Starcodes horoscopes for March 3 – 9, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for March 3 – 9, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

The planets suggest this can be a generally productive week if we don’t get distracted by our easily inflamed emotions. But that can be a challenge, on one side we may feel thin-skinned, painfully aware of our sensitivities and vulnerabilities as Mercury approaches intuitive, permeable Neptune in sensitive Pisces, yet pulled to act, energized and easily ticked-off with emotional Venus and Mars near electrifying Uranus in forthright and flammable Aries.

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Venus symbolizes what we value, what we care about enough to be a resource to us, but also enough to really push our buttons, and she retrogrades, or appears to head backwards, this weekend, within a few degrees a square to intense Pluto. She reminds us about what we hold dear, what we’ve lost and can lose, and what is missing in our life.

Venus retrograde is also known for exposing scandalous material and provoking outrage, so let’s keep our eyes open. Although the present Aries line-up can make our own reality so loud it’s hard to hear others, the Mercury-Sun-Neptune conjunction leaves us unusually empathic and as easily outraged about what happens with others as we are about what happens to ourselves. If we’re in outrage-burnout, we need to stay alert and pace ourselves through the next few months while the planets keep emotions simmering.

The Neptune-Mercury-Sun conjunction can leaves feeling flooded, either by melting snows or waves of emotions, throughout this weekend. But communication can be our saving grace under a verbal Gemini Moon, we need to keep those lines of communication open and humming.

A stabilizing, competent Mars-Saturn trine early next week can help us step out of distraction and into efficiency even as a self-protective Cancer Moon brings out a wariness of other people’s expectations and motives.

Towards the end of the week a Leo Moon amps up the dramatic narrative again, the news stories can seem so over the top. Some hidden secrets come to light and decisions clarify as the Sun and Mercury sextile Pluto and help us cut through some bogus perception. We’ll have a more realistic view of what’s going on, and make plans accordingly.

Friday, March 3: Our resolve can firm up this morning in the face of new information or input as the steady Taurus Moon trines Pluto. We may feel stronger than we have for the last few weeks, and our hungers can sharpen; we know what we want, but can be shocked by what others will do for their desires. Stubbornness increases where we feel pushed, but people respond well to general helpfulness and an honest statement of needs.

Moon trine Pluto 8:20 AM.

Saturday, March 4: The mood is nervy and easily distracted as the Moon enters verbal Gemini this morning. Look for outrageous comments. Let’s mind our words, although it is important to keep the conversation going, it’s easy to say too much yet feel misunderstood. Relationships can stumble unless we perceive with our hearts and souls as well as our minds while Mercury conjuncts Neptune. We may long for magic, for an escapist fantasy or good movie; or we could get lost in our imagination. A healthy, safe break from mundane reality can do us a world of good.

Venus retrograde 2:08 AM, Moon enters Gemini 3:05 AM, Mercury conjunct Neptune 4:09 AM, Moon square Neptune 11:01 PM.

Sunday, March 5: Morning can leave us nervy and unrested as the Gemini Moon squares the Sun and Mercury, people are willing to talk but prone to gossip. Afternoon offers us more control and focus as Mars trines Saturn and inspires us to accomplish and build. A delay may prove fortunate or give us a chance to take a more careful and complete approach. Our brains may rattle around tonight, begging for something to distract from worry and give us a chance to rest.

Moon sextile Venus 1:13 AM, Moon square Mercury 1:50 AM, Moon square Sun 4:32 AM, Mars trine Saturn 1:45 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 4:12 PM, Moon sextile Uranus for 40 9 PM.

Monday, March 6: We start off with good intentions as the Moon opposes Saturn and sextiles Mars but soon may move into a more defensive stance. Don’t push people out of their comfort zone; offer reassurance but don’t let them get away with being offensive in the name of self-protection. Find agreed upon tasks and push them forward now.

Moon opposed Saturn 12:48 AM, Moon sextile Mars 1:21 AM, Moon enters Cancer 5:54 AM.

Tuesday, March 7: Both unusual support and special challenges create crosscurrents and can whip us around as the Moon forms 7 major aspects; stay on target and keep priorities clear. Take advantage of passing opportunities and don’t take personally the difficult flotsam and occasionally abrasive attitudes. Mental Mercury sextiles deep Pluto and can help us focus or obsess and makes us nosy, but we must sort gossip from real crime.

Moon trine Neptune 2:19 AM, Moon square Venus 4:07 AM, Moon trine son 11:47 AM., Moon trine Mercury 1:12 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 2:28 PM, Moon square Jupiter 7:24 PM, Moon square Uranus 8:33 PM, Mercury sextile Pluto 10:24 PM,

Wednesday, March 8: Our thinking may be sharp, edgy this morning, it may be important to hold people accountable for their actions, but not waste time faultfinding, a subtle but important difference. The general mood grows more sociable, generous, though reactive and impatient as the Moon enters Leo midday. Let’s be careful what behavior we reward with attention, as some people think they need it right now, can get truly difficult to get it.

Moon square Mars 7:59 AM, Moon conjunct enters Leo 9:45 AM.

Thursday, March 9: Shine for all sentient beings as the Sun sextiles Pluto under a Leo moon. The cultural narcissistic wounding is showing, but a healthy reframe encourages us to share our talents with generosity and integrity. Mars leaves feisty Aries and enters earthy Taurus, which can slow down the fireworks and add fresh resilience and resistance

Sun sextile Pluto 1:32 AM, Moon trine Venus 7:54 AM, Mars enters Taurus 5:33 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 11:57 PM.

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