Starcodes horoscopes for June 5 – 11, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for June 5 – 11, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

As the weekend begins the mood is broody and territorial and a little itchy; while our concentration improves and so does our ability to follow through on our work and our word, we can feel social friction between a desire to mingle, and a more introverted need for solitude and our own work. We may feel some one jostle us for authority in a situation where common sense says it’s easier to share. Or the challenge may be less personal; we may be asked to debug a program or wrestle with some mechanical or bureaucratic snag as the Sun squares taskmaster Saturn. Work may take more effort, but can produce substantial results before the weekend gets underway.

The weekend itself brings a lighter, nervy, social vibe with a deeper challenge underneath under the Full Moon in nature-loving, restless Sagittarius. Let’s not crowd one another, but get out there and talk to the natural world and let the flowers and birds sing the soul’s healing.

Underneath this summery enthusiasm we can feel the deeper concerns humming as this full Moon squares and activates the defining aspect of the year; the foundations-rocking, era-changing Saturn opposed Uranus. This Full Moon can offer an experience that marks our growth like the door jam in the kitchen where a child height is measured; as it shines its floodlights on our essential challenges, we see us how far we’ve come and how far we have left to go.

This aspect breaks down old structures and demands that we build new ones that fit our stage of growth; it evolves our relationships to government, work, authority, and security. We left one era (both personally and socio-politically) as the structured, disciplinarian planet Saturn opposed electrical, chaotic Uranus exactly on America’s last Election Day, 11/4/08. We were challenged take the changes deeper as this aspect hit one peak on 2/05/09, this process is highlighted by this Full Moon on 6/7/09, and will be activated again as the aspect hits another peak 9/15/09. We’ll feel the foundations of our world continue to shift and evolve as it peaks again twice in 2010 while forming a transformative T-square to Pluto.

An old chant may be a helpful motto if we feel like too much is changing at once, or if we feel impatient because it’s not changing fast enough where we need it: “everything lost is found again, in a new form in a new way, everything hurt is healed again, in a new time and a new day”. Notice there is no time line in that promise; this is a profound multi-year transformation we can see in the world economy as well as our personal life.

The last two times we worked this transformative cycle were 1918-20 and 1965-67, just for a little context for the history buffs, it is a turning point, can be chaotic in the process, but can help us transform this world for the better if we pay attention.

Not everything is changing; to help us handle the environmental and circumstantial changes, Venus and Mars are conjunct in stable, solid Taurus which gives our feelings a certain momentum and ballast. It also reminds us that no matter what’s going on in the land of humans, trees still bloom in the spring. It’s a seductive and sensual conjunction and given the right circumstance, can bring us closer together and really cement a relationship.

Venus and Mars in Taurus give us endurance, but we have to make sure we’re on the right path to begin with. It helps us build and protect our territory, we just have to make sure we’re in the right place and our protectiveness is not building unnecessary walls, and our possessiveness (which can get fierce under this aspect) actually supports our relationship, not undermines it. But it can also help us sort out what fads and relationships will bear fruit, and what was just a passing fancy.

Midweek, misinformation or fuzzy thinking, or weird weather, can all make our life a bit complicated, requiring us to just put one foot in front of the other with care; Mercury will feel like its retrograde again as it squares Neptune and sextiles Uranus. It’s a great time to put the work down and head to the beach. If we’re not so lucky, we’ll need to track our messages and our information more carefully. Neptune will demand that we let our minds wander and dream; if we give our selves enough time to drift, we can stay clear and focused on the job.

Friday, June 5 tough decisions need both follow-through and a little extra effort as the Sun challenges hardworking and responsible Saturn. Negotiations may not go smoothly, but if we don’t take it personally and are mature enough to wrestle lovingly with eyes kept on the goal, we can make real progress. Avoid administrative snags, deal with paperwork and the department of motor vehicles another day. A flash of insecurity improves with accomplishment; age impinges, but we’ll all feel younger tomorrow.

Saturday, June 6, get out and feel the global pulse as the Moon waxes in Sagittarius, sign of the traveler. Nothing is as attractive as a foreign accent; international friends and issues call for attention. Hearts lighten but a nervous excitement buzzes, and the best medicine may be to commune with nature or let our minds roam the globe. Hang in there through minor misunderstanding mid-afternoon; notice if there’s a tension between wanderlust and a deeper need for love and material security, and see how both needs can be met. Late night buzzes; dance the night away or walk by the light of the Moon.

Sunday, June 7 brings a most restless Full Moon, even the earth wants to move; most of us will be running on the beach or through the fields, but a few of us will be coping with a major issue that comes to a boil. Underneath a generally cheerful buzz hums our deepest work; international friends and global issues may call for our attention, and so do our year-long big-picture challenges. Evening calls for stress relief and renewal. A good laugh can make all the difference today, the worse the situation, the more we’ll need it.

Monday June 8 morning is sweet, but has a frazzled, jumpy edge. We can’t keep anything organized. The dogs escape the yard our thoughts roam far from their assigned task. So use the morning to check in and assess the situation. The Moon enters more ambitious Capricorn later, and helps us clarify and achieve a goal. Notice a bittersweet note, something can trigger of a flood of memories, or open up a can of feeling as Venus trines Pluto and ask us to share our deeper feelings, even if it slows the process down. We may feel homesick for a once and future home, and not quite feel at home ourselves this moment. Evening brings a more restful heart as the Moon trines Venus.

Tuesday, June 9 yesterday’s review brings an assignment to revision and fix or relation something or some relationship, or some way we think today as Mercury squares Chiron, sextiles Uranus, and trines Neptune, but some people will resolve not with healing but rub salt in the wounds, because they won’t let go of a righteous edge as Mercury squares Chiron and Neptune. Pushiness of the soul can combine with misinformation and discontent to create some temporarily bad decisions, and potential turbulent weather. Imagine the difference, but wait a few days to make radical decisions.

Wednesday, June 10 brings ingenuity, and competence, if we can avoid getting off on the wrong track or getting sidetracked in to a world of our own imagining. Let’s see if we can dream and bring those dreams to life, instead drifting in a dream that takes us away from life. Work may go in fits and bursts with a tendency to over generalize or overestimate along the way as Mercury squares Jupiter in the morning, but smoothes into solid progress, if we choose to work with it, later in the day. Use practical examples to explain the point, as people are wary of theory.

Thursday, June 11 we mean well, but can be cheerfully oblivious and smiling while still absolutely refusing to give in on a disagreement. Pushing or arguing backfires and just ruffles feathers, though political debate can be great exercise, it will be just preaching to the choir as the Aquarius Moon squares Venus and Mars. It will be so much more fun to find shared interests and enjoy the company. Team work helps get the friends together and raise a barn or move the household. If a cranky spell snags in the evening, a long hot bath or starlit walk will help.

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