Starcodes horoscopes for March 30 – April 5, 2018

Starcodes horoscopes for March 30 – April 5, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

Like last year’s leaves swirling around the first yellow crocus in these March winds, our actions and feelings can spin in circles this week as retrograde Mercury slows us down and adds a quirky torque to the vibes, while the sun, Mercury, Uranus, and Venus all in brash Aries add speed and intensity and lower impulse control.

Passover and Easter encourage us to slow down and make this weekend a sacred time, which can be a good use of this energy. But wherever we try to make progress on our ordinary work, we can anxiously spin our wheels or angst over the world’s priorities. Sparks fly easily through mechanical failure or misunderstanding throughout the week, but like a spinning gyroscope we can use this momentum if we stay centered.

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Although a vacation might be a good use of this week, we may have work to do or feel an urge to accomplish as energetic Mars and serious Saturn conjunct together in competent Capricorn through the week. Together they add endurance and determination to wade through the minor mishaps and confusing energy, but we have to add wisdom and direction to use their impulse wisely.

That Mars-Saturn conjunction asks us to meditate on our work and our responsibilities and asks us a few tough questions. Where do we need to become more can-do and action-oriented? Where do we need to take more responsibility for our actions? How can we add craft and practice to our enthusiasm? On a good day this conjunction can inspire thoughtful competence and dynamic responsibility. But it also intensifies determination behind motivation in any direction and can crank up the volume on toxic masculinity. Let’s have a good place to put this sharpened focus, and if our emotional whirlwind gets activated, pour that energy into constructive action or a good workout until the dust settles and we can mediate with more spaciousness.

Mars and Saturn are both unusually strong in Capricorn, Mars is exalted in Capricorn and Saturn is in its home sign and they conjunct at 8°, within 2° of the exact conjunction in play when the NRA formed in 1841. Though Mars and Saturn conjunct about every two years, only 1x since then has this conjunction been that close to the natal conjunction for the NRA, which puts them right in the crosshairs of those questions. The last conjunction this close, January 1930, marked the opening of the second Hague conference on reparations to Germany, when European countries reneged on their financial treaty responsibilities to Germany and pulled troops out of Germany five years early.

Back to this Mercury retrograde, which is great for learning from history, investigating peccadilloes of the past, or looking behind us to complete projects already in the works. But our perception can be torqued, especially if any unverified information coming our way supports our pre-existing theories. Let’s check our sources. Otherwise it could be all too easy to get on our high horse and run right into a wall.

As the weekend begins, some minor irritating aspects can leave us a bit spacey or emotionally confused and easily irritated; Mars semi-squares Jupiter while Venus semi-squares Neptune. Luckily Venus enters more stabilizing Taurus on Friday night and adds leavening common sense to the mix. It may also stir up spring fever and bring a twinkle to our eye. Venus in Taurus can be very earthy.

A full Moon in Libra over the weekend highlights our pull to camaraderie on one hand and willful independence on the other. When we can balance those two needs, all is well, but we have to believe that’s possible, otherwise we send mixed messages and get none of our needs met. The mood sharpens and intensifies our determination as the Moon enters Scorpio Sunday through Tuesday.

Midweek brings a fresh, sometimes funny, impatience as the Moon enters mobile Sagittarius. Impulse control lowers, and quirky accidents are likely unless we pay attention. Fresh honesty and new information can liberate us, but also be used as a weapon unless we keep our hearts open. Clear the ground for spring growth.

Friday, March 30: On this persnickety and potentially cranky morning it furthers to attend to our health, edit, and fix what needs fixing. Afternoon grows more sociable if still feisty as the Moon enters friendly Libra. Be idealistic but stay in the present in order to fulfill the potential. Our senses want to be fed tonight as Venus enters Taurus.

A persnickety and potentially cranky morning that can it furthers to attend our health and edit until noon time when the Moon enters more egalitarian Libra. The mood may be sociable but feisty, social justice-oriented, idealistic but not clear-sighted; we hope for the best but need to stay present and work with what is in order to fulfill the potential we see, whether it is relationship, work, or a pleasant afternoon. Pay attention to prevent accidents or oddly competitive moments around dinner time as Mars semi-squares Jupiter. Our senses want to be fed tonight as Venus semi squares Neptune then enters Taurus.

Moon enters Libra 11:51 AM, Mars semi-squares Jupiter 5:45 PM, Venus semi-squares Neptune 9:14 PM, Venus enters Taurus 10:53 PM.

Saturday, March 31: It’s not fair! That can be our battle cry. Conflicting desires can pull us in many directions as the Moon waxes full in Libra 6:36 AM MDT. Tend to personal needs or to a more just and fair world? Be nice or shoot from the hip? Luxuriate in bed or go adventuring? Cuddle or go forth fiercely? Venus strong in her own sign supports the full Libra Moon and asks us to look for balance, the beauty way, harmonizing needs within and without; practice kind honesty and the stability of fairness and equality.

Moon square Mars 1:12 AM, Moon square Saturn 3:21 AM, Moon opposes Sun 6:36 AM, Moon opposes Mercury 10:15 AM.

Sunday, April 1: April Fools’ Day falls on Easter, expect benign mischief in the morning, be playful with the Easter basket. Outspoken with strong opinions about what the people around us should do can make family gatherings interesting as the sun and Mercury conjunct in Aries. The mood grows more pointed late afternoon as the Moon and heads to Scorpio and opposes Venus; consider getting contemplative time alone to regroup before the week ahead.
Moon square Pluto 1:04 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 11:52 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 12:29 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 4:57 PM, Moon opposed Venus 9:16 PM.

Monday, April 2: After a broody and thoughtful morning we have access to unusual endurance, competence and focus, but like a power tool, we need to use it carefully. It will be easy to obsess; our minds want to perseverate, so choose carefully what to lock that beam upon. Because we can hold on like a terrier to something that bothers us, it may not further to try and talk things out today. Instead, make progress on important tasks as Mars conjuncts Saturn.

Moon sextile Mars 9:17 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 9:18 AM, Mars conjunct Saturn 9:44 AM, Moon trine Neptune 8:33 PM.

Tuesday, April 3: Our spirits can lift though the focus stays intense as the Scorpio Moon conjuncts Jupiter, exact this morning but visible together in the evening sky. Minor irritations in the early afternoon need patience and a few good deep breaths but can expose an important problem that needs to be dealt with. Offer hard-earned advice tonightand listen to the voice of experience; unusual and useful honesty arises.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 10:05 AM, Moon trine Chiron 11:29 PM.

Wednesday, April 4: Energized but with a lazy streak, we really don’t want to do what we don’t want to do under an outspoken Sagittarius Moon. Conversation shoots from the hip but may or may not be true as the Sun semi-squares confusing Neptune; be tactful even when being honest. It is an all-out kind of day: we may want to take an adventure or take no prisoners. A spontaneous field trip furthers, just drive defensively.

Moon enters Sagittarius 12:54 AM, Moon square Mars 1:05 AM, Sun semi-sextile Neptune 4:10 PM, Moon trine Mercury 6:50 PM.

Thursday, April 5: Look for interesting international strategies strategic questions. Watch out for delays in transportation or over muscular communication. An argumentative conundrum lets us chew over philosophy or wrestle with the gory details as Mercury squares Saturn today. Depression can be an issue but will feel better if we don’t feel trapped in a situation; take a walk, take a break, get perspective if needed.

Mercury squares Saturn 2:22 AM, Moon square Neptune 6:19 AM, Moon square Sun 7:31 AM.

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