Starcodes horoscopes for March 9 – 15, 2018

Starcodes horoscopes for March 9 – 15, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s make hay while the Sun shines. We’re coming out of a month of Piscean inertia and can feel the momentum begin to build with Mercury and Venus now in brash Aries. Our impulse control may be down and our responses more direct and action-oriented. We can direct this energy with this week’s highly-competent aspects and keep them out of trouble, or we could find ourselves, chaffing at restraint and argumentative.  Mercury retrogrades on March 22 for three weeks, and while this puts the brakes on our momentum it will give us an opportunity to finish up unfinished business and make sure that we’re heading in a good direction before we really get going. This week marks a sweet spot for making progress, after the first sparks of Aries energy, and before Mercury appears to slow down.

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This fresh competence comes from a combination of three aspects working together, but it doesn’t say who gets competent; it may be our competitor, our enemy, someone we’d rather they didn’t. So, let’s keep our eyes open and keep moving forward.

This mental toughness is energized by a muscular trine from energetic Mars to electrical Uranus, an inventive, experimental aspect that can make it a little hard to sleep this weekend but really helps us search for new answers. Together these two aspects can inspire us to put serious thought into action towards issues that are vitally important to us. The Sun also sextiles Pluto and asks us to get real. The opportunity to put serious thought into action and work towards issues that are vitally important to us could play out in myriad ways.

Our thinking may be simplified this week, streamlined and direct, but let’s not get simplistic; one of the dangers of Mercury in Aries is dichotomous thinking. Mercury squares serious Saturn this weekend and brings a tough mindedness and an ability to obsess. Our minds will want something to dig into and really chew upon and shake. It will further to give our mind something to learn or problems to solve; many scientists have this combination in their natal chart. If we don’t, our minds can work on themselves like a stomach ulcer and start obsessing over problems or spin down the depression cascade.

So, let’s make this a working weekend and put that energy to good use. Midweek we have to balance our independent approach with teamwork as the Moon enters sociable Aquarius. Our love life and creative work may feel cramped by our responsibilities as Venus squares Saturn, but a new door opens for exciting work contacts and intriguing new ideas as the Sun trines expansive Jupiter. Our personalities may expand, and we may need to rein in those people who like to dominate conversations, but let’s see if we can do it with humorous schooling rather than an unnecessary confrontation.

The week ends on a more sensitive note, tend feelings and health on Thursday and Friday and get ready for another active weekend ahead.

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Friday, March 9: Last-minute plans and fresh mischief can scatter our schedules but we’ll feel generally cheerful as long as we’re making progress. Deadlines loom suddenly around dinner time; finalize plans and then get ready to get out of Dodge as the active Sagittarius Moon conjuncts decisive Mars. Tonight, the mood can fizz like freshly-open soda and will be more comfortable in open spaces.

Moon squares Sun 4:19 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 5:53 PM, Moon trine Uranus 7:27 PM.

Saturday, March 10: This is a working weekend, we need chores to do, things to learn, or will work on one another in potentially annoying ways. An industrious Capricorn Moon squares Venus and Mercury midday and conjuncts serious Saturn this evening. Our minds want something to dig into and will perseverate over our problems unless we give it something exciting to learn or solve as Mercury squares Saturn all day long. Debate is good, but arguing, though tempting, will not further. Don’t get grim, get smart.

Moon enters Capricorn 2:51 AM, Moon squares Venus 12:30 PM, Moon squares Mercury 6:25 PM, Moon conjunct’s Saturn 7:04 PM, Mercury squares Saturn 11:59 PM.

Sunday, March 11: We may feel restless and ready to roll as Mars trines Uranus, and need a break in routine. We have access to unusual mechanical ingenuity and may need to use it; unexpected events ask us to think fast and engage our resources.  Tonight, recent excitement can catch up to us as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and we need some solitude or downtime; don’t believe depressive thoughts, but do notice what the soul takes seriously.

Mars trines Uranus 5:22 AM, Sun sextile Pluto 5:56 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 8:42 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 10:15 PM Moon sextile Sun 11:43 PM.

Monday, March 12: Be ready to take action on new ideas that bubbled up over the weekend. Because everyone comes into the breakfast table or office with a different set of freshly-churned priorities, check in and respect the differing agendas. Tonight, our attention is brought to global politics and the bigger picture as the moon enters Aquarius.

Moon sextile Jupiter 3:00 AM, Moon square Uranus 9:35 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 4:44 PM.

Tuesday, March 13: Strangers may be easier to talk to than beloveds, new ideas make more sense than old ones. We’re probably not feeling particularly emotionally intimate as Venus squares Saturn. Work flows, though we may feel old, work can impinge on our love life but we will feel loved when someone helps us in a tangible way. Relationships take respect and attention. Horizons widen but let’s be gentle with who and what we already have on our side.

Venus square Saturn 6:39 AM, Moon sextile Venus 9:20 AM, Sun trine Jupiter 2:05 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 3:36 PM.

Wednesday, March 14: Political differences and personal tension points could be hotly debated as Jupiter semi-squares Saturn. The mood will tend to be congenially stubborn, Debate consciously and not just as a recreational activity. We’re easily distracted by the collective conversation, social media, or world events, so track carefully whatever needs to be completed.

Jupiter semi-square Saturn 5:03 AM, Moon square Jupiter 2:52 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 9:33 PM.

Thursday, March 15: The Moon enters sensitive Pisces and reminds us that it’s still winter and we still need some deep, nourishing, internal time.  Our feelings may be touchy, and tears easy to come by, but that does not make us more tactful; consideration of other people’s feelings flickers in and out like a distant radio station. Let’s take care of ourselves and not take anything too personally.

Moon sextile Mars 1:32 AM, Moon enters Pisces 4:11 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 8:07 PM.

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