Starcodes horoscopes for March 20 – 26, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for March 20 – 26, 2009

by  Heather Roan Robbins

Happy Equinox! It’s the astrological New Year’s today; spring begins as the Sun enters Aries at 4:43 am MST. The Sun in Aries imparts the gumption to start over and gives our life force a surge. Like a crocus shooting up after the winter snows, we have to choose our timing but don’t have to be tough; we just need guts, optimism, and a little sunshine.

Aries energy is fresh, brash and to the point. Aries initiates, it also rebels, but there’s only so much power in rebellion. Rebellion may give us the boost to break a habit, break a mindset, break from the past, and may be an essential first step when we’re feeling oppressed or stuck. But rebellion still lets the former authority define the pattern.  It can get mean and wastes our energy. If we really want to empower ourselves, we need to redefine the gestalt and make it work us. The spring doesn’t rebel against the winter, it just sends up crocus.

This search for a fresh approach is activated this weekend as Mercury conjuncts Uranus. It’s now time for something completely different; we’re feeling radically experimental but maybe not very collaborative. We may be fed up and won’t take it any more, or feel hungry for something new and exciting, like a quick field trip out of town, a fresh coat of paint in an unexpected color, a new  budget policy.  Instead of a re-tooling of old ideas, innovations hitting the market will prove more successful.

Aries doesn’t want to wait. We’re ready for protests and celebrations, we want action, but may not see the consequences of our actions. Aries loves a good fight, which will add fuel to our present political debates unless we can all get together and fight a common problem.  But that’s not so likely as Jupiter forms a challenging quincunx to retrograde Saturn this week. This aspect does help us let go of an obstacle or a tendency to get in our own way; this shedding can be painful when it’s added to the present economic factors. We’re still paring down to healthy tissue in the global economy.

Saturn turned retrograde on January first, stays retrograde until May 18th, and appears to back out of its two-year opposition to Uranus for a few months. This long retrograde cycle suggest that we are not really ready to progress in the reforms and transformation of our business and or organizations as represented by Saturn, but first need to go back and do some housekeeping. A difficult effect of this is the present tendency to look back to place blame, rather than to look back more constructively (and laboriously) to figure out what happened, what we can do about it, and how we can keep this from happening again. We may feel a resistance to change, and long for how things used to be, just a few months ago, this may be an important emotional stage, but if we get stuck there will only slow down this necessary tough evolution. But even this resistance is part of the process; it lets us think carefully, not just flail around in financial or personal crisis, but make considered decision.

Next week our dreams continue to be wild and our psyches activated; let’s let the imagination roam, just watch that fine line between reality and imagination as a Pisces Moon conjunct Mercury, Mars and Uranus. Watch for emotional and political plot twists; if jealousy or other primal feelings tweak our tails, let’s flow with it and look for root causes rather than lash out or pull a guilt trip. We may feel the need to come to the rescue of someone who needs help, and can work together with strange allies for a good cause, but shouldn’t be manipulated by our desire to be the hero.

With the Sun in Aries it’s out with the old and in with the new. This fresh start is underlined Thursday by an Aries New Moon, and as Mercury joins the Aries line-up. So let’s get the party started.

Friday, March 20 spring forward as the Sun enters Aries at 4:43 am. A determined Moon in Capricorn wants us to keep moving, not stop and smell the crocus. Responsibilities and our need of self-expression haul us in opposite directions but we can find our way through. Resistant morning, potentially productive afternoon as the Moon forms a few sextiles, evening feels driven.

Saturday, March 21 gather and celebrate spring even if it’s snowing as the Moon enters sociable Aquarius. The restless Mercury-Uranus conjunction breaks open some element of the past and asks us to start fresh, whether through simple spring cleaning or a sudden move across country. Potential for shocking news or shift in circumstances, lets move it in the right direction.

Sunday, March 22 is expansive, but whether it’s our appetite, our anxiety, or our soul that expands is up to us as the Sun semi-squares Jupiter.  Cheerful; but opinions differ on major social issues as Jupiter incojunct Saturn. We may desire to put all the fuss aside for a few hours and live closer to our heart as Venus semi-squares Neptune, which is fine, as long as we don’t even try to pretend we’re being practical in the process.

Monday, March 23 handle people early while the Moon is in sociable Aquarius. The Moon enters sensitive Pisces midday and leaves us raw around the edges. Our unconscious is activated, our morose side focuses on recent losses more than possibilities as the Sun squares Pluto; go ahead and feel, but don’t let this be used to guilt trip or manipulate. Karma boomerangs. Stay aware of underlying motives.

Tuesday, March 24 we need a mental health day; be oh so gentle with one another. We’re feeling every splinter with the Moon and Mercury in Pisces, we can over think or overwork our efforts.  Let this be a day of preparations and reconnection, of healing and getting on the same page.

Wednesday, March 25 is potentially eventful as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Uranus and Mercury, and then both the Moon and Mercury enters Aries. Sensitive in the morning becomes belligerent in the evening. Some surprise or revelation stimulates either an active mope or brainstorming process midday; don’t give up take a different approach.  Afternoon is active, reactive; stormy but energized. Verbal intensity becomes tactless honesty, get it on the table but know the truth is even more complicated.

Thursday, March 26 let’s get things started on this New Moon in Aries at 9:04 am. Every body’s got an attitude but this can be fun. This is a high-energy, dynamic, proactive, independent-thinking day. Content under pressure can explode, so it is safer to let everyone say their piece and release steam. If we get a headache, we may need to speak out, but let’s try to so with gentle directness. Our heart’s truth comes out and we want to take decisive action,but tend to act before we think it through.

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