Starcodes horoscopes for May 1 – 7, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for May 1 – 7, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Happy May Day, mid-point of spring and peak of the earthy Sun in Taurus, traditionally time to sweep out the old, bring in fresh flowers, and frolic in the fields. It’s time to dance with bells on (and maybe a surgical mask), like the old English Morris teams who stomped and sang to wake mother earth and encourage the fertility our health and our prosperity. Right now, our collective health and prosperity can use all the help they can get.

May Day has also become connected with the yearly spring urge to protest or litigate, which is our political version of sweeping out the old and energizing the new. With Venus and Mars in feisty and rash Aries right now, we have little patience with mistakes made in the past, with anything that feels old, wrong, delayed, or in the way.

Mars and Venus in Aries can bring a fresh, bright energized approach on a good day, but they can also add raw muscles to any feeling, an emotional torque that is brave, but not the most mature. This line-up in Aries inflames feelings, speeds up our reaction time, and can make even an ordinary day feel like an emergency, let alone a real challenge like our new strain of flu. This Aries energy also improves our immune system, but is associated with an inflamed immune response, like fevers, inflammations, allergies; our body’s defenses tend to react as bravely and intensely as our emotional ones.

These auspices loan us the guts to do what we need to do, but we can get way too opinionated, or tempted to misuse our power, to hit first and ask later. Even well-meaning people can overstep, and some will turn their anxiety and excitement into what feels like an emotional power trip, full of supposedly great ideas about how others should, live, love, farm or govern. In the name of decisive action in the face of an emergency, we may over-shoot the mark. It can feel insulting; don’t they know we can manage? But it is not personal to us, it is their torque. It’s time for most of us to control our advice and opinions and just take action in our own life.

The emotional torque peaks this weekend as Venus squares Pluto, a heart-felt drama can poke our scars or remind us to treasure what we have in the face of what we’ve lost or could loose. We may have to let go of an identity, place, or policy that’s not bearing fruit, and strike out to find more fertile territory. The swine flu fears may take the brunt of this aspect, but if we didn’t have this drama, we’d find another. We may be asked take a risk, to love or invest even though this could be taken away next week, whether the object of our investment is the dear ones in our life or the remnants of our material resources. As the week progresses and this aspect clears, some emotional cycle we’ve been working on since February begins to tie up, and we can move on to the next chapter.
Not everything starts anew; Mercury turns retrograde towards the end of the week and will be retrograde for the next three weeks, which sends us back to review our thinking process. With Mars in Aries we may not be particularly patient with Mercury retrograde’s usual delays or snafus; misunderstandings can conflagrate quickly, and mechanical or electrical difficulties are more dangerous when we’re in a rush, so we need to keep our eyes open and our pace steady, check as we go, and clear up problems as they arrive. But this Mercury can help us review just in time to take a final exam or rewrite a resume, just in time to learn some important lessons from history. This week ends under a tempestuous waxing Scorpio Moon. Whether there’s smoke there’s fire, don’t blow on the sparks unless a conflagration is wanted.

Friday, May 1, bring in fresh flowers and frolic in the field; celebrate spring and celebrate one another as demonstrative, stubborn Leo Moon trines energizing Mars this morning. Midday, people may act out, grandstanding until they feel noticed, turning up the volume on all they feel. Stubbornness can prevent decisions this afternoon as Sun and Moon square; look for the poignant beauty in the moment rather than push river. Strong emotional torque tonight; let’s feel the waves and know it may be triggered by, but not caused by, present circumstances.

Saturday, May 2 moody morning, blustery feelings; it’s hard to concentrate on work unless we have a strong emotional connection to it. We may need to wrestle with a personal disappointment or risk that tweaks our heart; life just doesn’t go as planned, but will have its own profound beauty if we look for it. Postpone chores and listen to a creative fit, put practical creativity on display. Tonight offers a more rational perspective as the Moon enters Virgo, but watch a tendency to go off the handle and toast someone.

Sunday, May 3 we feel our bones creak, may feel an urgency to take action on our responsibilities or our health; self-improvements books fly of the shelf. We can get so impatient with other’s techniques that it’s hard to slow down and teach one another. If we have to concentrate or study for finals, it’s best to do so in bursts with frequent breaks. Decisions may feel urgent but tough to make; our mind wants to go one way but our heart another, both need time.

Monday, May 4, morning is potentially edgy; some of us are just looking for a fight, but we don’t have to take the bait as Mars semi-squares Jupiter. Inflammations or allergies can make our tails twitch; we have no patience with delays or minor failings. Military solutions look more reasonable, we can get indignant about past offences. Save it for the real problems and get to work on those. It helps to work out, to let Mars work for us not against others. If we need to adjust plans tonight as the Moon opposes Uranus, let’s make them constructive not reactionary.

Tuesday, May 5, after a few early bumbling moments, can be a seductive day as the Moon enters Libra and opposes Venus and Mars and Sun trines Saturn. The Libra Moon is charming, Venus and Mars in Aries are willful, and the Sun Saturn trine has places to go. Just use this skill where it’s needed and not just for fun. Flirtatious, encouraging, but easily miffed if ignored: tempestuous moment tonight as the Moon opposes Mars, urges change some element of home life.

Wednesday, May 6 practicalities get confused as Mercury turns retrograde (hold on to the car keys). But we’re offered an opportunity to mend some emotional connection as the Libran Moon trines Jupiter, though it’s best done through body language and action, as words can trip us up. We also notice how our personal circumstances affect our health and can make an improvement. Evening softens, gets psychically foggy; keep eyes open to avoid mechanical accidents, play it safe and enjoy the dreamy quality.

Thursday, May 7
the energy fluctuates, high tides and low under a waxing Scorpio Moon. Our situation may get more complex; strangely passive- aggressive competitive undertones can confuse the message, but be good for covert operations as Mars semi-squares Neptune. Notice primal energies with an attitude; people don’t want to talk about what’s really going on with themselves because they honestly don’t know. We can only work with what’s consciously on the table, but need to honor the soul riptide underneath.

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