticate tonight, let emotional undercurrents come to the surface.

Monday, May 17: On this warm but restless day people may choose to temporarily work with someone or something new, not because they are discontent with the old, but because they need to expand their repertoire as Venus squares Jupiter. Midday, people resist obligations and get self-protective. Don’t take doubts personally; do practice firm, healthy and cheerful boundaries, with no apologies if people get pushy while Mars challenge Pluto. Later, violence can flare in tense situations, so de-escalate and work tangentially instead of confrontationally.

Tuesday, May 18: Life tests us this morning as Venus squares Saturn and Uranus, then trines Neptune. No need to test one another. Practicality takes precedent over comfort. Form matters; when in doubt get polite rather than difficult. Our optimism and idealism returns this afternoon at the Moon enters Leo, if we haven’t burnt our bridges we can overcome obstacles together. Good decisions fall into place as the Sun trines Saturn. Generosity can be pragmatic.

Wednesday, May 19: The mood is stubborn yet positive, but confusing conditions need our perspicacity as the Sun squares foggy Neptune. Look deeper for the answers and solve a mystery as Mercury trines incisive Pluto, don’t believe illusion or compulsion. Our psychology is our politics, look to private lives for the reasoning behind public attitudes.

Thursday, May 20: Some problem dramatizes until treated with respect, overdo attention rather than underplay it this morning. Stroke egos and share warmth; cooperation increases with appreciation, stubbornness increases without. Be open to a radical solution; progressive and inventive ideas abound this afternoon and new technologies catch our imagination as the Sun sextiles Uranus, they can change the way we work.

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