Starcodes horoscopes for March 18 – 24, 2011

Starcodes horoscopes for March 18 – 24, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins

We may be triggered by our own version of an earthquake, large or small, or feel swept away by the big transits and global events which remind us that we are one world, and everything that happens upon it affects us all.
Our planet is ringing like a bell. A week ago we got a wakeup call as Uranus entered Aries and the Sun ejected a massive coronal plume. This week we see an extra-large appearing perigee Full Moon. Uranus in Aries demands we recent our priorities. It’s hard to keep our eyes on the little things this week, though they are our pathway to create bigger changes.

As Uranus entered Aries it began to square Pluto; although the aspect will not become exact until June 2012, these two will square one another on an off through 2016. Uranus creates change, and Pluto represents transformational power, electrical power, political power, and personal empowerment. Both planets are perfectly willing to play hardball to get the process started. To the archetypal energies represented by Pluto and Uranus, our collective evolution matters, not our comfort.

Change is afoot; the next four years will not let us continue with business as usual, so what is our new assignment? How can we guide the changes in good way? We can look at the stories unfolding in our life right now for clues on what our part can be, how do we step in to our personal power and how do we reach for our work ahead.

The big stories will keep on coming now through the first weeks of spring, and then we go back to review the data and try to understand and repair what happened as Mercury retrogrades through April. Let’s keep our eyes open for our personal stories, our next karmic work assignment in the unfolding stories.

It has been hard to get major changes going in our lives or in our culture for many years, but the clutch is now in, and the mood is ready and as restless as the earth’s crust. But any change we’ve been longing for or trying to accomplish over the last few years, any personal or professional ambition now needs to be reviewed. If it’s no longer relevant in the face of unfolding history, not part of the new story, let it go. If is feels even more alive in response to the world’s changing story, or if we’re called to get involved in a new effort, now is the time to map out the work, make the contacts, and jump in with both feet.

The weekend begins under a tough-minded Mercury-Saturn opposition that gives our minds durability and tenacity under stress; it is time to get work done. We may tend to hold on to the tough stuff though, or need to wrestle with discouragement or fears, and this week’s world events give us plenty to think about. An extra-large Full Moon in Virgo this weekend can raise the anxiety level and raise a tendency to hide from that anxiety by focusing on blame and fault, preferably other people’s faults. Let’s not be difficult. It’s better to clean house, guts, yard or mind; this is the spring cleaning Full Moon here in the northern hemisphere. But we can use this Virgo energy to its best if we focus on healing, hope and improvement instead, in ourselves, in our beloveds and in the world around us.

On Sunday a tough aspect between Venus and Pluto can make our heart ache, and pour salt wherever we feel alone or feel reminded of what we may have lost or could lose. Or we can chose to rise to its calling and reach out to others who are alone or in trouble, let our troubles bring us together and encourage us to share. If our heart hurts from personal loss or in response to world events, instead of retrenching, blaming and licking our wounds, it will help to offer more, even if we feel we don’t have much. Let’s find someone who needs what we have and let it shine. How can we help?

Spring begins on 6:20 pm CDT Sunday night as the Sun enters Aries and conjuncts Uranus, as the season starts with a blast of energy. The mood is intense, explosive, and revolutionary for the first few days of spring, moody and full of the energy to change ourselves and our world. Let us birth this season with love and connection.

Friday, March 18: A serious, thoughtful morning helps us nail down decisions and follow through on tough chores. Use the tenacity wisely. Later afternoon grumbles; fix what needs to be fixed and don’t try to fix one another. Tonight, opinions fly, our health may need to be the first consideration. Watch out for fights later tonight as the Moon opposes Mars, do what heals and soothes the nerves.

Saturday, March 19: Morning is cranky, irritable and accident prone under a Virgo Full Moon; prioritize health and be careful not to waste creative energy looking for faults in others. Use discontent to improve the situation. Later, prioritize camaraderie and romance, and forgive a few frayed nerves as the Libra Moon opposes Uranus. Everything works better if we learn how to work together, we get new lessons in how important it is to collaborate, so let’s be good students.

Sunday, March 20: Let’s hold hands this melancholic morning as Venus semi-squares Pluto and let ourselves be deeply moved. We may feel the pressures of life and need a break, need to know we’re in this together. Gatherings further. Something dear may need to be released. Let the heart aches pour into connection, solutions, and creative process. Let tears heal. The energy picks up as the Sun enters Aries this afternoon, raise the roof for the Vernal equinox and send the energy to good things.

Monday, March 21: Listen for a shocking, exciting wake-up call as the Sun conjuncts Uranus in Aries. We’re fed up with what doesn’t work, keenly interested in innovation, and ready to question preconceptions. Eccentric, sparky, intense, difficult mood, we work better alone as the Moon enters Scorpio even if want to join others to improve the situation. Situations intensify; endings and beginnings about. Get details out of the way early to be available for matters of importance later. Ruptures are more likely than connections, so think twice before picking a fight.

Tuesday, March 22: We need to vent, but don’t need to vent at one another, so let’s let off steam and listen to what’s really bothering underneath. Do not ask for favors. Deal with real issues and leave the details to follow later, look under rocks for the real roots of the problem. Work on foundations, basements, wiring, and foundational issues. Wherever denial or lying is found out the situation gets explosive; be honest if discrete.
Wednesday, March 23: Give people room this morning, they may be deep inside obsessing on their emotional twists and turns. Mood brightens as the Moon enters Sagittarius later, we want to know what’s going on in the larger world. The natural world calls to us and we need to answer back; respond to ecological questions. We need a break from the heavier personal issues but are willing to take on the global ones, it furthers to climb mountains and talk to the wild animals this afternoon.

Thursday, March 24: A new level of honesty may be hard to hear but can clear the way; let a fresh, un-barbed but determined honesty blow out the dust and keep the flow moving. Plants spring up; ideas catch fire and will not be suppressed. Renew and find playfulness in the strangest corners, reweave some frayed connections. If we give attention to kids, animals and new friendships, their life force will feed us in return. Notice where new enthusiasm is building and feed those new fires.

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