Starcodes horoscopes for March 31 – April 6, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for March 31 – April 6, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Feel that existential spring restlessness, enthusiasm, and general contrariness set off by the recent Aries overload, with the Sun, Mercury. Venus, and Uranus all in brash Aries. Our energy can come in bursts and waves, cat-like, with patches of lassitude between, as Aries brings energy for a dash, not a marathon. This extra electrical energy can turn into anxiety in a flash, as it turns up both our bravery, but also our fight or flight response; we can handle real problems with aplomb, but can turn up our nerve-volume and respond out of proportion to life’s lesser emergencies.

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We may also feel spring fever curling sensuously around the edges with Venus and Mars in each other’s sign (Venus in Aries, Mars in Taurus, signs they find uncomfortable but interconnected). Procreation after a cold winter is a form of rebellion for all life forms.

The energy relaxes a bit and get some stamina back as Mercury leaves Aries and enters earthier, steadier, Taurus later today. Mercury turns retrograde next week, April 9-May 4; it eventually dips back into Aries and so Mercury is already in its shadow, which means it’s going through the part of the zodiac that it backs into on its retrograde cycle. We can begin to see progress slow down and our memories sprout up. Mercury retrograde will be great for people studying for exams, because it helps us review the past and remember what we learned. We’ll all be studying for some form of exam whether we know it or not. If the memories boil up from the past and our progress slows down, let’s see if we can distill what it is we’ve learned from the past rather than recapitulate the same mistakes.

Venus is now retrograde, and backs into Pisces, returning us to some emotional work we participated in Jan 4-Feb 3 (when Venus first walked through Pisces this cycle). Venus can bring oceanic waves of emotion in Pisces but can also leave us occasionally tired or feeling victimized, a place we need to watch. Keep those Piscean compassionate doors open. Think back to any passive, stuck, or depressive feeling in the persona, professional or political realms in January, and find the creative strands of hope and compassion, Pisces’ gift, to stay empowered and stabilize the feelings.

Now Venus retrograde is a lovely time for exposing scandals of all types, it points out where ever our actions and our values do not match. It’s a good time for us to review our life and make sure we are walking out talk. News may also bring a ringside seat as juicy scandal comes to the surface and repairs need to be made. But let’s not be too gullible and believe everything we hear, especially if it reinforces our presumptions. Investigate rather than gossip, or that coming Mercury retrograde could set us up for a fall.

As the weekend begins, the Moon enters verbal Gemini and helps us find the words. This weekend is a wonderful time to share the beauty of word through song, poetry, rhetoric. And a good time prepare the ground for gardening.

Hold the planting of ideas, relationships, or seeds until the Moon enters fertile Cancer on Sunday. We can soften into new understanding with one another but may lose momentum for pragmatic accomplishments. Momentum picks up again Tuesday as Mars trines Pluto, though some work project may either be put on hold or send us back to the drawing table for refinement as Saturn retrogrades. Questions arise around authority and chains of command, and can produce some fertile introspection on both the political and personal scenes in the months ahead.

Friday, March 31: Let’s talk it out today as a verbal Gemini Moon sextiles Venus. Mercury enters Taurus midday and can give beauty to our words, calm down inflammation and inflamed attitudes, though it can entrench opinions. Don’t insist: instead, persuade, jostle, tease, share perspectives. Tonight, notice a desire to for comfort through camaraderie and appreciate a silly streak as stress relief.

Moon enters Gemini 10:40 AM, Mercury enters Taurus 11:30 AM, Moon sex tiles Venus 12:33 PM.

Saturday, April 1: Let’s laugh at ourselves and enjoy the art form of a simple prank, rather than take it out on one another this April Fools’ Day. Keep the heart open though. Use this teasing streak to defuse some tension and in warm the coals of relationship as Venus semi-squares Mars and increases irritation or a tendency to be out of synch with one another. But let’s not push others to have a sense of humor where there is none, because the joke will be on us. We’ll find it easier to laugh after dinner as the Moon trines expansive Jupiter

Venus semi-squares Mars 12:17 AM, Moon sextile Sun 2:19 a.m., Moon square Neptune 7:45 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:01 PM.

Sunday, April 2: Deal with practical and bureaucratic details this morning as the Moon opposes organized Saturn; people may be cranky, but communicative and relatively efficient. The Moon enters Cancer around noon time and the leadership are we become more self-protective and wary of the motives of others. We may drop more deeply into our feelings tonight as Venus enters retrogrades back into Pisces. It may help to cry in a good movie and have an outlet for free-floating emotions.

Moon sextile Uranus 1:59 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 8:42 AM, Moon enters cancer 12:26 PM, Moon square Venus 12:38 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 3:51 PM. Venus enters Pisces 6:25 PM

Monday, April 3: The day could be eventful; frustrations or worries can drive our engines and either waste our energy or help us accomplish, upon how we use stress as the Moon squares Sun and Jupiter, and opposes Pluto. Early morning and around dinner time are easier times to shift forward emotional processing catches up with us tonight, be kind to one another and feel the tension without believing the stories that our concerns can spin.

Moon trine Neptune 10:25 AM, Moon square Sun 12:39 PM, Moon sextile Mars 6:58 PM, Moon square Jupiter 8:31 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 9:32 PM.

Tuesday, April 4: We may feel off-kilter this morning as the Moon opposes Uranus, making adjustments from yesterday’s activities. People need support and may feel strangely homesick this morning though more appreciative of one another in the process. The Moon on our sociability and extraversion increases as the Moon enters Leo around tea time, just work around any communications snag tonight as the Moon squares Mercury.

Moon square Uranus 5:30 AM, Moon trine Venus 2:45 PM, Moon enters Leo for 13 p.m., Moon square Mercury 10:30 PM.

Wednesday, April 5: Feel the urge to change things, to clean, organize, and purify as Mars trines Pluto. Some organizational work project may be put on hold as Saturn stations and turns retrograde and ambition may need to be shelved, but only temporarily. We may have to go back and reorganize some structural deficiency or tend to more foundation work. All authority can be questioned, so let’s not take it personally if ours is as well

Moon square Sun 9:45 PM, Mars square Pluto 10:39 PM, Saturn retrogrades 11:05 PM.

Thursday, April 6: We may feel pulled between what we want to do, and what we have to do to meet our responsibilities, and that can make us irritable. No guilt trips please, instead appreciation and attention for tending to work at hand will get is a lot farther as the Leo forms a grand trine with Uranus and Saturn. The Moon enters Virgo late tonight and sharpens our critical edges a critical and compassionate edges.

Moon sextile Jupiter 1:14 AM, Moon square Mars 3:07 AM, Moon trine Uranus 11:22 AM, Moon trine Saturn 6:16 PM, Moon enters Virgo 10:19 PM.

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