Starcodes horoscopes for March 13 – 19, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for March 13 – 19, 2009

We need room to dream this last official week of winter. For some, this means they need room to imagine their world can be different. For others this need is literal because they’re having trouble sleeping between last weekend’s psyche-energizing Mars-Neptune conjunction, this week’s electrifying Sun-Uranus conjunction, and next week’s Mercury-Uranus conjunction. And dreams can be wild when we get there. Most of us who have had trouble sleeping have not gone on a rampage, but a few people whose psyches were already disturbed have headed off the deep end. The same aspect that adds these neon lights to the sleep cycle can intensify our meditations, which gives us something to do if we’re wide awake at 2:00 AM.

Our dreams and our moods are softened as Mars enters sensitive Pisces on Saturday; we loose little of our feistiness and oomph and need more time to let our imagination roam. Let’s be kind to one another because we may feel more easily overwhelmed or discourages by life’s slings and arrows and could react more to allergens or be more sensitive to medicines for a little while. Our immune system may need strengthening; our exercise might want to be more gentle and intuitive with less bravado. The world can feel scary with all our sensitivities heightened, and we may want to take a few days to hide out and dream. If some of us just need to whine, sympathize without taking it either too seriously, trying to fix it, or competing for who’s got it worst. Don’t worry, Venus, already in Aries, won’t let us retreat too far, and we’ll get our oomph back in spades the following week.

But this sensitivity has its plus sides; our loving can become more tender and imaginative if we feel safe. We can assess and horror out more subtle (but no less real) needs. We may explore the positive aspects of poetry, service, hope and surrender and remember how to take care of our selves and one another.

But we will respond very badly to sharp edges or guilt trips and can withhold our warmth if we feel emotionally bruised. Mercury, Sun, Uranus, and soon Mars in Pisces refine our sensitivities, when we choose to use them. Which means we can be extra nice when we want, unusually creative, given an outlet and a few minutes to let our imagination wander. It also means our feelings can be extra easily hurt. But Venus in Aries won’t let us mope about it, though she doesn’t provoke a terribly mature response. If we’re hurt, we’ll tend to loose our logic and try to prove we don’t need that provoking person. Or spout off like a spring thunderstorm, a tactic so prominent in today’s political commentary.

The present line-up in Pisces (Sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus) stimulates a search for a dream, but it may not leave us terribly interested in the truth, especially if the truth is hard. Notice how many news shows find it easier to focus on a sensational festival of opinions and avoid giving us more solid information about the condition of our globe. Let’s ask where are we, too, using some emotional drama to avoid standing back and looking at the bigger picture.

A healthier response to this dance between the Piscean sensitivity and the Aries reactivity may be to feel our independence, not as wall against the source of our sensitive feelings, but as a center-point within our core. One that allows us to remember that we stand on our own two feet but lets us stay open to those we care about and continue our dialogue. Relationship issues will need a gentle hand until spring is well under way.

Early next week our dialogue becomes more outspoken as the Moon enters honest Sagittarius; our thinking grows more rigorous and is less emotionally-driven as Mercury perfects its opposition to Saturn. Travel plans are finalized, educational issues need work. It’s a good time for tough negotiations, if we’re willing to wrestle, but it may be best to leave delicate emotional issues alone for the moment.

Midweek Mercury opposes Saturn and sharpens our focus, Mars sextiles Pluto and helps be willing to do the work, but we may get grim and want to cut back more than necessary. Yes it’s time to trim the deadwood, but not the healthy stock, and time to fertilize the root, of a love, a business a country.

Friday, March 13 be sociable and charming this relatively cooperative morning, and bring in the antennae later as the Moon heads into stormier Scorpio. Some corner is turned, some limit is reached and we say “enough”, but let’s avoid over-dramatic pronouncements or action, either positive or negative. Sparks fly tonight as Venus and Mars semi-square; let’s make them the good kind.

Saturday, March 14 find uses for discontent; wander into unknown territory, it may be easier to nod at stranger than to share pleasantries with familiars. It helps to keep the hands and feet busy while the soul wanders in caverns of its own imaginings. Let others companionably find their own pace as Mars enters Pisces and the Moon squares Jupiter.

Sunday, March 15 the planets whisper to us to drift, dream and regroup. Keep the day clear and listen to the soul, dive into spiritual practice or a good book. Keep the day low expectations and personal as the Sun semi-sextiles Neptune. Misunderstandings pile up if we’re pushed; the voices of the subconscious are louder than those in the neighborhood.

Monday, March 16 although we still don’t feel like following any rules, the Moon in Sagittarius pulls us out of our inner caverns and can give us wanderlust. Impatience can make us wander off the job, but that many to serve us in the long run. Work on the short list, work on what makes fast improvement with least resistance. Take a field trip.
Tuesday, March 17 let’s explore how we can expand the concept of wearing the green this St. Patrick’s Day; the Moon in Sagittarius brings our mind to both far away places and our role as a global citizen, and to our connection to the natural world. Awkward moments early soften to a more lighthearted midday, tonight highlights on going transformations as the Moon squares Saturn and Uranus.

Wednesday, March 18 may be an eventful day. Morning revelations enrich the dialogue as Mercury sextiles Jupiter, and this sets us up for important decisions with the potential for solid progress this afternoon as the Moon enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto. If a situation seems direr than it is, honor the feelings and keep perspective.

Thursday, March 19 don’t introduce new work; keep it simple and stick to the work at hand, people are digesting recent events and have plenty on their plates. We can slip into a grim mood unless we keep our perceptions balanced, so encourage any progress and look for the flowers along the way.

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