Starcodes horoscopes for June 9 – 15, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for June 9 – 15, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Take communication both seriously and with a lighthearted touch this week, expect life to be a woven brocade of fun and worry, profound conversations and blustering bravado, sizzling revelations and meaningless tweets, summer gossip and friendly processing.

We’ll be running extra nervous voltage and may have conflicting stories to sift through. Though we may also be able to jiggle loose some hidden information or lost objects, and stretch our minds to juggle new possibilities into place under this changeable, nervy energy. With the Sun and Mercury in talkative Mercury-ruled Gemini, the conversation can range from lightweight summer fare to what truly worries and concerns us in short cycles. If a person changes subjects often, they circle back around to the important conversation, but it may be hard to stay on track, especially where the conversation touches on important emotions.

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Friday begins under a full Moon in Sagittarius, a full Moon which brings up our hunger for personal and political freedom, freedom to roam the wild world, freedom to graduate and move on, or freedom from a bad job or profound oppression. We celebrate the right to speak up with honesty, a great Sagittarian trait, to blow a whistle or just tell someone how we really feel. But watch a tendency to weave wild stories- another Sagittarian trait where honesty has been abandoned. We may also want to celebrate the right to travel in mind, body or spirit and cavort outside, make travel plans, or become more aware of other countries besides our own.

Over the weekend a Capricorn Moon loans us industriousness if we have a plan, or potential crankiness if we don’t. We can build, assemble, and organize and will probably be happier and have more equanimity if we can through ourselves into a project of our own choosing. We just tend to say too much as Mercury form a pot-stirring, anxious semi-square to Uranus on Sunday

Early next week an Aquarius Moon along with a Mercury-Uranus semi-square, Mercury-Jupiter trine, and Mercury-Neptune square, brings our attention back to the big picture, to our friendships our community and to global politics. Though we may not know what is going on and who will next lead Britain with strong cross currents of information flowing.

We can use that liberating trine between mental Mercury and Jupiter to free our minds of some preconception and create more room for better options. But some of the world’s commentary will be just off, tangential. Strange tweets can amuse us or complicate our political scene as the impulse control lowers and people say what they feel before thinking of the consequences. Communication glitches can form between countries and political parties. It won’t further to| push the opposing parties until they are ready, but we can take the focus off the blockage and look for a creative end run.

Underneath this nervy, talkative, exterior, our feelings can run deep, if usually warm-hearted as Mars in sensitive, protective, well-guarded Cancer forms a friendly sextile with Venus in earthy Taurus. But this means feelings run strong in all directions. We can waft practical sympathy with one another and appreciate simple friendship, though we’ll tend to express it more through our energy and actions than our words, which will be busy elsewhere. We can easily bond together to work on important causes, but this goes for all perspectives. In general, people may talk easily but act on strong territorial, self-protective, and passionate feelings.

Instruments of communication and transportation get complicated towards the end of the week, so keep an eye out for missing cell phones or dangerous traffic patterns. Our feelings sensitize, and the woes of the world can set heavily on us. Keep talking, keep lines of communication open. Check all facts though before repeating conversations and or exciting or scandalous headlines. And most importantly, keep the heart and head connected.

Friday, June 9: The full Sagittarius Moon calls us to break free and reminds us we are a global citizen, connected to the world’s agonies and excitements. We may want to celebrate some3 form of liberation and make steps towards our next chapter. In a bittersweet tone, a challenging Sun-Pluto quincunx reminds us how easily all this can go away, but this can help make each moment precious, each shimmering leaf or petal dancing in the sunlight becomes a communion with the natural world.

Sun quincunx Pluto 5:38 AM, full Moon in Sagittarius 7:09 AM, Jupiter turns direct 8:02 AM, Venus sex tiles Mars 9:40 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 7:18 PM.

Saturday, June 10: Fresh industriousness urges us to get to some personal work and can leave us grim and grumpy if we don’t feel we’re making progress. A slight competitive edge brings up jealousy or competition if we see others succeeding where we feel stuck, unless we open our hearts further, celebrate for them and be inspired to improve. Tonight, the Moon forms a lovely trine to Venus in earthy signs and we can relax and indulge in the gifts of summer.

Moon trine Uranus 12:20 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 5:36 AM, Moon opposes Mars 1:49 PM, Moon trine Venus 2:42 PM.

Sunday, June 11: Morning is more relaxed and confident, though our sense of humor may still be fugitive. This afternoon, if we’re feeling grim, overwhelmed, or serious, it furthers to be kind to those feelings as the Moon conjuncts Pluto, but stay in the present moment. Watch out for power struggles or as a way of managing anxiety. It furthers to have something positive or constructive to obsess upon.

Moon square Jupiter 8:13 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 10:18 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 7:22 PM.

Monday, June 12: On this tangential morning, check in with one another, get organized and connected, notice what has changed or shifted over the weekend. Drop into the heart and be present for one another, particularly if feeling discombobulated. Tie up loose ends rather than initiate new projects midday, then check in with team or community as the Moon enters Aquarius tonight. Just don’t ask anyone what they really feel, they’d be willing to tell if they knew.

Moon square Uranus 12:45 PM, Moon semi-square Neptune 4:16 PM, Moon enters Aquarius 5:44 PM.

Tuesday, June 13: We can feel unsettled this morning, through disposition or unexpected news as Mercury semi-squares Uranus. Midday, a flow of cooperation can re-instill optimism as Mercury trines Jupiter. Tonight, the input is more confusing, if potentially magic. Keep the eyes on potentially unpredictable weather or changing circumstances.

Mercury semi-square Uranus 1:17 AM, Moon square Venus 8:07 AM, Mercury trine Jupiter 9:44 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 7:52 PM.

Wednesday, June 14: Mood can float oddly today, momentum is hard to build, because we need to catch up and heal. Destress, reconnect, and just be. Sort out more important matters that come to the surface in a moment of calm. People are a little disconnected still and although feeling deeply and happy to talk, they may have trouble talking about the deep feelings.

Moon trine Sun 4:52 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 5:48 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 11:39 PM.

Thursday, June 15: Be really supportive of one another today, as it is all too easy to feel overwhelmed or depressed by serious events or issues, or by just a fresh awareness of the work ahead as the Sun opposes Saturn and Mercury quincunx Pluto. Watch where the imagination takes the mind, and stay in the driver’s seat. Do not guilt-trip, even if feeling victimized, as people will have an allergic reaction and not make the needed changes. Let’s be careful to say what we mean rather than use our words to lash out under stress. Hold hands. Gentleness goes a long way.

Moon enters Pisces 4:17 AM, Sun opposes Saturn 4:17 AM, Venus sesqui-quadrate Saturn 12:01 PM, Moon trine Mars 6:32 PM, Moon sextile Venus 11:08 PM Mercury quincunx Pluto 11:35 PM.

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