Starcodes Horoscopes for March 26 – April 1, 2010

Starcodes Horoscopes for March 26 – April 1, 2010

by  Heather Roan Robbins

It’s springtime, Aries season, time for renewal and rebellion. Birds wing their way northwards and our pugnacious streak is working overtime. Even the most refined and mature person can dig in their heels just to be contrary, and the natural contrarians are gleefully disagreeable this week with Mars in Leo, and the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in incendiary Aries.

Our rebellion may be mild; we may stay up late and quilt or drag our feet on the way back from lunch in the sunshine. Or it may be something more radical, tempting us to tell off boss, family, or political party. However we manage, it is an assertion of will, of willingness to listen to creation on our own terms no matter what schedule or expectation surround us. This will renews as it sends us back to the source of our inspiration and energy.

Spring renewal takes guts and imagination, the kind of courage it takes for a crocus break through snow or moose to breed again after a long winter’s privation. We start again.  After a personal or political defeat or joyful moment, we need to start again. But, like the crocus and the moose, this can be an instinctual process, a rebellion against the death of winter.

So, bless our ornery mood, it helps us survive and thrive, but we have to add the thoughtfulness. That may be hard this week because we’re low on impulse control; we’ll tend to act first, think later, and speak in Technicolor with Venus and Mercury conjunct in Aries. And because we react off one another, once one person spouts off the situation can escalate quickly unless we get out of there and let our emotional histamines calm down.

Health issues inflame as easily as our enthusiasm, our bodies as reactive to pollen as our temper is to arbitrary orders. This reactive quality can also feed new ideas; they can take can take fire quickly once ignited, so now is a great time to pitch a new book or go for a job.

The weekend starts out blustery and celebratory under a Leo Moon. Spring cleaning picks up over the weekend with the Moon in Virgo; decisions may now feel less tangled and more clear cut. A bitchy edge isn’t mean, just pushes us to reach a new personal best. As spring fever vies with an urge to get back on target we may feel inspired to start a new work out or organization routine but need to keep it fun and experimental until a more habit-prone Taurus mood arrives next week.

Over the weekend, don’t try to jolly us out of a tough mood. Take our concerns seriously and we’ll lighten up; make fun of us and all humor goes. We will, though, appreciate pointed repartee and cynical humor directed elsewhere.

Early next week the full Moon in Libra spotlights any conflicts in our heart, whether we love two different people, or solitude and friendship, or healthcare and lower taxes. This spotlight is not just to make us feel torn, but to help us move past the dichotomy to find a third position. Some will cling tightly their identity as adversary and polarize instead, but we can make a different choice. Some recent decision may have ended one chapter and initiated another, we can celebrate but need to not collapse into the highs or the lows, just continue on our road.

Venus and Mercury conjunct and both sextile Neptune next week, and this increases our ability to find a peaceful solution, and find allies, even romantic ones, in the process. It amps up a subtle creative energy that just doesn’t want to do the same thing twice; we have to make work interesting or we just won’t get it done.

Although we’re ready to go to battle against inequality or unfairness, we’d rather not fight with our beloveds. Relationships need a tune-up midweek, drop and old fight and look at one another with fresh eyes. Look around familiar haunts as if it was the first time and branch out beyond the usual daily routine to bring in fresh faces.

Storm clouds brew towards the end of the week, moods shift out of pastels and into intensity as the Moon enters broody Scorpio under an Aries Moon. Burst of energy followed by a moment of lethargy, cat-like. We cannot do anything just because, or because someone told us to, we’re just too contrary. We need to see the goal and feel fast results for this short but intense Aries attention span to activate.

Friday, March 26:  Kick back and shine today. Make contacts early while the Leo Moon trines Mercury; grandstanding and ego-dancing complicate interactions midday. Ignore the words, instead notice what they’re fighting not to lose and address that issue. Flirtatiousness night, performances shine; engage, it’s not a night to sit passively no matter how good the movie.

Saturday, March 27: Spacey, self-indulgent morning as the Moon opposes Neptune. Doubts return if we look too carefully, so we’d rather dive into the romance of the moment. Watch for confusing directions or appointments, keep plans loose and confirm along the way. This afternoon we want to make something better, but best we do it by our actions and not by our commentary; spring clean, tone, weed, and practice. Conversation scintillates tonight if we don’t get too cranky.

Sunday, March 28:  Morning may feel out of sorts. We tend to overshoot the mark, over exercise, over sleep; it works better if we moderate extremes.  Avoid an unnecessarily edgy response, or the situation will escalate quickly as the Moon irritates Mars. If some problem in our environment needs to be addressed, better to do it than delegate.

Monday, March 29: A flaw in the plan now becomes visible; fix it. Do not try to fix one another, nor give up on someone because they made a mistake.  Just because people are defensive doesn’t mean they don’t see the problem; love and creativity will start to change behavior.  Tension and weird feelings midday soften this afternoon; our hearts open under the Full Moon in Libra. Honor relationship above all. Throw a party tonight and see who connects.

Tuesday, March 30: No so realistic overtures are made, but this folly may work in our favor as emotional Venus sextiles imaginative Neptune. Proffer an olive branch or extend a hand over a formerly insurmountable barrier, people can change more than they thought and will respect guts if nothing else. If we feel tension between our needs and those of dear others, we need to ask how both can be met, not to compromise, but to expand and envelope all. Laugh together; strengthen ties, but respect autonomy at all costs.

Wednesday, March 31: Caution, combustible material within. The Moon opposes Venus, Mercury and then enters Scorpio. This cranks up the emotional pressure, making it more of an effort to understand one another while speeding up our reaction time and intensifying our response. Old angers erupt midday; it may seem easier to sting that to solve the problem, but let’s take that as our challenge. Tempers calm down, creativity and romance increase tonight as Mercury sextiles Neptune.

Thursday, April 1: Be a fool but be kind about it. Resentment simmers where coercion has been applied. Tough energies still make us snarl, but if we get over ourselves, these challenges also bring up an opportunity for radical healing.  Solitary work furthers, a short intense challenge can satisfy. Watch for brusque accidents, cups knocked off and snapping comments. Venus enters Taurus and begins to ground us and fertilize our plans.

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