Starcodes horoscopes for March 5 – 11, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for March 5 – 11, 2010

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by Heather Roan Robbins

As the weekend begins we may still feel awash in slushy weather or sloshing feelings, tired of feeling needy, under the weather, or at the mercy of the fates.  Over the last few weeks complex and thoughtful dreamy aspects have encouraged us to chew over our life and dream of possibilities. These dreams may have precipitated a subtle shift in how we perceive ourselves, our work or our life as the Sun, Venus, Mercury Jupiter and Uranus lined up in receptive, permeable Pisces.

Those dreams now begin to change in how we operate and what we do as Venus heads into fresh, renovating Aries on Sunday and brings in a more can-do approach. Venus in Aries also trines energizing Mars in Leo, these two planets of emotion work together in energized fire signs to give us a major green light but takes away our patience. If we’re in a situation that drains our energy, we get fed up and start mapping our revolution. There’s no need to hurry, we’ll have more gumption over the next few weeks as Mercury and the Sun enter Aries, but the impulse and planning begin now.

But first, as the weekend begins, let moody people unwind in their own way; go for acceptance and not intimacy. We’re ready to make connections over the weekend but have a short attention span; we need a break and get farther if we make the work playful.

We may be sorely tempted to make a radical and impulsive emotional decision early in the week, and need to take a big deep breath and see if it’s really worth the cost. Something we want can feel just out of our reach, but whether our job is to release temptation or take it as a goad to leap across into new terrain will depend on how our chart is affected as Venus enters impulsive Aries and trines Mars in Leo, and Mars turns direct. We’re also tempted to pick a fight, back a cause, run away and join the circus, and generally get more passionate about life, but luckily our energy level may still be low enough to keep us out of trouble.

It is important to engage our heart in our life, and take this impulse as a reason to reinvest in what feeds us, feeds our life force. If we have been wavering in some longstanding decision, it may now become clear to us which way we really want to proceed.  What has been stuck now begins to loosen. Venus forms tough aspect as the week progresses and suggest to us that make progress on one road, we have to say good bye to another. First, check to see if both paths can be woven together. But the fork in the road may be real and need to be faced before we progress.

On Wednesday, Mars turns direct; it has been retrograde since December 21 2009. Since Mars is the planet of motivation, resistance and physicality, it now releases energy which may have been dammed up for months. As mars turns direct we see what people have been planning behind the scenes, their motivation now becomes apparent. Plans that have been blocked now get a green light. But not all those plans were nice ones. It’s a good time to avoid people with which we have longstanding feuds, avoid war zones and hold those within in protective light.

It is a good time to get resumes ready, and take advantage of a window of opportunity between now and mid-April, when Mercury retrogrades, to put in place the plans for the next few months.

Friday, March 5: Discontent can rattle us and make us clumsy, but can shift if we find one thing that works this afternoon as the Scorpio Moon trines Uranus. Later we get easily inflamed and out of sorts if pressed, but can reconnect indirectly later on if given enough room.

Saturday, March 6: The day is wandering and sociable; we need a break from pressures and mucking about in our psyches. Chance meetings or spontaneous moments renew. Learn something new take a more philosophical perspective. Don’t take any communications glitch seriously around dinnertime, generous spirits return later.

Sunday, March 7: The day is ripe with possibilities as long as we don’t ask people to be too practical or specific. Let’s shine our light but keep it honest as Venus trines Mars and Mercury conjuncts Jupiter; an illusion of limitation is ready to dissolve. It may be time to testify, broadcast what we care about while still honoring what works for others.

Monday, March 8: Hit the ground running this morning, make contacts early and attend some waiting urgency. Midday, cut to the chase as the Moon enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto, get to the tough work. Listen to a wave of doubt or grimness, but don’t believe the litany it sings.

Tuesday, March 9: Structural work is needed to support creative enterprise; build good foundations. Tough stuff and hard work can make it hard to be warm and fuzzy as Venus opposes Saturn; don’t take the distance personally. Support one another’s work. Employment or labor issues, tend to the work at hand. We may want to tell them just what we think, but why burn that bridge; when under stress, get more polite and professional.

Wednesday, March 10: Productive morning, try again where efforts were stuck or stunted these last few days. People are more willing when they understand the point. People want plot, cooperate with a focused goal, but resist busy work. Afternoon is friendlier but stubbornness can bruise feelings this evening; sadness speaks to us but is more environmental than personal.

Thursday, March 11: We have no time for trivia, practical work is productive but emotions can be all over the place as Venus squares Pluto. We can long for something we can’t have, and cause needless pain just for an emotional charge. If we’re going to angst, we may as well reach out in some real compassionate action.

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