Starcodes horoscopes for June 4 – 10, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for June 4 – 10, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

“The Revolution Will Not be traumatized. The Revolution Will Be Emotionally Intelligent. We will not be driven by reflexive impulses from our lizard brains. The revolution will go beyond “attack and defend.” The revolution is creative. Now.” This quote from diversity coach Victor Lee Lewis as change-master Uranus entered instigating Aries last week defines the hope of this catalytic aspect.

As an outer planet like Uranus enters a sign we get our marching orders, clues as to our assignment for our renewal and evolution under this aspect. All this month we’ll feel that Uranian urgent need to break from the past or from the ordinary. This week we need to clarify what’s needed to facilitate that change, even if it’s not comfortable. This is a freeing aspect, it brings and intense urge to be free of whatever situation feels oppressive to us, and this adds fuel to any freedom fight or conflict over our right to express.

Our country is getting clear orders to break its dependency on fossil fuels. But maybe our idea of a revolution is simple, and what we need is a summer vacation, new job or new relationship. Maybe we just move furniture around or find a different way of being with one another. We can take this opportunity to approach old family patterns in a fresh and revolutionary way and really open up the possible. We may choose to leave a situation that no longer works for us and strike out across the nation. But we can also take it bigger and open our mind and spirit to inspiration. What we do from there can create a revolution.

For the last few week weeks we’ve talked about an aspect that is the signature sign for leaks: active Mars opposes intuitive and watery Neptune for six weeks, and it peaks this weekend.  Our dreams can be wild these days as our subconscious disgorges whatever has been hidden or under pressure in our psyche. Water and other liquids can leap out of bounds and misbehave, and yes, the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is a painful illustration. After this aspect peaks our chances are still slim, but better, for finding an end to this disaster. Liquids can misbehave at home as well as on an oil rig, so keep iced tea away from the computer and keep track of the backyard hose.

With all this material percolating up from underneath, our imagination can be unusually fertile but our ability to see clearly can be compromised. It’s easy to misunderstand a situation and get really ticked off about it or launch into action without accurate information, so let’s check our facts before spouting off as Mercury squares both Mars and Neptune.

As Mercury enter Gemini June 10 it speeds up the conversation for the next few weeks, offers a lighter, faster touch of the mind; it eases social visiting and makes beach novels more palatable, but we need to watch for the trap of shallow thinking. For the next few weeks it may be easier to mediate if we keep it shorter or more active because Mercury in Gemini can give us money brains, a mind that just doesn’t want to stop moving.

As this weekend begins, we’re easily excited in all directions, good times cook and anger grows over delays and recalcitrant problems. Early next week as Mars leave Leo and enters Virgo it helps us stop making a big scene about a problem and start actually the work to fix it. Expect a furious and critical, brilliant but accident prone and potentially heroic few days Mars forms a challenging quincunx to Jupiter and Uranus. We can make some great moves but only some of them will be successful.

Later in the week watch for plot twists that we could not have possibly imagined, and for news that cracks our minds open and brings in fresh air. We may feel compelled to take risks that we never thought we would. Fresh and new is good, but our job will also be to build on the past, not throw it away, this aspect brings ingenuity, we need to wisdom and respect experience in the process.

We have access to a flash of technical brilliance as well as the need to use it, and have to invent because the old ways just aren’t working, the new situation will need a combination of strength and sensitivity, not just force.

But every evening this week Venus offers us healing beauty as she glows in the early evening sky. When we see her we can imagine her light pouring into us and filling our hearts and life with affection and hope, and then send healing from our hearts to the Gulf of Mexico for resolution of this ongoing ecological disaster. And follow it up with action.

Friday, June 4: The mood is sensitive, excited but easily-overwhelmed under a nervy Pisces Moon.  Curiosity is strong, learning capacity way up, but stamina can be a problem so rest often.  Insecurities come out in the strangest ways; when in doubt, reassure.  Check for materials too weak for their job, like hammocks that rip or coffee filter that spills. Move with kindness as sore points get easily tweaked. Tonight, go exploring but stay sensitive to the needs off others.

Saturday, June 5: Sociable, reactive, friendly day as the Moon trines Venus.  Great conversation unfolds tangentially while moving together, but feelings are easily hurt by misconstrued non-verbal cues; ask what they really mean. Don’t give into a temptation to guilt trip. If it’s hard to get people to make decisions, ask what they don’t want. Low energy around dinner time revives later; drop assumptions and expand possibilities as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Uranus tonight. Thing get wild around midnight.

Sunday, June 6: Ambitious energy comes in fits and bursts as the Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus. Directions change; go with the flow. Willfulness can be glorious but can make others huffy midday as the Moon squares Pluto; it helps to move independently and not have to cooperate, or enjoy a shared action with lots of room to move. A later burst of effort on tough project produces results.

Monday, June 7:  We can get on a roll and get irritated by anything in our way as Mars challenge Jupiter and Uranus. Midday urgent needs and wants can clash with those of others and increase accidents; take turns. If someone needs to vent, listen rather than dare them or try to upstage.  Let off steam constructively and answers appear tonight.

Tuesday, June 8: What does freedom mean to us? We have to find our own answers as Jupiter conjunct Uranus. The pace evens out but we can expect the unexpected as the Moon enters earthy Taurus. We need to refill our soul by feeding our senses, though this can look lazy and self-indulgent. Strangely self-absorbed moves later on are not meant as personal attacks but may call on us to be the mature one as Mercury trines Saturn.

Wednesday, June 9: This is an intuitive and easily confused day and we may have trouble telling reality from our imagination. Our thinking is poetic and eloquent more than accurate. A great day to take the day off and relax by the water, but otherwise water or water-quality can be a problem.  Decisions are tricky; we have to peer through projections or assumptions as Mercury squares Neptune. Thinking clears up late tonight.

Thursday, June 10: Our thinking picks up speed this morning but can grow disjoined; intelligent, but not necessarily logical or rigorous as the Moon and Mercury enter Gemini and sextile Uranus and Jupiter. We can communicate across usual barriers but do so best in short sound bites. The next few weeks are a fine time to make new connections and seed new ideas, but people are easily distracted and we won’t really know what’s going on under the surface.

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