Starcodes horoscopes for March 12 – 18, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for March 12 – 18, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Once a year the Sun conjuncts catalytic Uranus, shifts our gears and pushes us out of our safety zone. Get ready to rock and roll next week as the Sun, Mercury and Uranus conjunct.

But first these planets align around the Pisces New Moon. Pisces draws us inward to restore our spirit, heart and body, and asks us to clean up unfinished work before we launch into spring. It reminds us that we’re all connected, and that our world is complex, interdependent and often messy; no simple answers for Pisces.  Pisces support a mystical, understanding and inclusive attitude, though can stray into whiny and indecisive. It’s easy to throw a pity party when we’re in the swamp, and hard to close the deal.

We’d probably drift away if it wasn’t for motivation from Venus and Mars trine in fiery Aries and Leo, but these fire signs add passion and emotional torque to all we do. Though with only Pluto in an earth sign at the moment it can be hard to remember what we’re doing and maintain a steady rhythm.  Let’s just put one foot in front of the other.

If the Pisces line-up can leave us feeling overwhelmed, this fire-sign energy gives us the spunk to deal. We can cope, even if we’re not so sure at the time. We may want to rebel against an oppressive situation or cop an attitude and rail against some externally imposed restraint; while this may not be wise or mature, at least it gets us moving.

As the weekend begins, we may realize we’ve recently lost an opportunity because we were off dreaming; some pain in the heart can wake us up and remind us to keep our eyes on the big picture. We may need to cut our losses or let go of a dearly held item or idea. We need to remember where we’re going in order to make sense of the moment, because although we can see the big arcs of fate, details about how to get there may be obfuscated as the Aquarius Moon conjuncts Neptune and Venus squares Pluto. Relationships need a sensitive, connected but not needy, touch, with lots of room for self-realization.

This weekend gets even swampier; the water rises as the Moon conjuncts the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus in Pisces. Keep an eye on the melting snow pack, watch for fog and flood damage, from swollen rivers to tea cups tipping near an important paper. Emotions may swamp us, tears spill easily. Our oldest and most familiar insecurities can seep up, but we will have no patience with them; these waters can then rinse out those illusions or bad habits that hold us back.

We are wildly intuitive right now, but just as imaginative, and it’s hard to tell the difference. As we paddle about the collective psychic soup our dreams co-mingle; because we can feel each other’s pain, some of us will prefer to hang out alone.  Just let the feelings flow and do not attach to anything that flows by. Ice is melting, everything is changing, but we can help direct the change as Mercury conjuncts Uranus.

In this flood, honesty can be a relative thing. Our stories may be more what we want to believe than factually accurate, but do portray an inner reality for those that have ears to hear.  The political arena will be soaked with irrational hyperbole on all sides as the health care bill and other issues reach a fork in the road; they paint the portrait of their hopes and fears, not what the future will actually produce. Those hopes and fears do need to be addressed, but let’s not pretend they’re logical.  This same pattern echoes on the home front; honor the hopes and fears, but don’t pretend they’re rational and don’t let them run the show. Look for the middle way.

If people help themselves to other’s resources and ideas, and feel entitled to do so, let’s practice holding healthy boundaries even while we become more aware that we really are all one.

The energy really shifts on Tuesday, what has been stuck or sluggish now gets a move on as the Moon and Mercury enter Aries, trine activating Mars all while the Sun conjuncts change-master Uranus. Anything can and will happen mid-week. We may have little energy to do what other people want us to do, but will fuel up wherever we’re impassioned.

Let life be fresh and new. Take the kids and dogs on an adventure and they behave, bore them and expect a rebellion. Pitch an innovation, put in an offer. We could just drop everything and move to Europe, but let’s not overshoot. Let’s do the minimum necessary needed change and not throw out what’s dear and valuable.

A headache maybe a sign we’ve been too good for too long and now need to be more direct and honest.  No need to be rude though, as everyone is still feeling thin-skinned and easily bruised and will hear better when that new honesty comes with kindness.

With Mercury in Aries for the next few weeks we do not want the long story, so keep comments to the point.  Send a message or draw up a proposal and expect a quick answer. Spiritual practice or school homework now goes better in short intense burst.

Friday, March 12:  Our responsibilities to others get complex; we may both love them and resent the need to compromise or feel trapped by their actions. If we see where this tension is our illusion, and take responsibility for our own conflicting feelings, we have the tools to proceed. The day is sociable if complex; frustrations around dinnertime need a sense of humor.  Community can support us if we are feeling blue, so gather with allies for some major event or humanitarian cause as Moon semi-squares Pluto and Venus.

Saturday, March 13: Morning is low key; liquids and waters can misbehave. The water level rises in our soul as the darkening Moon enters Pisces. It is a good time for a kindly personal inventory, a long talk with our soul over the art supplies or other creative, non-goal-oriented endeavor. We’re vulnerable, but impatient with our vulnerability. No matter how impatient we get, feelings are too raw for us to push. Keep the mood safe, supportive and dreamy, and trust that next week will bring change.

Sunday, March 14: The day abounds in fortunate dreams, serendipitous interaction, but zip practical efficiency.  We wander across what we really need; meander and pay attention. Talk about whatever and listen to what comes up. Ceremonially let go of unproductive blueprints and call in new, fresh ones. Expansive afternoon, late evening sensitivities can make us edgy, cranky, and reactive; sleep, meditate, or watch a good movie instead.

Monday, March 15: And now for something completely different; the dream changes or the dream causes a change as Mercury, Uranus, Sun, and Moon all conjunct in Pisces tonight. Experiment first in the imaginative realm, and then be ready to make it so tomorrow. Inventive, expressive vibe demands we avoid repetitive work. Bend the rules if it furthers the goal, make it safe to innovate.

Tuesday, March 16: Enough dreams, we want action: We need a clear path (even if it’s just for the short term) and our own satisfying work to do; chop wood, carry water.  The mood is volatile; count to five before responding. Political rebel and willful children wrestle as the Moon enters Aries, opposes Saturn and squares Pluto. If we feel resentful, it’s time to take responsibility. Do not try to dominate, do not be dominated; change the game instead.

Wednesday, March 17: Experiment as the Sun conjuncts Uranus, don’t jettison something we’ll need later. Pitch innovation. Work with others to create a larger change; support one another’s action but don’t try to work in tandem. Take break and feed the soul with spontaneous moments. Electrical bursts or explosions are possible. Fighting words spark for St Patrick’s; dance rather than fight as Mercury trines Mars.

Thursday, March 18: The mood gets serious, may clamp down after yesterday’s freedom. Doubts return but we can hammer out the how as Mercury opposes Saturn. Communications may be off, arguments spark midday. Bones can ache. Don’t try to hurry, steadiness will get us farther. More information or understanding tonight as the Moon trines Pluto, remember the hope as well as the problems.

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