Starcodes horoscopes for March 11 – 17, 2011

Starcodes horoscopes for March 11 – 17, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins

Feel a shift in the winds as Uranus enters Aries and begins a new 84-year cycle. Uranus’ theme is “and now for something completely different”, it has been active in one major aspect or another for the last three years and shaken up our world repeatedly, and now enters our most intense sign.

Uranus, named after the Greek God of primordial chaos, triggers the balancing powers of enantiodromia, as Carl Jung would say; whenever any extreme one-sided tendency dominates our conscious life, an equally powerful counter-position builds. First it trips up and inhibits the dominant force and then triggers an energetic release and reversal, and then alternates between extremes until a balanced, dynamic wholeness appears.

This week we feel the forces quite literally as geological pressures shift tectonic plates and literally shift the world underneath our feet. Some shocking but more personal or local news may also shake our world and ask us to think fast and adjust. Uranus can act in our psyche alone and turn our life upside down, as we see a few celebrities illustrate for us in their apparent self-destruct spirals. We may feel this more subtly and just find we suddenly have the courage to evolve and the energy to face a previously daunting challenge and find it activates a hidden or underused part of ourselves.

This Uranus-inspired enanatiodromia can trigger sudden political conflict and reversals as previously-suppressed segments rise up in country after country, state after state. Over the next few weeks we can expect Uranus to trigger unique, magnetic, catalytic events, which produce dynamic change which may feel chaotic for a while but which is birth a new phase.

Uranus in Aries is not patient and loves a good fight, as a culture we’ll be more ready to jump into the argument, less will to back down from the fight for the next eight years. One sign carried by Libyan rebels paraphrase JF Kennedy “those who make peaceful change impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”, a motto for Uranus in Aries. Conversely, where the way is paved for peaceful changed, abrupt upheaval isn’t needed. But Uranus calls for difference, one way or another.

We may be triggered by our own version of an earthquake, large or small, or just long to be a part of great things going on. Or maybe we just look at our house and decide to rearrange the furniture, haul the pieces into the middle and create a temporary chaos while we find a new rhythm.  Maybe we haul our outmoded concepts of work or relationship habits into the center and rearrange them in a new form.

Those who are worried or feel they have too much to lose can really kick up resistance and entrench now and over the next few weeks. Tempers may become miniature solar flares, but we don’t have to emulate one, as that only adds to the burden of the people around us.


All Friday ripples with nerves and possibilities. We reverberate with the great tectonic plates, with the cultural upheavals, and with personal changes.  Change can feel scary, and because the amount of nervous energy running through the culture, excitement distracts us, making it hard to deal with ordinary chores and the details of life. But we can do the most good by staying in the present, right here, right now, responding to opportunity, helping one another and insisting on steering the responses in healthy and compassionate directions.


Sunday, and through early next week we may feel the backlash or need to deal with our backlog as the Moon enters Cancer and Mercury squares Pluto. The depth of recent loss becomes apparent. Whispers of depression or discouragement call to us but we don’t have to get lost in the story.  Communication can feel interrupted by either technical snafus or an emotional retreat, but let’s not make more of it than necessary. Breathe with it and find the information needed another way until the blockage softens.


A few screws loosen midweek.  Most of us will just feel thoughtful and look a little deeper. Some will obsess about why they feel endangered and get nasty in response. Be patient, deal with the fears underneath, but don’t reward bad behavior.  Be kind to the inner child within, and kind to one another without. Do not reassure where there is no evidence, because in this interval between last summer and this one we really may need to let go of some facet of our identity or something we think is integral to our life in order to create the room for new forms to come in. And those new forms, new sparks of life, are coming even though we we may not be able to see what they are just yet.


Friday, March 11: We’re talkative and nervy as the Moon enters Gemini this morning. Talking helps us deal with excitement or anxiety, life feels urgent, we can feel pressured to hurry up and get on with the next step. It’s hard to stick to ordinary schedules, we can feel important things brewing and may want to be at the heart, or want to run in the opposite direction. Tonight Uranus enters Aries and sparks a transformation. Sociable aspects encourage us to gather and talk about it all. Feel the creative buzz, solve problems with ingenuity, and make new connections now.


Saturday, March 12: Move furniture, organize a closet, start a garden, pull out the art supplies, join a rally. We see what needs to me improved and feel better once we’re starting to do something about it. Creative practical discussions further this afternoon. Watch a strong urge to purge, and make sure the right things are thrown out. Make progress but don’t waste resources unnecessarily. Nerves feel over-extended tonight; simplify plans.


Sunday, March 13: We can feel our internal resistance today and want to go back to an easier time. We may not want to leave home, or if we do, want to be made to feel at home wherever we go as the Moon enter Cancer, squares Uranus as Mercury squares Pluto. Some trouble sits on our mind, we can feel more aware of what we’ve lost than want we’re gaining, and get self-protective in the process. Communications blackout can make it hard to get the message through, but we need our real issues addressed today.


Monday, Mar 13 2011: People tend to play cards close to the chest, but maneuver to get something they want. We need to take care of ourselves as the ground shifts; sometimes we need to let go, but in most instances can turn it into a win-win situation and garner more allies. People just need to know we care about their well-being before they cooperate as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto. Options and energy pick up this afternoon the answer is in something different, a different tact or approach, not more of the same as Venus semis-squares Uranus. If tempted to push someone away, just take a break; don’t be mean or make it permanent. Watch a tendency to say inappropriate things under stress tonight; find a way to tell the story in a more sympathetic manner instead.


Tuesday, March 15: Melodrama helps us be brave and make our point as the Moon enters Leo; exaggeration amplifies a truth, not belies it. Big ideas speak this afternoon as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter. Horizons expand but we easily over do. Plans are made for creative and dramatic people to come to the aid of those who need it most, respond to charitable impulses. Some are tempted to use hyperbole to express their own needs that may have felt upstaged by recent events, but their needs are real and need respect as well as perspective.  Let’s be generous with real information, with hearts, and with the generous capacity to listen.


Wednesday, March 16:  Express freely but honor the consequences as the Leo Moon trines Jupiter and Mercury. Ask and we shall receive. Give and it comes back many-fold. We wind up over the next few weeks, the conversation gets brighter and life’s play moves into full swing.  Let’s make sure we’re in the heart of it, immersed in life and guiding events in a good way.


Thursday, March 17: Doubts and concerns, practical difficulties; if we look too carefully we can find the flaw in any plan. Spirituality soothes the soul, but may be hard to reach. We might as well take the day off and let seasonal traditions renew us. Be forgiving this afternoon and appreciate human foibles wherever possible, watch a humorless critical edge which can get mean instead of truthful. Later an escapist mood wants magic as Mercury challenges Neptune, but may go for inebriated instead; watch for crazy drivers.


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