Starcodes horoscopes for March 18 – 24, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for March 18 – 24, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Spring fever hits big time this week; floods, pollen, crushes, and wanderlust, with the whiff of resistance in the air.  No matter how the springtime calls us, we have some serious work to do. . Last week Venus, and this week Mercury and the Sun, oppose serious Saturn and square profound Pluto as enter Aries, and as they do so they haunt us with our past and demand we tackle our biggest challenges.

It’s time to add structure to our work, fertilize the fields, replant the plants, and edit the manifesto. No matter how much we’d like to wander the globe or toodle around the neighborhood, free-spirited travel hits a snag, but effort we put in now to explore our possibilities will bear fruit later.  The Aries line up lifts the spirits but bring in contrariness, just as this mercury-Saturn-Pluto aspect asks us to look at the tough stuff.  We can get over-focused on what bugs us and loose our flexibility. Let’s not bother to try and convince anyone of anything, but just say what we think and let them percolate upon it. We can put this mental recalcitrance to good use to nail down logistics once we know where we’re going.

This Mercury-Pluto-Saturn T-square can snag at our worries and intensify our arguments. Loss, fear, memories and doubts arise, but they re just clear evidence to the real work needed and are not here to stop us. Evidence of the past comes to the surface; we may get messages from those long gone or find evidence of a crime or unpaid bill.  We may feel urgent, but should avoid reactive decision. Focus instead on what needs to be released before spring begins. Weed the garden. Watch paranoia and don’t let the fears overwhelm the dreams. Just get practical instead.

Saturday the astrological year begins as the days and night balance while the Sun enters Aries. The Spring Equinox is usually a magical time, doors open and spirits catch fire. But our maturity level drops to the level of a toddler. We want what we want when we want it. Aries energy helps us shake of the soggy complexities of winter, but as it brings baby birds to life and melts snow, it brings us back to ourselves.  We can get self-centered or off-centered. Better we re-center on our spine and in our own understanding, remember the parts of our selves that are not convenient for others, and come alive.

We’ve had a lot of astrological challenges over the last few weeks, so as the weekend begins, slow down a notch and get practical, get back in the body and out of the head as the Moon enter Taurus.

The new astrological year begins on Saturday as the Sun enters Aries. This spring equinox is usually a magical time, doors open and spirits catch fire, but our maturity level can drop to that of a toddler; we want what we want when we want it.  We can get self-centered or off-centered, but better we re-center on our spine and in our own understanding, remember the parts of our selves that are not convenient for others, and come alive.

Early next week we get mouthy,  say what we mean and mean what we say, but may not think a before we speak; we’ve just got to push the river as the Sun trines Mars and oppose Saturn and Mars sextiles Saturn.  Feel the tension between generations, between those who want to take action and those who hold onto status quo.  But where we can get youth and experience to work together, we can really build momentum.

Midweek could bring an emotional wobble; we may regress or want to move towards safety but can overreact.  Get solid, not reactive as Mercury makes a confusing aspect to intuitive Neptune while the Sun squares Pluto and adds storm clouds to our moods. Do not believe the self-doubts that arise, just listen to the m for information about the work to be done. Check in with depressed friends.  And in any relationship, it’s better to hold hands rather than bounce off each other’s defenses. Hold hands if tough choices need to be made. This aspect can promote the illusion that we are all alone, or that we are not enough.  The week ends on an energized wild note, let’s shine our optimism not our egos as the Moon heads into Leo.

Friday, March 19: Kept it steady, the turtle wins this race under a Taurus Moon. Work with the mud, work with the practical objects right on the table and don’t borrow trouble from the future.  Our senses crave stimulation; we’re so very ready for spring if only the weather cooperates.  Being embodied furthers.  We want to cuddle, to connect, and loneliness can be a problem, no matter how warm our relationships we can get trapped in the illusion of isolation.  If conflicting needs leave us disoriented tonight, let’s not take it personally; listen and share instead.

Saturday, March 20: Happy New Year! The morning can be rocky with a tough Mercury-Pluto square as the Sun enters Aries.  A crocus can make us achingly lonely, no matter how wonderful the company, we may need to honor those that didn’t make it to spring. Clean and clear the ground, then new life sprouts. This afternoon the energy seeps up, some tough situation can hit a crisis point, but the rest of us will feel the wind begin to fill the sails. Energy releases tonight.

Sunday, March 21: It may be springtime, but we still have to be grown-ups; the Aries energy brings out our inner child just as the Sun opposes Saturn and asks us to maturely reinvent our life. Talk it over. Repeat. Important announcements, hammering out the difficult details, if impatience pushes a rash decision, take a break before a mistake is made.

Monday, March 22:  A lot will be said, planned, initiate in the next few days as Mars sextiles Saturn, get in there and be part of it before power jostling starts towards the end of the week. An agreeable Moon-Venus sextile warms the morning; make personal changes this afternoon if contrariness takes out cooperation while the Moon squares Uranus. Rest and recuperate tonight as the Moon enters Cancer and opposes Pluto.

Tuesday, March 23: Watch out for stubbornness under confusing circumstances; everybody leads and no one follows as the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Pluto form a grand square in cardinal signs.  Reckon with creative differences, logistical problems, and forces of nature.  Any suggestion is taken as an insult. Just do what needs to be done and encourage what works. Take a stand only thoughtfully and with muscles.

Wednesday, March 24: We may need to deal with old problem, old friends, antiques, but let’s not get stuck in the past. We can obsess on relationships but get farther on more objective, less triggering focus as our independence and interdependence feuds. Defenses prickle midday, we’re much more flexible this evening.

Thursday, March 24:  Like little kids showing off we need attention and appreciation. Power jockeying gets serious, bravado echoes.  Better we give this attention to ourselves and offer up what we have in service as the Moon enters Leo. Momentum builds, when at rest we’ll tend to sat at rest, when in motion we keep moving; the trick will be to begin.

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