Starcodes horoscopes for March 25 – 31, 2011

Starcodes horoscopes for March 25 – 31, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week we need to get our ducks in a row no matter how distracted we feel by world events and spring excitement. It will really help the next few weeks if we get organized now, before Mercury retrogrades on Wednesday, slows us down and sends us back to review and prepare. Already we can feel the momentum shift as communication slows down and the technical snags increase. Our work is here on the table, we have to stop creating new work for the moment and go back to follow up on leads as well as produce, clean up and refine what we’ve already begun. Be prepared for events out of the blue, projects that feel like a necessary side-bar, but not really connected to the ordinary flow of our life.

Don’t be discouraged by an apparent stalemate on some business or political issue, it may look like a standoff, but can actually signal a shift in direction and in who holds the power as Jupiter opposes Saturn this week. Let’s stay persistent and patient towards any ongoing process that feels dear to our hearts, and de-prioritize the rest. Life may feel full of obstacles, but work done now can build a solid foundation.

Notice a tendency to clash egos at home and work as each party thinks they have the answer. This clash will echo in the headlines, and watch for a use of force that brings questionable results. Let’s see how we can push together towards a shared goal instead of push against one another and waste our energies.

The weekend begins sociable and then gets down to work. It may be hard to get started under a Capricorn Moon, but we can proceed efficiently once we’re moving. Step away from any ego clash. Instead of suspicion, let’s response with a guarded optimism but keep our eyes open, and train one another rather than test one another. Saturday night would be wonderful to combine arts and a good cause. Through early next week, look for an opportunity to work with someone unusual.

Watch the water rise this weekend, both quite literally on the flood plains and figuratively in our hearts and dream world. Venus joins Mars in easily-overwhelmed Pisces on Sunday and leaves us feeling soggy but softens our heart. We may feel unusually sensitive and permeable but open-hearted. Intimate relationships take on an extra shimmering awareness; we’re easily hurt by a careless word and easily affected by a sweet smile or soft caress. It’s time to lean upon one another and remember we’re all connected.

Early in the week we may feel both revved and as if we’re treading water no matter how hard we try to put plans into action, though a collaborative vibe helps. Water and water quality problems continue to need to be addressed, and misinformation fogs us easily as Jupiter challenges Neptune.

Midweek we may have an underdog moment as Mercury retrogrades and the Moon enters Pisces to underline our vulnerability. Take particularly good care of allergies, and look around for those who need help. As people whose world has been devastated by earthquake or civil unrest, or any of us who are dealing with long-term troubles, will need support. We may feel strong-armed into offering help, but it’s good for our health. For a few days it will be easier to express ourselves through the arts and through actions rather than through our eloquent speech. It’s time to speak from the heart not from the head, lean upon one another and remember we’re all in this together.

Friday, March 25: We need to move today, move people, ideas or information across boundaries. Our ecosystem calls for attention; we can feel our connection to the natural world in sickness and in health. But let’s try to find a moment to laugh under this Sagittarius Moon; it renews the energy so we can tackle more serious concerns. After a positive but accident-prone morning, afternoon is more cooperative and idealistic, great for teamwork, interviews or outreach, or just a chill moment. People grow more controlling and serious as the Moon enters Capricorn later on. It’s hard to let go of the work week tonight, either tiredness or thoughtfulness can distract us, but late evening can loosen up with an unexpected twist as the Moon squares Uranus.


Saturday, March 26: Thoughtful, idealistic; we’re looking for answers and willing to work to find them. Productive midday, work toward personal goals; set an example rather than try and manipulate others, accept their agenda is different. Emotional impact hits later afternoon, as if a wave of existential homesickness or longing washes in as the Moon conjuncts Pluto; let the feelings wash through and away. Be open to new connections in this tenderness. Sharing and hopeful outreach tonight, music and art soothe and heal, especially when done for a good cause as Venus conjuncts Neptune.


Sunday, March 27: Explore differences today, but avoid political debate today or be ready to take it to the mat as the Moon squares Jupiter and Saturn. Help people see their common vision and similar goals instead. Old habits or constructs are challenged where they lead to a dead end. New building blocks can find their place. Our hearts soften later on; we may feel more vulnerable and compassionate as Venus heads into Pisces. Watch for erratic thinking around dinner, with a clearer decision later on.


Monday, March 28: Some tough realities hit this morning, either events press the point that some win and others loose, depression wafts, or we become newly aware of the danger in a situation as the Sun squares Pluto. Some people react with compassion and cooperation, and others with a cold edge or manipulative smarminess, so check moods before leaning in on anyone. Be compassionate but don’t count on luck; if we put effort where it’s needed, the way clears.


Tuesday, March 29: The morning is cooperative and collective but already communication wavers and conversation seems to run on skew lines. We’re distracted but not uncaring, and see better in the distance than close to home. Open-minded but stubborn, we may be ready to shoot ourselves in the foot to take a stand; we may be happy another is right but may not admit we are wrong. Batten down the Mercury hatches; make sure bills are paid, paperwork is finished, letters are in the mail, orders in.


Wednesday, March 30: No business as usual; sludge seems to fill our minds and pour over our work, but it is just asking us to drop the usual and look for the unusual. Work with the slower, deeper pace, speed snafus us unless we’re responding to an emergency. Camaraderie counts, we remember who is helpful today and who adds to our burdens. Check in on those easily confused or isolated, we all need to feel a network of support.


Thursday, March 31: Make peace with one another and with the sunrise. Drop any unnecessary grumbling and let life become an exercise in acceptance; make the best of any situation and listen to the agenda of the day rather than try to keep to schedule. Understand with the heart; assume communication and technology can be faulty, and confirm all controversial messages. If something is truly important, follow it through doggedly; postpone all other logistical dealings for a day or two.


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