Starcodes horoscopes for March 11 – 17, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for March 11 – 17, 2016

Free weekly horoscopesby Heather Roan Robbins

It is such a magical time.  We know things, or think we do, as intuit and; tricksters play in our collective psyches. Out energy level drifts and wanders. Since the last week of February we’ve been swimming through a confusing if intuitive Neptunian fog, as first the Sun, then Mercury, and now Venus approach a conjunction with Neptune.  Any tendency we have to want to escape can exacerbated by these Neptunian aspects, just in time for St Patrick’s Day, so let’s keep an eye on alcohol intake and give ourselves the needed time out in a clear and conscientious way.

But we can stub our toes in the fog. Notice irritable edges all around as this week brings some sharper-thinking, debate-orient aspects that help us work through the fog, but can also leave us arguing with no clear grasp of the facts. Just look at recent political debates for a clear example.  If some confusing email hack darkens the inbox or fraud skulks in a nearby corner, move carefully and do not jump to conclusions; Even though our freshly sensitive antennae can easily tell something is off this week, it can be unusually hard to tell who is the victim and who is the perpetrator.  Get the facts.

In this Neptunian soup we can anxiously speed up when we lose a thing, don’t have needed information, or feel insecure, but that will make it even more difficult to solve the problem. Let’s slow down rather than speed up if we can’t see where we’re going; if we take a deep breath, let the sediment settle out of these turbulent waters, our perception clears and the fairies replace lost items.

And underneath the sensitive fog we can expect a reprise of this year’s big issues around the use and abuse of power and revisit how we can improve this situation as Jupiter trines Pluto; this aspect began last October, is exact again this week as Jupiter retrogrades back, and will complete this June.  It will be a repeated, ongoing theme of the upcoming election.

On this low energy, determined, argumentative, even accident prone Friday, an irritating aspect between energizing Mars and Pluto loan us a burst of energy to cope, but also leaves us easily riled up. It will also be good to do soothing things if we have any ongoing inflammation in the body.

We may need some down-time this weekend and again towards the end of the week if we’re feeling raw. Venus joins the Sun, Mercury Neptune, Chiron and south node in Pisces on Saturday and we may just feel too sensitive for this world.   If we don’t take time out to drift, dream, meditate, or create, then life may slow us down anyway. Rest first, and work with more verve later.

Early next week we need to think both fast and with rigor as the Moon enters nervy, verbal Gemini, Mercury squares hard-working Saturn, and Venus squares irascible Mars. We can use difficulties or delays to (not get depressed, but) work through and improve our understanding and the situation. Look for rewards or response on Tuesday as fresh understanding or repairs improve the situation. The end of the week is moodier and more emotional; our introverted streak requires some personal down time to prepare for a busy weekend ahead.

Friday March 11:  It’s an edgy but productive morning, though headaches arise easily with a flash of impatience.  Mars semi-squares Pluto today, and we can either get miserable about on-going arguments or violence in the world, cheerfully entrench in an argumentative position, or proudly proclaim how much we disagree. But let’s not drive heavy machinery while ticked off. Tempers flare less and entrench more this afternoon as the Moon enters Taurus. Engage the deliciousness of embodiment. Make favorite foods and cuddle, to take the edge off tired nerves. Notice a desire to acquire things, retail therapy, but be wary of impulse buys.

Moon sextile Venus 11:23 AM then VOC. Moon enters Taurus 12:43 PM Mars semi-square Pluto 9:29 PM.

Saturday, March 12: Soft, squishy, a bit passive or passive aggressive attitude floats through the morning.  A fresh, stable vulnerability can encourage us to guilt trip others if we aren’t getting our way.  But the mood is cozier, creative where we feel safe. Puttering furthers. A desire for more depth and interest arises later on.

Venus enters Pisces 3:23 AM, Moon sextiles Neptune 4:54 AM, Moon sextiles Mercury8:55 AM, Moon trine Pluto 4:40 PM then VOC.

Sunday, March 13: The Moon enters outgoing if nervy Gemini this morning, and squares Venus, humor covers a myriad of problems, energy comes in spurts, and moments of connection can help with the labile moods, so it is good to get out and about this morning.  This evening our feeling can be more raw and easily-pricked, longing or sadness washes through as Venus semi-squares Pluto.

Moon enters Gemini 3:03 PM, Moon square Venus 6:21 PM, Moon opposed Mars 7:42 PM, Venus semi-square Pluto 10:35 PM.

Monday, March 14: The energy is scattered, it is hard to get opinion and action going in the same direction, but we have work to do. Even if it is not inconvenient time, stay in there and work through problems as they arrive with heart and head together.  We need to slowdown, not speed up if we start to loose things or knock them over, but still, persist.  Stick to any disagreement at hand and don’t generalize or take it personally as Venus squares Mars while Mercury squares Saturn. Tread gently on all relationship issues- it will be easier to fight than to make up (though the mood shifts late tonight) and feelings are too sensitive to just argue recreationally.

Moon square Neptune 8:06 AM, Mercury squares Saturn 1:25 PM, Venus square Mars2:47 PM, Moon oppose Saturn 6:54 PM, Moon square Mercury 7:43 PM, Moon square Jupiter 8:51 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 11:35 PM.

Tuesday, March 15: Our feelings are still changeable, mobile, but opinions shift through curiosity and fresh information, not through coercion. We do not want to be pushed and will resent it if some one tries to play to our fears as Mercury opposes Jupiter and sextiles Pluto. Our introversion and sensitivity increases tonight as the Moon enters deep-feeling Cancer.

Mercury sextile Pluto 12:58 AM, Mercury oppose Jupiter 3:41 AM, Venus semi-square Uranus 10:47 AM, Moon square Sun 11:02 AM then VOC. Moon enters Cancer 6:56 PM.

Wednesday, March 16:  Unsettling news or thoughts stir us early on as Mercury semi-sextiles Pluto, but tension can ease midday. Kindliness wants to return; share comfort, praises, reassurances as the Moon trines Venus and Neptune. Our private lives may have a calm moment, but the headlines could be interesting.

Mercury semi-sextile Uranus 1:21 AM, Moon trine Venus 3:45 AM, Moon trine Neptune1:09 PM, Jupiter trine Pluto 2:05 PM.

Thursday, March 17:  Potential turbulent or dramatic moments this morning as the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. Last- minute snafus may haunt pre-parade efforts but clear up mid-day, and though we may be more introverted than is comfortable on St Patrick’s Day, we can make the most of the friendly Moon- Mercury, Moon-Sun trines. Mood swings likely, and possibly in response to tangible events. Let’s do our personal homework, appreciate the best parts of family, take care of ourselves and withdraw as needed on this introverted day.

Moon sextile and Jupiter 2:00 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 2:07 AM, Moon square Uranus5:39 AM, Moon trine Mercury 10:17 AM, Moon trine Sun 10:08 pm.

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