Starcodes horoscopes for March 16 – 22, 2018

Starcodes horoscopes for March 16 – 22, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

Watch out for emotional whiplash on this best and worst of weeks. When faced with any situation where urgent energy meets an immovable object, or at least a series of delays, do not try to muscle through.  As spring begins, the big motivators of astrology, Mars and the sun, both enter proactive, dynamic cardinal signs just as the trickster logistics master, Mercury, prepares to turn retrograde putting brakes on this rocket ship.

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Putting on the brakes and the gas at the same time can create difficulties. Let’s not barrel right into a wall. We will need persistence and finesse to navigate. We can use delays as time to think through the project further and notice the consequences. Maybe we need to go back and do some research or find what’s been done before. If a problem suddenly shows up or confrontation that we need to deal with, we look for the roots in the past, some experience or event that has already happened now needs on is set off a chain of events and we need to follow through with consciousness and integrity.

One Aries motto is “ready, fire, aim”, and retrograde Mercury tends to increase our problem with aim accuracy and impulse control. Mars in Capricorn adds efficiency and determination, but also a militant edge, as Mars is strongest in Capricorn. To make this time work, we need to put a five second lead on our temper and look before we leap. Avoid or diffuse dangerous situations.

As the weekend begins we can easily feel overwhelmed or have trouble finding what we’re looking for under the sensitive Pisces Moon with a fuzzy-thinking Mercury-Neptune semi-sextile which gives us a taste of the coming Mercury retrograde.  Get some extra rest. Saturday continues this sweet but disoriented permeability under the new Moon in Pisces. The general mood begins to crank up on Saturday as Mars enters Capricorn and the Moon joins Venus and Mars in Aries. After high-energy exploratory, and sometimes contentious weekend, Monday launches with enthusiasm, but the snafus begin.

Use the grounded Taurus Moon common sense on Tuesday and Wednesday to clear the tables and get organized, because common sense then thins out. Plant seeds both literally and figuratively on this waxing fertile moon. Tuesday’s vernal equinox opens doors and possibilities of all kinds, take notes even though we may not be able to follow up on them right away. Through early next week we can feel that spring momentum building, feel enthusiasm rising. But the week ends with logistical kerfuffle as Mercury retrogrades under a Mercurial Gemini Moon. Take notes now, because we may need to put these on hold while we go back and tend to unfinished business, deal with a short-term side agenda, or just get taxes done, during Mercury retrograde’s three-week review. If we have the notes to follow, we can pick up those new ideas after Mercury turns direct on April 15.

Friday, March 16: Expect a few delays, track personal items and don’t leave a purse unattended. We may want to feel braver than we do, think we ought to have more energy than we do as Venus and Mars in Aries push forward but the waning Pisces Moon leaves us tender, emotional, and potentially resentful of anybody who tries to push us or make us feel guilty (because we probably already do). Uncertainty and mixed messages abound; when we can be funny and creative, all is well. We may feel more brilliant after sunset.

Moon conjunct Neptune 7:46 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Neptune 3:43 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 8:08 PM.

Saturday, March 17: Morning may be slow and somewhat discombobulated under the New Moon in Pisces, we may feel more permeable and raw than we’d like, but competence and willfulness build up as Mars enters industrious Capricorn and the Moon enters feisty Aries. The energy grows less feisty and more productive later on, though no one will really want to sit still.

Moon trine Jupiter 10:57 AM, Sun quincunx Uranus 2:04 AM, Moon conjunct Sun 7:11 AM, moo Mars enters Capricorn 10:40 AM, Moon enters Aries 12:56 PM, Moon square Mars 1:03 PM.

Sunday, March 18: We may bump into each other’s feelings and step on toes this fast-moving, dynamic day. People are brash but sensitive, so let’s be honestly tactful even when we don’t want to. Take an opportunity to compost an old wound into fresh material and awareness as the Sun conjunct Chiron this afternoon. Find ways to connect tonight as the Moon conjuncts Venus and Mercury

Moon square Saturn 4:18 AM, Venus semi sextile Neptune 9:12 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 3:57 PM, Sun conjunct Chiron 5:14 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 5:46 PM.

Monday, March 19: Changes will be made as the Moon conjuncts Uranus this morning, let’s make them good ones. keep up the momentum and use this fresh Aries Moon to launch changes that to work on over the next few weeks. The Moon enters mellow if stubborn Taurus this evening; use this time as a chance to catch up with oneself and share comforting connection.

Moon square Pluto 3:05 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 1:28 AM, Moon enters Taurus 7:06 PM, Moon trine Mars 9:35 PM, Mercury conjunct Venus 10:02 PM.

Tuesday, March 20: Welcome the vernal equinox! Spring is sprung at 10:15 AM MDT, marking a time when the days and nights are equal and the doors to possibilities open. Take notes of all new inklings, it may take a few weeks to follow up and really launch, but do not think that a delay means no. Celebrate with one another; the energy is simple, straightforward, generous, yet unintentionally insensitive.

Moon trine Saturn 10:04 PM, Sun enters Aries 10:15 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 8:41 PM.

Wednesday, March 21: Mercury is really slowing down, we can feel the retrograde sludge thickening, delays and difficulties may begin the mount. Practice patience and finesse. Look for the sidebars, the short-term urgent agenda that need attention for the next few weeks but remember to return to the new possibilities when the retrograde cycle is done. Laugh about the slapstick tonight as the Moon enters verbal Gemini.

Moon trine Pluto 7:58 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 11:20 AM, Moon sextile Chiron 8:53 PM, Moon enters Gemini 11:29 PM.

Thursday, March 22: Communicate this morning; share notes, get on the same page, and confirm appointments under the talkative Gemini Moon.  Make lists and get organized. Keep the schedule loose as the Moon makes a series of minor difficult aspects and Mercury retrogrades at dinner time should.  Things may not go as planned, but we can make the best of it.

Moon sextile Sun 2:21 AM, Mercury retrograde 6:14 PM.

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