Starcodes horoscopes for March 6 – 12, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for March 6 – 12, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Change is in the spotlight this week. As the Sun conjuncts Uranus, it shines it light on the ongoing Saturn-Uranus opposition and illuminates the profound cultural metamorphosis we have just begun. This opposition runs from Nov 2008 through summer of 2010 and is followed by an even more revolutionary Uranus square to Pluto through 2015; we will barely recognize the way we structure our world and do our business afterward.

While we expect the eventual outcome of this transformation to be a gigantic improvement, But right now we have a better view of the towers tumbling down than we do those just beginning to form. We may feel the burn of tension right now as opposing forces grandstand with their opinions, but need to remember these opposing perspectives act on history like the guide wires holding a tent pole or sapling upright in a storm; they create balance for the long run.

How these big, era-defining changes affect our lives become more clearly visible this week, as the Sun make it personal and brings it home. Like the dinosaurs as the ice age approached (but in a less cellular, more cultural form) we are being told to adapt, or else. We may need to release excess baggage, extra stuff or an outmoded expectation or business model. We’ll be given lots of opportunity to do so over the next few years, but everything we let go of creates new room to grow, fresh air and more authentic potential. If and when a major international business goes belly-up, first we feel the shockwaves but then can feel the gaping potential for new business, and a new way of doing business, this creates.

This does not mean it’s time to jettison old friends, favorite antiques or that which keeps our hearts warm. It’s really important to strengthen our personal connections and tend the warp and weft of our networks right now, that’s what keeps us afloat and helps us de-stress as we transform. Right now both Mars and Venus are in extroverted signs (Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Aries) and they keep us out and about, involved vigorously and passionately in our community, but we may be less aware of more intimate feelings. We can love our family but still miss the subtleties and really don’t mean anything personal about it. So to take care of these most important connections, let’s err on the side of generosity; question one another’s life and listen to the answers, and hug a lot.

Even though the inner emotional planets are feeling extroverted and looking outwards, a few aspects keep our innermost dream world stirred up. We may not be too interpersonally astute at the moment, but our dreams are cooking, processing and connection with the great collective on a nightly basis. And as a culture we’re chewing over our collective vision and how to get there on a daily basis as Mercury enters intuitive Pisces this week, just as active Mars conjuncts and stimulates intuitive Neptune. We may feel the need for extra sleep, and let’s keep the dream journal nearby to take notes.

Everyone could use a little extra down time and a chance to practice healthy stress- management techniques, particularly those who have ever been troubled by an addictive behavior. Active prayer and meditation can deepen and strengthen under these aspects; we want to drop inside our awareness, but would rather not sit still too long at a stretch.

With any astrological aspect, we have choice about which facet of pattern we choose to tune into. The influence of Mars on Neptune can aggravate arguments based on ideologies. At the same time, the influence of Neptune on Mars can dissolve old angers. It can also leave some of us feeling vague or disoriented because we had to let go of an old ambition that we held deeply as our identity. But it also helps us dream up a new, updated goal.

Softening the work, Venus hovers gloriously in our early evening skies and keeps our heart alive and stirred up as it stations in controversial Aries, preparing to turn retrograde. As Venus retrogrades it reminds us what we used to care about; it brings back old friends and unfinished emotional business. Relationships take more attention and fray more easily f we take them for granted. After this week, Venus will appear lower and lower in the evening sky20until it conjuncts the Sun on March 28, and then appears as a feisty morning star. We won’t see it back at night until next January.

Friday, March 6 tells us to hurry-up and wait. Old emotional or artistic issues return; if romance gets delayed or tempered by snags, let’s hold hand and offer reassurance while Venus turns retrograde. If we don’t get our hackles up, unusual opportunities abound around dinnertime.

Saturday, March 7 pour attention on one another; make it personal as the Moon enters Leo. Bathe one another in the graciousness of attent ion; people who feel loved and appreciated will be much more flexible and easier to deal with in this unsettled, melancholic, but also potentially fun day. Use an ache in the heart to stimulate creativity.

Sunday, March 8, as Mars conjuncts Neptune we can get active or angry about something we believe in, or forgive and dissolve a hard spot in our soul. Dream together or organize together for a dream. Responsibilities and restrictions come home to us midday as the Sun opposes Saturn, but we can collaborate if we appreciate each one’s unique contributions.

Monday, March 9 morning is potentially cranky and critical as the Moon opposes Mars then enters Virgo, we may have to hit the ground running to attend deadlines. Splash extra cold water before entering the world, be ready to roll and attend to urgent work early on. Be ready to roll; attend urgent work early on. Take criticism constructively rather than defensively; listen for the valuable information buried in others’ irritation. Eat gently; digestion is nerve-sensitive for a few days.

Tuesday, March 10 we’re ready to get down to the nitty-gritty work and look for root causes, even though we’re not exactly in a cooperative mood as Mercury sextiles Pluto. Edit fiercely, just watch a tendency find fault or project irritation onto others; examine the motives behind the critique. Forgive self first and foremost, and let th at gentleness pour upon others; make this a healing Full Virgo Moon tonight.

Wednesday, March 11 offers a chance to heal a rift as Venus sextiles Jupiter and Moon enters sociable Libra. Share fondness, honor romance. Rudeness will stand out like a sore thumb. Make aesthetic decisions while we have access to unusually good taste.

Thursday, March 12 we want everyone happy and to love us, but we also do not want to compromise on our opinions or rein in our personality as the Sun conjuncts Uranus. It takes diplomacy to do both; authenticity will win out if push comes to shove. Look for scientific breakthrough, progressive ideas, and change we can feel.
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