Starcodes horoscopes for March 4 – 10, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for March 4 – 10, 2016

free weekly horoscopesby Heather Roan Robbins

We can feel the background scenery change this week.  Along with the first intimations of spring, both verbal Mercury and action-oriented Mars change signs. And although the Sun is now pulling away from Neptune, a conjunction that has kept us low energy, foggy and indefinite for the last few weeks, Mercury now approaches Neptune and will conjunct it at the end of this week. With these conjunctions to Neptune we can puddle around our inner worlds. Some of us, including some of our key politicians, can get lost in there.

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But the chart of America is going through some really interesting changes right now.  Using the mythic America chart, the afternoon of July 4 1776, Philadelphia, we see that America is just beginning to emerge out of a tough couple of years where we raked up and investigated our shadow material.

The progressed Moon of America has just left 30 months in suspicious Scorpio and now enters Sagittarius, more interested in truth and global awareness, or at least a good story. Saturn has just left 2 ½ years in our 12 house, where it raked up and reviewed the past and stirred up our authority issues. Pluto has just finished its last pass opposed the Sun in the USA chart (1/14- 12/15) a tough transit for anyone or any country to go through. Everything can feel like a power struggle, and one’s identity goes through a death and rebirth. Although there are still some tough transits coming up (Neptune conjuncts our progressed Sun 2017-18) and our new identity for won’t be clear up for a while, look for a change. The political winds begin to shift. Our country is changing in attitude and demographics far more, and potentially far better, than the news media wants to admit. Let’s stay involved at this formative time and make sure we shift it in a good way.

But back to this week. This psychic high tide may send a few people off the deep end, but for most of us, it opens a door way to our imagination and intuition. Look for glimpses of future trends and sense a shift in the public mood. These Neptunian aspects highlight our need for music, beauty, for a good book or movie that takes us far away, and for deep spiritual practice. Although we may long to disappear into a good fantasy novel, we have to make sure we’re not living in one and consciously stay grounded in this floaty subjective energy. It’s up to us whether we bring anything useful back to help improve our world

After a hardworking and somewhat cranky Friday, we shift into a much warmer, sociable, intelligent if a bit argumentative weekend. A friendlier, group-oriented Aquarius Moon encourages us to get out and about and engage the conversation.

Mercury enters Pisces and Mars enters Sagittarius on Saturday, and form an irritating square with each other as they do so. If we’re impulsive but not so realistic, let’s watch our decisions.

We may get easily ticked off with impatience, and can be as bad as a presidential candidate with irritable commentary. Keep an eye out for electrical and engineering breakdowns, but enjoy engaging the mind in so study, conversation or conundrum worth wrestling with.

Don’t waste reacting to other people’s actions, but instead think about the future, because we are heading into a series of eclipses that clear the ground, and we need to think what ideas we want to plant for our coming year when spring rolls around. Tuesday, 6:54 PM MST we have a New Moon, solar eclipse at 18 degrees Pisces. An eclipse acts like astrological acupuncture; it unblocks blocked energy, shakes up how things are done, and helps us release what needs to be released. Whether we like it or not. If an eclipse does not dance on a particular place in our personal chart, we may barely feel it, though we may see it echoed in the news. But if it hits right on a major point in our chart, we will feel a change. We may find suddenly that consequences of old actions come home to roost, for better or worse, or that the ground has being cleared for something new.

Because of the potential for change, it is good to head into an eclipse with a goal, a sense of direction, though let’s keep plans flexible as to how to get there. This a sense of direction can help take advantage of opportunities marbled in with the changes. If we have to let something go, let’s mourn it, and look for what is coming in. Eclipses are felt most strongly where they’re visible, and this one will be most visible in the south Asian seas, through Indonesia. We can keep our eyes in that part of the world for events. The Moon enters Aries mid-week and adds momentum to whatever we begin under the new Moon/eclipse.

Friday, March 4: Morning can be uncomfortable, we have work to do and it is easy to blame outsiders or find ourselves or other people lacking. Instead, make this a motivating creative discontent. Bring a more compassionate heart to the table and get at the roots of the problem as the industrious Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto. Bond in the depths. We may spin our wheels a bit later afternoon, but socialize well in the evening, though we may feel an urgency anxiety, and need to get our point across as Mercury squares Mars. Watch the tendency to argue or make rash decisions, and redirect to problem-solve instead. Let off steam safely, and watch out for minor accidents from mechanical quirks or unwise impulses.

Moon sextile Sun 5:32 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 10:17 AM, Moon square Uranus 12:57 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 1:29 PM, Mercury square Mars 10:43 PM.

Saturday, March 5: The shifting planets help us feel both more intuitive, curious, and more comfortable in a group as Mercury enters sensitive Pisces, and the Moon enters sociable Aquarius this morning. We want to tackle something and wrestle productively, which makes it a good day to study in a group or take on a project in unison as the Sun squares Saturn. It’s better to wrestle with a concept then wrestle with one another. The mood lightens, grows restless, honest, and more spontaneous tonight as Mars enters Sagittarius.

Mercury enters Pisces 3:23 AM, Moon sextiles Mars 9:05 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 9:22 AM, Mars enters Sagittarius 7:28 pm, Sun squares Saturn 11:03 PM.

Sunday, March 6: Our thinking can be clouded this morning as Mercury semi-squares Pluto, we stir the coals of old concerns and may question whether we are sufficient to our task. Midday accomplishments help clear those cobwebs, but we could still all use some encouragement. Tonight can bring a breakthrough, or just a moment of deep contentment as the Sun sextiles Pluto.

Mercury semi-square Pluto 8:42 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 1:01 PM, Moon sextile Uranus5:10 PM, Sun sextile Pluto 9:40 PM

Monday, March 7: Unsettled or anxious moments percolate early this morning as Mercury semi-squares Uranus. Midmorning make overtures and connect now, before people grow prickly-sensitive as the Moon enters Pisces. Talk about what matters with trusted people. Assess the soul, make it safe to share concerns, because we will all feel vulnerable somehow, whether we admit it or not.

Moon conjunct Venus 1:46 AM, Mercury semi-square Uranus 7:19 AM, Moon enters Pisces 12:08 PM, Moon squares Mars 1:10 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 7:28 PM.

Tuesday, March 8: On this thoughtful, sweet, low energy morning, we may feel as peeled as a poached egg. It is important day to stay grounded, aware of our surroundings as we walk down the street. Entrench in sanity, because otherwise we could feel vulnerable and with one screw loose; some people’s psyches will fray. Take a moment to connect in a tender and real place. If people or things leave, look for what is now coming in.

Sun opposed Jupiter 3:56 am. Moon conjunct Neptune 4:11 AM, Sun semi-sextile Uranus12:57 PM, Moon square Saturn 2:28 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 3:55 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 5:46 PM, Moon conjunct the Sun, eclipse 6:54 PM.

Wednesday, March 9: A soft but potentially productive morning helps us prepare to hit the ground running around noontime as the Moon enters Aries and trines Mars. Look around and assess what has changed, and what needs to change asap. Watch out for flashes of anger and resentment over recent changes, these were probably not forced upon us but are a part of our path, though that may be hard to accept. Events happened in the moment, it may take a few days to see what is really unfolding.

Moon enters Aries 12:39 PM, Moon trine Mars 2:50 PM.

Thursday, March 10: Listen to dreams, notice auspices. This morning we may itch to move, make a sudden decision or need to change things gratuitously. We may be low on impulse control as the Moon conjuncts Uranus, quite tuned into our intuition (if it is not an emotionally loaded situation), but not particularly realistic, practical, or objective as Mercury conjuncts Neptune.  In an interesting paradox, we can both feel truth with our hearts, but lie, tell stories, or deep into delusions with our words. Assess, connect, speak from the heart; checks all facts.  Water soothes the soul; drink, soak in the tub, but pay attention to avoid water damage around electrical equipment or weather danger around transportation.

Moon trine Saturn 2:36 PM, Moon square Pluto 4:01 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 6:42 PM, Mercury conjunct Neptune 11:00 PM.

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